(Cerebrovascular Accident)

Etiology: Sudden loss of consciousness followed by paralysis caused by hemorrhage into the brain, formation of an embolus or thrombus, that occludes an artery, or rupture of an extracerebral artery causing subarachnoid hemorrhage.

SYMPTOMS: Onset is acute. Unconsciousness. Labored breathing due to paralysis of portion of the soft palate; expiration puffs out the cheeks and mouth. Pupils sometimes unequal, the larger one being on the side of the hemorrhage. Paralysis usually involves one side of the body, with eyeballs turned away from the affected side, skin covered with clay sweat, surface temperature of the skin is often subnormal; speech disturbances. Onset more gradual if caused by a thrombosis.

Prognosis depends upon symptoms. Often poor outcome leading to death.



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