In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in the use of bio-magnetism in the field of therapeutics. Magnetics is being applied increasingly in health care fields in many countries throughout the world. To better understand its application in today's world, let's take a brief historical look at magnetism.

People have benefited from the use of magnetism for centuries. Aristotle himself understood and praised the healing properties of naturally occurring magnets. Additionally, magnets were used for healing by ancient Chinese, Indian, Arab, Hebrew and Egyptian civilizations.

In more recent times, Dr. Robert O. Becker has widely researched and discussed the usage of magnetic and electrical therapy in his books "The Body Electric" and "Cross Currents".

European and American doctors are said to be treating ulcers, severe burns as well as soft tissue and bone and joint injuries with electromagnetic fields. Russian doctors frequently employ magnets to accelerate the healing of post surgical wounds. The magnets seem to improve circulation and to strengthen the bones.

Some dentists have found using magnets on acupunture points reduce bleeding and decrease pain sensations. They also discovered that chronic pain from TMJ syndrome, headache and teeth grinding were relieved with magnets.

Sleep Better With Magnets We spend nearly one third of our lives sleeping! Nearly one in every three of us (50 million adult Americans) experience some difficulty with it on an everyday basis. A Gallup poll of 1,550 Americans revealed that Easterners and Midwesterners sleep less than Southerners and that more women than men sleep for eight hours a night.

Recent studies show lack of sleep to be a secondary cause of fatigue, physical and mental alertness and can result in lowered awareness levels, decreased ability to concentrate, lowered job performance and diminished testing skills. It can also increase occurrences of work accidents and car wrecks.

There are many root causes for insomnia. However, extensive research suggests that most of them may be physiological. Aching joints, bones and muscles steal hours of precious sleep from thousands of people. If they're sleeping on sagging, non-supportive and/or improperly designed mattresses and pillows, the problem is compounded.

This is where the magnetic sleep system comes in. Consisting of a mattress pad and pillow, using cutting edge technology, it has been designed with ultimate support and comfort in mind. Many people who have experienced numerous pain and sleep problems have reported a peaceful night of sleep after not sleeping well for months and even years!

Many people with sleep disorders have benefited greatly from the use of this system. After countless sleepless nights, they have finally been able to enjoy solid sleep. These have been widely used in Japan for the past twenty years. In fact, one out of every eight Japanese families sleep on a magnetic mattress.

Although not scientifically explainable, testing indicates that all of the body's acupuncture meridians are balanced within 15 minutes of lying and/or sleeping on the magnetic sleep system.

Here are a few more of the many reported benefits of magnetic therapy:

* Those who sleep on the mattress report warmer hands and feet, lessened muscle and joint pain. They also wake up feeling rested and revitalized.

* Activates blood and lymph cirulations, thereby carrying nutrients more effectively to the body's cells and enables the body to better heal itself.

* Balancing of the endocrine glands.

* May enhance organ and immune function.

* Can help with alleviating the pain of toothache, neck and shoulder stiffness and joint swellings. Magnetic research is ongoing in many learning institutions such as the University of California in San Francisco; Loma Linda University in San Diego; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); New York University; Columbia University in New York; and the University of Colorado. Additionally, research continues in many other countries throughout the world.

Using a magnetic car seat people have reported:

* Able to drive long distances without fatigue and muscle tension

* Able to remain relatively calm in stressful traffic situations

* Feel more energized and alert * Increased enjoyment in driving

Author's note: This information on magnetics is not intended to replace proper medical care. Consult with your health practitioner before using any of the magnetic products. I do not specifically endorse or guarantee magnetics or any other techniques covered in this disk for your individual needs. End