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Our Group Project

Our group members consist of Helen Kim, Edward Lee, John Sol, Thomas Siu, and Justin Yung.  Our profiles can be seen here.  This is our COM 486 Project for Spring 2004 Semester.  We have researched about luxury cars.  We decided to do this project because we have a high interest in luxury cars such as Audi, BMW, and Infiniti and we know a lot of other people do so too.  Everyone dreams of getting these cars one day.  One day when we make a lot of money, we will get these cars, but for now we have to keep dreaming.








Our Purpose

Our main goal is to help YOU potential customers of which car is best suited for you. 













Features in this Website

  - Photos, Exterior and Interior of Infiniti G35,

 BMW 325, and Audi A4

  - Video footage of Infiniti G35, BMW 325, and

 Audi A4

  - The good and the bad of these cars

  - Prices

  - Links

  - What features each cars comes with

  - Reviews

  - Personal Opinions









Automobile News Events

Come check out the various new concept cars at the

North American International Auto Show 2004

2004 New York Auto Show