Chinese Foxglove Root

Latin Name
Rehmannia glutinosa

General Description
The thick, reddish yellow Chinese foxglove root is cooked in wine and used as a tonic. The cooked form of the root is often used in treating disorders associated with aging. It is classified as sweet and warm in traditional Chinese medicine.

Target Ailments
Taken internally for:

The prepared root and the raw version are available from Chinese pharmacies, Asian markets and some Western health food stores. When you order, specify that you want the cooked version, which is made by soaking the root in rice wine with spices such as cardamom.
Combinations: A mixture with gelatin is prescribed for coughing and vomiting blood, nosebleeds and bleeding from the uterus. Practitioners also use combinations of the cooked root with cornus and Chinese yam, or with freshwater turtle shell, to treat lightheadedness, insomnia, forgetfulness and related symptoms. See a Chinese medicine practitioner for information on dosages and further herbal combinations.

Special Information