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ErotiKava and other sensual enhances.


Overview and Research information on Comfrey, Damiana, Dong Quai, Fo-Ti,
Gotu Kola, Licorice Root, Muria Puama, Passion Flower, Sarsaparilla,
Siberian Ginseng, Spikenard, Wild Yam, and Yohimbe.


Frequently the words are echoed, "This product did me little
good, in fact, I couldn't tell any difference while I was using this
stuff." This type of statement is very common. There are many people
that take the dosage listed on the bottle and very little results are
noticed, but, with others, the dosage on the bottle fits the need and
situation just fine. Companies usually try to keep recommended dosages
rather conservative; a maintenance level. Some people need reduced
dosages from that listed on the product but many others need an elevated
amount to get specific therapeutic results.

When dealing with specific herbs and combinations to treat
specific health conditions we must strive for body type therapeutic
dosage. Meaning, there is a maintenance dosage and a therapeutic dosage
for each herb or supplement. To find the correct dosage for a specific
body type and ailment start out with the recommended dose and increase or
decrease the dosage slowly until desired results are noticed.

the herbs, however use quality dosage decisions. Try to gather as much
information on the product that you plan to use as well as on the
physical problem that you are trying to overcome. 


What you may not know about Kava Kava is why South Sea
islanders have been drinking it for centuries. Kava creates an
open, social, relaxed and very intimate rapport between users.
Far more than a medicinal, it's a perfect alternative to alcohol
in creating a less inhibited atmosphere. Fast acting: An extract
placed in hot tea will produce effects before the user is finished
drinking the tea.

6 to 12 drops of a extract made from the roots can make regular tea into
a mildly narcotic beverage that is comparable to a Gin and Tonic (Or any
other alcoholic beverage). Kava also is effective as a pain reliever and
can be used instead of aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. Recent
clinical studies have shown that the herb Kava Kava is a safe
non-adictive anti-anxiety medicine, and is as effective as most
prescription anti-anxiety
medicines containing benzodiazepines such as Aloprazolam (Xanax) or
Diazepam (Vallium). While benzodiazepines based medicines tend to promote
lethargy and mental impairment, Kava Kava has been shown to improve
concentration, memory, and reaction time for people suffering from

Comfrey In the Chinese culture it is believed that comfrey
"makes the seed flow". The Japanese use vinegar extracts to treat
various ails. Comfrey is one of the most well know healing plants,
especially for its ability to heal tissue and bone (due to its allantoin
content, which promotes the growth of connective tissue, bone, and
cartilage; and is easily absorbed through the skin). Considered a good
over-all tonic.

Damiana: Considered by many to be a stimulating aphrodisiac;
useful to increase the sperm count in men and strengthen the egg in
women. It helps to restore the natural sexual capacities functions,
especially for the exhausted body. Damiana works as a stimulating nerve
tonic for debility, depression, and lethargy. Helps balance female
hormones, and may be used to alleviate hot flashes in menopausal

Dong Quai An herb for the female reproductive system. It is
nourishing to the blood (helpful with anemia) and to the female organs.
Beneficial for dissolving blood clots, loosening tight muscles, and
increasing circulation to those organs. Dong Quai is also used for
menstrual cramping, hot flashes associated with menopause, and to
increase moisture and ally nervousness. Good to strengthen other

Fo-Ti Is a safe aphrodisiac. In chinese it is known as Ho Shou
Wu. The Chinese claim that it prevents aging and keeps the hair dark. A very effective ice breaker! (So Far It Ain't Done Anything For My Hair... But It Sure Puts The Lead In a Man's Pencil!)

Gotu Kola Helps to combat stress, improve reflexes, and increase
mental and physical power. It is sometimes called "food for the brain".
Gotu Kola is used for high blood pressure, senility, aging, and to help
the body protect itself against toxins. This herb is useful after a
nervous breakdown, or to prevent nervous breakdown, but is especially
good to rebuild energy reserves. Mixed with other herbs, it helps to
make it more potent. (Helps Dialate Blood Vessels for You Know What!)

KAVA KAVA... How Stella REALLY Got Her GROOVE back!
Kava Kava, "intoxicating pepper", has been used for over 3000 years for
its medicinal effects as a sedative, muscle relaxant, and as a remedy
for nervousness and anxiety. Kava is mildly narcotic and produces mild
euphoric changes characterized by elevated mood, fluent and lively speech
and increased sound perception. It is not recommended for those who
intend on driving or where quick reaction time is required.
Not to be used if pregnant, nursing, or being treated for depression.

Licorice Root Acts as a sexual stimulant. This herb is one of
the favorites in Chinese herbal medicine. It has general effects on the
whole body, helping to increase endurance and vitality. Its stimulating
action helps to counteract stress and increases energy supplies to the
body. It contains substances similar to adrenal cortical hormones
making it useful for treating glandular problems. Useful with Kava Kava
to heighten sexual prowess.

