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F. Davies Classic Electric Guitar Construction Guide


These are my terms for building these instruments. They apply to individuals and other entities who wish to participate.

Students, Professors (including "Shop" Teachers), Corporations, Home Craftsmen, Luthier, Business, Entreprineers. All are welcome to build two (2) instruments provided you first register as a builder then permanently engrave the completed instruments with an identification code (builder identification and serial number) which will be supplied by us. It is required that you obtain this builder identification before begining construction. I will supply this identification code when requested. (Include a self addressed and stamped envelope if done through the mail. You may also do this via email or a phone call. Instructors may submit a combined multiple builders request for their students provided they include names and contact information on each of the builders.)

This code will identify you as the builder and identify the individual guitar in their series. We hereby license you (the builder) to select one (1) and only one of these two instruments to sell. The other instrument is not to be sold nor used as collateral, but to be held by the builder for a period of no less than twenty (20) years. (It is hoped that this will encourage and enable builders to begin production by virtually waiving the required fee on this first sale only. All subsequent sales are subject to payment of the fee as outlined below.)

Should you build more (than two) instruments, we hereby license you to build and sell them in return for a fee equal to 5% of selling price, with a minimum fee of $100 (should the instrument be sold for any amount less than $2000.00.) You agree not to sell new instruments for less than $500 dollars and agree to pay the fee within one month of the sale (physical transfer of the instrument to another person.)

A registry will be maintained containing information on each instrument including the name (and contact information such as phone, email, and address) of the builder(s), serial number of the instrument, an (optional) description of the instrument's custom features, and an ordered list of the owners (and their contact information.) Builders are required to submit this information with the required fee (if any) for every instrument completed, and to submit an update of the information if later sold. Builders will also include a copy of this information with the instrument when transfered to a new owner, with the request that each new owner submit information on the instruments subsequent transfers including; builder name, serial number, seller's name and address and purchaser's name and address.

If you do not agree with any of the terms of this contract, then you may not build any of these instruments until an agreement (with new terms) has indeed been reached between us, and a contract containing its terms signed by both.

Violation of this (building instruments without permission or contract) will subject such builder(s) to a liability aproaching $120,000 (based upon the standard of tripling the recommended sales price of these instruments) per instrument. (This is not legal advice, but what may be sought from you in court if you choose to disregard the laws of the United States and build these without an agreeement between us.)

Again, initial builder registration will entitle you to build two instruments, one of which may be sold, and thereafter you are required to pay the fees outlined above and register each instrument. Sample forms will be included in the appendex which may be printed out.