Cinnamon Twig

Latin Name
Cinnamomum cassia

General Description
Cinnamon twigs, sometimes called cassia twigs, are prescribed for colds, influenza, arthritis and minor gynecological problems. Those of good quality can be discerned by their strong fragrance and brownish red color. While cinnamon twigs have many properties in common with cinnamon bark, Chinese herbalists use each part of the plant to treat a different set of ailments. Cinnamon twigs are characterized in traditional Chinese medicine as warm, acrid and sweet.

Target Ailments
Taken internally for:

Cinnamon twigs can be purchased in Chinese pharmacies, Asian markets and some Western health food stores.
Combinations: A preparation containing cinnamon twigs and licorice that has been fried with honey is recommended by Chinese herbalists for palpitations and shortness of breath. When mixed with evodia fruit, the herb is prescribed for abdominal pain and menstrual disorders. Consult a Chinese medicine practitioner about dosages and additional herbal combinations.

Special Information