Latin Name
Biota orientalis

General Description
Biota comes from the leafy twig of the arborvitae shrub. Among its various uses, this herb is prescribed to control bleeding and to heal burns. And in laboratory experiments with animals, preparations of biota seem effective as expectorants. According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, this herb is astringent, bitter and slightly cold.

Target Ailments
Taken internally for:

Applied externally in powdered form for:

Biota leaves are available in bulk, and they can be purchased in dried form in Chinese pharmacies, Asian markets and some Western health food stores. A powdered form is available for treatment of burns. It should be applied as soon as possible after the burn.
Combinations: Two mixtures that contain biota may be prescribed to prevent bleeding. In one, the fresh herb is combined with the leaves of fresh lotus and fresh mugwort; in the other, biota is mixed with mugwort leaf and dried ginger. A blend of biota and cattail pollen is recommended for excessive bleeding from the uterus. And a preparation containing biota and jujube dates is used for patients with chronic dry coughs. Chinese herbalists can provide information on dosages and additional herbal combinations.

Special Information