Muira Puama A Brazilian herb also know as potency wood.
Folklore of Brazil acclaims this herb as a powerful aphrodisiac and
nerve stimulant. Its aphrodisiac effect can be obtained through internal
use of the herb and also by bathing the genitals in a strong decoction.
Good to mix with other strong stimulants, such as Damiana, or it can be
used to counter act the sedative action of Kava Kava leaving only the
sexual stimulation.

Passion Flower This herb is a powerful relaxant to the nervous
system and is important in the treatments of anxiety, tension, insomnia,
and for those coming off of synthetic tranquilizers and sleeping pills.
Used with Kava, Licorice, or sarsaparilla, can make a powerful ice
Mixed with Poor Man's Opium, or California Poppy (another mild
hallucinogen), can make for a skin tingling ride.

Sarsaparilla Helps cure impotence, and is considered to be an
excellent blood purifier. For skin disorders; Tiara's combination
includes equal parts of Sarsaparilla, Sassafras. Burdock Root, Yellow
Dock Root, Dandelion Root, and Red Clover. Results are usually seen in
2-4 weeks. Has an excellent Root Beer taste, often used to flavor soft
drinks, and as add in for aphrodisiacs.

Ginseng Provides stimulation to the entire body for stress,
fatigue, weakness, and deficiencies. Stimulates and improves brain cell
conditions, and is especially stimulating for mental fatigue. Some
consider it to be a panacea and is said to slow down the aging process.
Especially known for its ability to correct hormonal balance. Used in
relation to other herbs as an add in aphrodisiac.

Spikenard Root Also known as the "Life of Man"; it has
similarities to that of ginseng. The American Indians used it internally
for backaches and externally for wounds, bruises, swelling, inflammation,
and chest pains. It is considered to be a general tonic and stimulant,
beneficial for both physical and mental exhaustion. It may be combined
with other herbs to purify and build the blood, or as an add in the same
as ginseng.

Wild Yam Its traditional use is for easing menstrual cramps and
for the prevention of miscarriage. The American Indians used the Yam
(Dioscorea villosa) (which is not a sweet potato, and the sweet potato
(Ipomoea batas, same genus as the morning glory) is not a true yam) to
treat rheumatic/arthritic/neuralgic pains, and considering the
steroidial precursors inherent in the root, this is considered to be a
valid use.

In 1943 steroids were made solely from animal parts. The world was
astounded when the scientist Russell Marker made two kilos of steroids
from the wild yam, which, at the time had a net worth of $60,000 and
ounce (think what a tube of hydrocortisone cream would cost at those

What connection is there between Wild Yam and
Dehydroepiandroterone (DHEA)?

There are two distinct ways in which DHEA may be supplemented. First
the synthetically manufactured DHEA which is available in doses up to
50 mg (and both Wild Yam and DHEA capsules are available at this site).
Second, Wild Yams contain phytonutrients that cause the adrenal glands
to produce its own natural DHEA. Wild Yams do not contain any, and if
they do, very little, naturally occurring DHEA. However, supplementation
with the Wild yam may be a very good place to start.

Wild Yam makes a good long term sexual supplement and a good add in
for Kava Kava.

Yohimbe (Corynathe johimbe, pronounced yohimbe') Yohimbe is an
herb to be approached with caution! To date the FDA does not consider
Yohimbe to be safe... Which doesn't negate the fact that it works. When
the plant is made into a tea or smoke, it gives off yohimbine, alpha
yohimbine, delta yohimbine (Ajmalicine), rauhimbine, and reserpine
(which is a antihypertensive-peripherally acting antiadrenergic,
Prescription: Novoreseroine, Reserfia, Serpalan, Serpasil; in a pure
form depletes stores of nor epinephrine and inhibits uptake in
postganglionic adrenergic nerve endings. (Lowers blood pressure)
Although 50% of it is excreted unchanged the rest has a half life of
11 days! Is an CNS depressant, and should not be used with other CNS
depressants, including alcohol, antihistamines, antidepressants,
narcotic analgesics, or sedative/hypnotics. Because reserpine does
approximately the same as a MAO inhibitor and in the same way, it is not
recommended to take Yohimbe if you take MAO inhibitors, or with any foods
containing the amino acid try amine; which includes liver, cheeses, red
wine, some diet aids and decongestants.) all of these are indole
alkaloids, that have been used in the past, veterinarian and medically,
for prescription formulas to enhance sexual performance.

