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Thankx for comming to my page. I have to write a little about this page or this page will be yukky!!! I have a lot of friends, I can name You all of them. Stacy Chong, Adell Figueira, Alicia Figueira, Kelyn Curry, Shardeh Bagay, Joelle Teasley, Jonette Ugalde, Laura Paopao, Wayne Mattos, Bryan Patterson, Rickey Tobosa, Shavon Smith, Kim Sato, Shaylyn Arita, Stefanie Okuda, Karra Imoto, Whitney Shiroma, Kalani Gushiken, Tristan Asuncion, and Brooks Vicorino, and Denelle Jennete. I have a sister in SaltLake City in Utah. She works for Delta. My brother is a natural bum. All he does is fish and fish all the time ohh yeah he goes and pick ophi, and pipipii. Okay now I'll talk about my favorit group is 5ive. I have their picturs all over my room. I love their songs and the way they look. I'll try and get some pictures of them. Ohh I forgot my favorite is Scott then comes Abs, and then J, Sean, and Richy. I'm trying to get more 5ive pictures. My other favorite Group is BackStreet Boys. Their names acording to my fav. Okay thair names is Nick, AJ, Howie, Kevin, and Brian. I'll try to get more pictures of them too. I also like to play pokemon. I'll typ in the codes when I'm not so lazy. But for now I'll put some Icons on. My fav pokemon is Meouth. I also like Mew and Mew2. I am done with the game but i'm still trying to collect all the pokemon so I can get god pokemon. Me and my mom is trying to collect some of that pokemon playing cards. Me and my mom sorta collect Beanie Babys. So far we have Derby, Claud, Hissy, Princess, Scat, Pounce, Prance, Doby, Ants, and Dotty (we think Dotty is fake because she has numbers on her tag). And some other ones that I forget their names. We have a lot of Tiny Beanie Babys. My mom has all of the ones that were just out and one of the old ones. Thats all I have to say now and please come and check this page again because almost every day I update it. SO THANX FOR COMMING HERE, AND ALOHAS TO EVERY BODY IN HAWAII AND BU-BYE TO THE PEOPLE ING THE MAINLAND (or prefers to Howlees) P.S. Please Check Out the Pictures

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Last Updated September 15, 1999

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