Taylor woke up to see that Janica had already gotten up and was probably downstairs. He sat up in bed and tossed the coves aside and sat for a minute. 'I had sex last night didn't I?' He asked himself. He recalled the activity the other night and smirked. He realized he DID have sex, with Janica. He sighed a VERY happy sigh, and leaned himself agianst the bed floorboard. 'It wasn't THAT good, I mean I've had more pleasure when I jack off alone at night, Ahhh its probably because I know what I want, she doesn't.......yet' He thought. He stoood up and went downstairs. "Hey buddy!" Brandon said. "Where is everyone" he asked as he stretched. "Well, look at the time and you tell me" Taylor looked over at the clock and his eyes widened. "Your lucky though, Janica is in the bathroom, everyone else is gone, she stayed behind till you woke up" Brandon said as he pointed down the hall to the bathroom. "Geez" Taylor said as he walked down to the bathroom. He put his head to the door and heard that she was in the shower. He smirked. He quietly opened the door a crack and saw her shadow. He snuck in and closed the door tightly. He took off his shirt and layed it on the toilet seat. he did the same with his boxers and pants. He snuck closer to the shower door and edged it open peeking in. Janica didn't notice he was staring at her bare ass. He slipped in and put his arms around her waist and put his head on her shoulder. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!" She screamed at him. "Woah" he said out loud his heart racing from the scare. "Oh my god it's you Taylor" she said with a sigh of pure relief. Taylor smiled and again noticed she was naked. There was a little silence for a bit then Janica spoke up " Did you want the shower?" she stupidly asked him as he stood there looking at her wet. body. "Yeah, but not if your leaving" he smartly said. "Funny, are you sure about that Taywwwwoooorr" she said as she gave him a seductive look and ran her finger own his chest. "Uh huh" he said as he followed her fingers down his chest. He looked into her blue eyes which were looking him up and down. His cock was definitly as hard as it could get. It had reached full lenghth when her finger set on his chest. He leaned over and lightly kissed her lips. She pushed him gently back to the back of the shower. She put his hands on her breasts and continued to lightly lay kisses on his lips. "Now Tay, I'm sorry, thats all you can have right now ok?" she said as she kissed his lips once more and backed away from him. "Uh huh" he managed to get out. "You can take a shower with me if you want though" she said hoping he would be ok with just that. "Okay" he said as he grabbed a soap bar. He took the soap bar and instead of using it himself he started soaping her back up. He rubbed her back gently with the suds. He continued to do this and he started rubing her stomach, gently washing it too. She stood there enjoying this very much and she took his hands and led his hands over her body with the suds. She took the soap and turned his back towards her. She soaped u his back and started massging his back and shoulders with the soap. She rubbed his neck gently with it and took her fingers and gently kneaded them into his back. They both washed off the soap, and grabbed the shampoo. They both washed there ow hair and washed themselves off. As they got out both there bodies dripped onto the floor. "We better clean this mess up before Brandon kix our asses out" she said as she looked at the floor and grabbed a toel Taylor handd her. Taylopr laughed at her comment and agreed. He wrapped himself in the towel and dried his hair with another as Janica did the same. The two dried themaself good them threw there towels on the floor to clean up ther mess. Taylor leaned over and kissed Janica's lips before she got dressed. 'Anything to stall and keep her naked as long as possible' he thought to himself and tried not to smirk. She put on her dress she had the other night, she didn't plan to spend the night so she only had brung that. Taylor put on his pants and shirt and brushed his hair with Brandon's brush. 'I hope he doesn't have lice' he laughed to himself. He handed the brush to Janica and she brushed her beautiful hair. The two alked out of the bathrom into the living room where Brandon sat watching TV. Brandon looked up at them and grinned. "Did you guys make lovey lovey in the shower?" he asked them. "No, we didn't we just took a shower together!" Janica said wide eyed ready to slap him, but she didn't and Brandon was thankful for it. Taylor laughed at her reaction and just pulled her close. She was a bitch but thats what he loved about her. Taylor kissed her lips and hugged her. Brandon laughed at the two. He nearly got bitch slapped and here Taylor was encouraging the whole thing. Willow and Zac sat on the couch as they watched the movie they had rented. "Ohhh hes hot:" Willow mumbled as a gfarely buff decent looking guy walked out of the corner or the screen. Zac looked over to her a laughed. This was the third time Willow had told him a guy was hot on this movie. It was really beginning to annoy him. He never said a girl was hot once throughout the whole movie. 'If she says it one more time' he thought to himself. "Ohh look at his body" she mumbled again. 'Okay she's hit my last nerve' he though. Zac jumped on her and held her down with his hands. He had her pinned to the couch. "Whatd ya say about those guys" he asked not leting her respond as he leaned down and gently kissed her lips. She kissed him back and he parted her lips with his tounge. There tounges mingled together, as Zac's hand had the urge to explore her body. They were in the living room with parents in the house somewhere, so he kept himself from playing with her too much. As they kissed Zac's hands wandered up her shirt and rubbed her sides. He then startd tckling her till she busted out with laughter. He continued tickling her and she continued laughing. "So how hot are those guy" he asked her as he tickled her more. "There not hot at all!" she yelled out. "Who is then?" he asked her as he continued to tikle her stomach. "You are the hottest!" she said as he stopped tckling her and he leaned down and kissed her lips "Really" he whispered in her ear. "Uh huh" she mumbled as he leaned down and kissed her once more. "Kids kids kids kids" Willows mom mumbles to herself as she saw the two on the couch laying soft little kisses on eachothers lips. "Not here" she mumbled again and looked down at them. Willow and Zac let out a tiny sigh and both sat up. They had enough of the TV so Willow leaned over and shut it off. "What shall we do now?" Zac asked. "Make out, but noooooo not here" Willow mumbled with a laugh. "Maybe somewhere else like the park" he said liking the whole idea. Willow laughed and looked out the window at the puddles that had been forming there for the last 2 hours. "HaHa very funny, it's poring rain out there Zaccy" she said as she shut the curtains and resumed her place by Zac. Zac sighed. "Let's fall asleep then" he boringly said. "Sounds good" she said back to him feeling a little tired. They curled up together under a warm blanket on the couch. Willow was slightly laying on Zac since the couch was small and Zac put his hand on her back and rubbing it, as she fell asleep. him soon after.

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