Yohimbine is also found in the rubiaceae and related species, and in
Rawolfia serpentine. Johimbe (Yohimbe) is a tree of tropical West
Africa. It has long been considered an aphrodisiac and strengthener of
sexual vigor. Clinical studies support an overdose, which can be
fatal, is definitely a sexual stimulator, taken in safe amounts, the
ensuing sexual desire is probably due to a combination of stimulators
(Samuel L. Andelman M.D., M.P.H., M.H.A.; Director of Health, Village of
Skokie, Illinois, Quadrangle to c, page 71. 1973).
Repeated use makes it bigger!  No Shit! More Blood poring into the you know what!

Yohimbine functions by dilating the blood vessels of the skin and
mucus membranes, thereby decreasing blood pressure and increasing the
blood to the surface of the sex organs. Yohimbine also acts to "increase
reflex excitability of the lower spinal cord region" and has a local
anesthetic effect similar to cocaine. Known medical uses for delta
Yohimbine (Hydrosarpan): local anesthetic, tranquilizer, sedative, to
increase sex drive. Known uses of organic Yohimbe: Local anesthetic, high
blood pressure, arteriolosclerosis, impotence, sexual dysfunction, and as
a aphrodisiac.

Aphrodisiacs: Many drugs, foods, sights and smells have been
used to arouse sexual desire. The word aphrodisia means sexual
desire or sexual intercourse, and an aphrodisiac is therefore anything
which arouses or increases that desire. Both words derive from
Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Because desire is mostly mental, (some of us more mental than
others) drugs which release inhibitions are sometimes called
aphrodisiacs. Certain substances have an irritating effect when excreted
from the body and thus stimulate the congestion of the sex organs ( like
Cantharides and (also know as Spanish Fly, cantharides is a preperation
of powdered blister beetles (not actually a fly) used medicinally as a
diuretic, skin irritant, and aphrodisiac. Cantharides are found in
various U.S. species of blister beetles and the larva of the Gypsy moth;
enough is excreted through its hairs to cause skin blistering.),
yohimbine both are irritants to the excretory systems). Certain drugs,
such as KAVA Kava, are said to be real aphrodisiacs, leading to sexual
desire by depressing the center of inhibition.

Cantharides and yohombine are also considered aphrodisiacs.
Yohombine a substance from the bark of the johimbe tree of central
Africa, has been used for centuries by Africans to increase their sexual
powers. Modern mixes often include DHEA, both the indole alkaloids and
DHEA have steroidial structures.

Also listed in the internal aphrodisiac group are various foods,
alcoholic drinks, love potions, and medical preparations. Much
importance has been placed upon this group, as the preparation of erotic
foods has been noted throughout history. But there is little evidence to
prove that foods increase sexual desire. None of the fish, oysters, or
vegetables named as aphrodisiacs contain any chemical agents to affect
the urinary or genital tracts.

If foods cannot act chemically on the body to produce sexual desire,
why are they called aphrodisiacs? Centuries ago, before scientific study
came into being, certain foods and spices won reputations as being
sexually stimulating. In those times, any plant that looked like a part
of the human genital area was called an aphrodisiac. People thought that
the plant had sexual characteristics and therefore sexual powers. An
example of this visual identification of plants is the name of vanilla
given to the pod like plant we use for vanilla extract. The word
originally meant vagina.

One explanation of the aphrodisiac qualities of food has to do with
mental suggestion. It is called a psycho physiological reaction, implying
a close interrelationship between the mind and the body; and indeed the
partaking of food has often been a prelude to sex.

Mood*ENERGY*LONGEVITY, DHEA, and much more...

Dehydroepiandrosterone, or better know as DHEA, is being touted
as a miracle nutrient that is said to touch just about every aspect of
our physical bodies. We are told that DHEA helps fight disease,
improves mood, improves energy, boosts sexual drive,
influences longevity, lowers cholesterol, increases immune system
function, aids in arthritis, and is used for diabetes, burns,
osteoporosis, exercise (muscles), pregnancy and labor, weight reduction
and cancer (Taken from: Ray Sahelian, M.D. 1996 DHEA A PRACTICAL GUIDE,
and from Tru's Health and Herb NEWS). Can this impressive list be true
and does this nutrient that all of a sudden shows up on our web sites
actually prove worthy of further consideration? And, if only half of
these claims were true about DHEA, we all must stand back and take a
serious look at a wonderful nutrient.

As previously stated, DHEA is actually a hormone produced by the adrenal
glands. These adrenal glands produce over 150 hormones with DHEA being
the most abundant. "After DHEA is made by these glands it goes into the
bloodstream, and from then on it travels all over the body residing in
our cellular structure, where it is converted into male hormones, known
as androgens, or female hormones, known as estrogen."

Before you resort to Viagra, consider DHEA, natural or synthetic ...
this is a nutrient that may help. Ask a friend about DHEA; they may
already be taking it!


There are approximately 2000 drops per 2 oz bottle of extracts, @ approximately 250 mg activity per drop, with a general recommended dose being 6-8 drops, (dropper cap holds 15 drops/1 Ml) there are 150-200 doses per bottle.

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