Tendinitis is persistent pain, commonly in the shoulder or elbow, brought on by repeated exertion. It is often called "tennis elbow." Here are a few ways to prevent it:

If tennis is the cause of your 'tennis elbow' these suggestions may be just right, for other causes, modifications to these suggestions may be what you need:

1. Use a racket that is the correct weight - not too heavy.

2. Be sure that the racket is strung properly.

3. Use balls that are adequately inflated and have plenty of bounce left.

4. Grip the racket correctly.

5. Use the proper wrist action when putting spins on the ball.

6. Assist a back-hand shot with your other hand.

For temporary relief: Apply an ice pack for about twenty minutes upon the first twinge of pain. Continue this treatment for 2-3 days. If pain persists after three weeks. See a doctor or practitioner. An X-ray may be in order to discount any serious injury

To Prevent Further "Tennis Elbows':

1. Before playing tennis again, be sure all pain is gone and your grip strength is normal.

2. Wear a wrist support bandage while playing or during flare-ups.

3. To tone your forearm muscles, lift small, 3-5 pound weights by alternately flexing and extending your wrists with palms facing down and your forearms resting on a flat surface. Begin with 10 repetitions and work up to 40, three times a week.

There is only one cure. That is, to STOP doing whatever caused the problem until there is absolutely no more pain. In general, the best game plan is to rest, then strengthen your forearm muscles. Perhaps get coaching or take a class to improve your skill level. How about some gentle, slow stretching? What about a quiet walk or hike in the woods? The increased circulation from these activities may help repair the injured tissue, muscle or tendon. Being calm and reflecting on nature helps to heal whatever ails you.

Stiff Shoulders

Breathe deeply and fully while doing these exercises to loosen stiff and sore shoulders:


Shrug your shoulders up to your ears and hold for ten seconds. Repeat this three times.


Simultaneously rotate both your shoulders forward and backwards for thirty seconds, or as long as desired. Then, rotate them one at a time. Repeat these at least twice daily. End