Relief For Arthitis Pain

This section will tell you how to gain some relief from arthritis pain. These techniques are not intended for severe arthritis. Talk with your practitioner before giving yourself these treatments.

These techniques can alleviate mild arthritic pain:

Press all points in these steps for 3 seconds each.

Hands & Fingers

To reduce swelling and lessen pain in hands and fingers, soak in a bucket of comfortably cold water for 10-15 minutes.


Massage each finger from base to tip with thumb and forefinger using light to firm pressure, depending on how tender the area is.


Rub the joints of each finger. Rub palms, back of hands, and the wrist and forearm to the base of elbow.


Press points on both sides of each finger, starting at finger base.

For the Arms


Massage across the underside of the wrists with slow kneading motions, working from thumb side to the little fingers.


Press and massage around the bony part of the elbow.


Press the point at the spot where the shoulder bone ends on each shoulder.

For the Back

With thumbs, simultaneously press every half-inch on each side of the vertebrae starting at the base of your spine, pressing all those you can easily reach for four seconds each. Ask a family member or friend is available to massage the hard to reach places, or see the Exercise section for the Tennis Ball self-treatment technique.

For the Ankles

Press the points in the hollows on both sides of the ankles, behind and a little below the anklebones.

For the Knee

Press and massage in a circle around the kneecap.

For the Feet


Work all the reflexology points to the spine (ones along arch-edges of feet). Press each point firmly with your thumbs for 2 seconds. See the Foot Reflexology section for more details.


Rub the entire foot surface.


Beginning at the base of the toes, press points on either side firmly, and rub in between the joints.


Make a fist and rub the soles with a vigorous, kneading motion.


Using the flat part of the thumbs, press firmly and glide from the Achilles tendon, working the calves up to the knees.

Ask your practitioner to give you exercises specifically suited to the affected arthritic places in your body. Research has found that range of motion exercises are the most effective for the alleviation of arthritic conditions. GENTLE stretching is absolutely necessary at least three times a week to regain and retain mobility. A biweekly session with a massage therapist who specializes in range of motion and joint movements can also help. Acupuncture can also lessen arthritic pain and relax stiff joints. Magnesium has been said to relax stiff joints, also. Additionally, consider helping your body to heal itself with added vitamins and minerals. Blue green algae as a food suppliment has beneficial nutrition in a nearly perfect combination! See Nutrition for more details.

For Arthritic Joints

Put six ice cubes in zip-lock bag and apply above and below the joint for twenty minutes at a time. according to Germantown Medical Center researchers, ice water cools down pain.

NOTE: Consider possible emotional causes for your arthritis and any other chronic pain or condition you might be suffering from. It has been said that maintaining a flexible attitude can counteract the rigidity of arthritis. In turn, being flexible will help keep the immune system function more effectively.

Blair Justice, Ph.D., believes that rheumatoid arthritis is caused by an overreaction of the immune system whereby the body starts attacking itself. This reaction is triggered by deficient supressor cells - the cells that fight off arth- ritis and other diseases.

Recommended Exercises

Walking, stretching, swimming, creative dance movement, Yoga, Tai Chi, bicycling, and any kind of joyous play, are known to be beneficial for arthritic joints.

Out of all these activities, swimming is said to be the most comfortable for arthritis sufferers. It allows for maximum freedom of movement and puts less stress on the joints because nearly all of the body weight is supported by water. Hydrotherapy is highly effective for joint pain relief, also. Challenge yourself to maintain an accepting, flexible attitude.

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