Eat too much too fast? Rushing to an appointment? The following may alleviate indigestion symptoms.

Press the corner points of your mouth lightly for 3 seconds.

Press the point one hand width above the navel lightly for 3 seconds.

Measure one hand width down from the kneecap. Then measure one thumb's width toward outside of leg. To locate, simply find the most sensitive place between the shinbone and the large muscle. Press this point moderately with your thumb for 5 seconds.

Push the point on abdomen one and a half inches below navel.

More On Better Digestion
The technique below may assist you in having better digestion:

Eat only when relaxed. Stress and anxiety inhibit the digestive processes. Digestion begins in your mouth with saliva. So - eat small bites and chew each one thoroughly. Take time to enjoy and savor every morsel. They say it's best not to drink liquid with meals. Also, ask your health care professional about plant-based enzymes and acidophilus for optimum digestion.

As many times a day as you remember, with your thumb and forefinger rub the web between your other thumb and forefinger. Find the most tender spot.
NOTES: According to an article in the June 3, 1991 "Drug Topics," continuous use of over-the-counter antacids to relieve heartburn can be harmful. In some cases, the use of medications covers up a more serious condition such as an duodenal ulcer. Overusing antacids can also cause constipation, diarrhea, gas, elevated calcium levels and even central nervous system toxicity.

It's been said that liquid calcium/magnesium will relieve acid stomach, and heartburn (ginger in capsule form may do the same). If it works - it would be a lot safer than prolonged anatacid use!