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Welcome to Sara's Mint Homepage

Hi!! I'm Sara and this is my homepage!
I'm 18 and from Washington state and just started college. Finally!
Not too much is new with me, I just got past my first midterms and I'm still at school so that's good!
I joined a sorority, Alpha Chi Omega! It's awesome.... I'm just spendin' my time pimpin' and co-chillin' and such. Yaknowhaimsayin?! Anyway, sorry this took so long to update! And I hafta make a homepage for my English class so soon I'll have the link to that on here
(and it'll be better than this site).

If I already know you, feel free to drop me a line at my usual email addy,
otherwise you can contact me at or
and say hello!
I'm currently learning how to do this correctly, so check back and it will be updated. I want to add pictures too. Thanks for stoppin' by! And don't forget to sign my guestbook too!
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Any sweet ladies looking for someone to chat with? ...... Give my friend Ryan B a howdy and he'll make everything all better!! Plus, he's got a pimp-o-licious green Ranger so he must be cool!!
Tell him Sara sent ya!!
(he wanted a lil free advertising)
If you TOO want to give a lil shout-out to someone,
lemme know and I'll be more than happy to put ya on here. :)
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And, YES, I know this page sucks but I'm new at this!
Just pretend you like it.....aight?
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