Spider Bites

Always see your doctor in case of spider bites, or stings of scorpions or centipedes, they can be dangerous. The black widow spider venom is much like the rattlesnake venom and should be treated the same way. Bleeding should be encouraged and the venom removed by suction as much as possible. Keep the patient warm, but apply ice around the wound to slow the spread of the venom. Brown recluse spider bites should have a poultice of baking soda and water to make a paste. Or castor oil and baking soda poultice may be substituted.


Calcium Gluconate, taken as directed on the label, helps relieve pain.

Pantothenic Acid (B6), 500 mg., has anti-allergenic properties.

Vitamin C, 5,000-15,000 mg, is important in acute allergy conditions.

Vitamin E capsule or oil, cut open one capsule and apply every day, helps to relieve discomfort and aid in healing.


Echinacea should be taken in capsule form or a tea. Take two capsules of yellow dock every hour until symptoms are relieved, or drink as much as possible of yellow dock tea.

Poultices of oak bark and leaves, comfrey, slippery elm or plantain may be substituted for the echinacea.


Yellow dock

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