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MIDI 24-Fret Classic Electric Guitar

Gibson and Rameriz Guitars

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I have included here, some instruments made by other manufacturers.

One guitar is never enough. -Frank

Gibson Chet Atkins Super 4000 Electric Guitar
Gibson Chet Atkins Super 4000 Electric Guitar
The last word in archtop guitars from the company that invented them. Exquisite workmanship and supreme quality materials combine to create an instrument beautiful in both tone and appearance. A thinner body depth and frets that extend over the binding give this archtop a unique and comfortable feel. The smooth pickguard-mounted pickup is specially wound for a rich, full tone, and the hidden volume control is easy to adjust while playing.
I admire both Chet Atkins and Gibson. It seems to me that this instrument is designed and built to meet Mr. Atkins specifications. It is competitively priced in the range of a quality professional instruments ($30,000 to $40,000.)

If you are a serious student wishing to learn music and perform on a guitar, I would recommend the following instrument, (and classic guitar instruction as a starting point.) This instrument will serve well for 10 year olds and college students alike. Ramirez instruments were played by Segovia, (though not exclusively.) This one is priced well within a students budget, yet will be the envey of other students.

Should you wish to have a hand made professional concert quality classic guitar email me and I will put you in contact with Dallas Strunk who makes the finest acoustic classical guitars of any luthier I know. -Frank

Jose Ramirez R2 Classical Guitar
Jose Ramirez R2 Classical Guitar
A big bold tone for an affordable price! This handmade Spanish guitar features a Canadian red cedar top on a laminated rosewood back and sides. The neck is made of Spanish cedar with an ebony fingerboard. Scale length: 26'. Nut width: 2'. Includes hardshell case.
A longer string length translates to higher string tension and a louder and fuller sound, with more pressure required to play and a longer reach for fingers. Greater width at the nut will increase the players precision, and performers with wide fingers will find them more necessary. Concert instruments are generally wider and longer, more difficult to play, yet produce better sounds in the hands of a master. I build with a string length of 26¼ inches, and nut width to 2¼ inches, very similar in measure.


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