I wish I can find something to fucking wear damnit!' Taylor thought to himself as he dug through a big pile of clothes. He finally found a par of brown velvet pants and a brown shirt to go with it. As he looked in the mirror he thought 'Gee, this is bad, but oh well'. He ran downstairs and ran out the door slamming it behind him. He looked at his watch. 'Shit I hope I can get there by 6' he thought to himself. As he walked up her doorway he knocked and waited. She came to the door. 'Damn she looked hot' he thought. 'InstaBoner' he thought again.She was wearing a black leather dress that went went down as far as her upper thigh. 'If she bent over the whole world could see her ass' he thought. The dress was skin tight and fit her curves perfectly. "Hey look hooot!!" he said to her as he took her hand and kissed her lips. "Thank you, You look hooot too Tay" she said immatating him. Taylor smiled, and held her clos eby her waist as they walked to Brandons house. By the time they got there it was 7:45, considering they live a ways away and Janica wasn't walking fast on heels. They opened the door and you could smell smoke. 'Geez. I swear they couldn't wait to smoke till after he left' he thought. He hated drugs and ciggarettes and the whole ordeal, but Brandon and Ross were heavily into it. *~Now I lay me down to sleep , pray my lord to sleep, if I die before I wake, pray the lord my sould to keep. Hush little baby...dont say a word. Off to never never land*~ Mettalica was playing loud as hell when he walked n and he had to shout to here anyone. Janica covered her ears a little. "Taylor!!!!" She shouted into his ear. "What!!!!!!!!" he said back. "Can they turn it down!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed louder. "Lemme ask!!!!!!!" he said back to her. Both of them liked the song and everyhting but how loud it was neither of them could handle all the noise. Taylor lead her to Brandon and and made a single to turn it down. Brandon looked Janica up and down then shook his head 'yes'. It was still very loud but it was down enough to where you didn't have to scream, just yell. "Nice chick!!!" Brandon said putting a thumb up shaking his head to the music. "Yep" Taylor said grabbing her by the waist and leading her somewhere else. He knew how Brandon was about stealing his 'chicks'. He led Janica to the dance floor, even if it was a fast song he decided he wanted to slow dance with her. He grabbed her by her waist pulled her close and grabbed one of her hands. She lookwed into his eyes and they started dancing. Janica put her head on Taylor's shoulder. Taylor looked over at Ross and Brandon who were practically fucking there girlfriends on the dance floor. "Ross!?" Raina yelled over the music. "Yeah?" he said back to her. "I'm having fun!" she shouted. "Good, babe!" he shouted back. Ross pulled her closer and put his nose to hers. "I love you, babe" he said to her. Raina giggled, "I love you too, Ross" Raina was wearing a short brown skirt that matched her hair color. She was wearing a white halter top. She knew this was Ross's fave outfit of hers so naturally she wore it for him. Ross started tickling her stomach with his finger as they danced. Raina giggled and grabbed his finger. "I'm gonna bite your finger off! She grabbed his finger and put it in ehr mouth and sucked on it. She pulled his finger out and he put it on her stomach. Ross leaned down and kissed her lips. Then he kissed her forehead. Brandon and his girlfriend were sitting on the speakers together, Lacey had her arms around him. Brandon was tapping the side speaker, while holding her close. Lacey was wearing a jean skirt with a white button up shirt. It displayed her stomach slightly. Brandon had his hand up the back of her shirt and was rubbing her back. Once in a while he leaned down to kiss her lips. Lacey was tapping her foot against the speaker to keep the beat. Everyone knew they were the music lovers of the group. They were the one who had picked out all the music. Taylor didnt think that they had to good of taste considering the next song was Marilyn Manson. Taylor sighed and took Janica to sit down. Ross took Raina upstairs to a room, since she said she was tired. Brandon and Lacey just sat there and listened. Raina plopped down on the bed and sighed. Ross sat down beside her. "Whats wrong baby?" he asked concerned. "Nothing I'm just exhausted." she replied. He scooted closer to her and kissed her lips. She smiled at him. He leaned over and kissed her again this time it was more passionate. He parted her lips with his toungue and she let him in. As there kisses became more passionate he laid her on the bed and started kissing her shoulders. He leaned behind her and unzipped her halter top. Tossing it on the side. 'Wow, no bra' he thought to himself. He stopped staring and get right down to work. He started kissing and sucking on her neck leaving a trail down to her breasts. He could see he left a mark on her neck. He took her breasts in his mouth and sucked on them slowly looking at her face for some kind of sign of enjoyment. Raina had her neck arched and her eyes closed. She let out a moan and this encouraged Ross. He flicked her nipples back and forth with his toungue and he heard another moan. "Ohh Ross" she moaned under her breathe. He then took her other breast into his mouth and did the same to it as he did with the other. Ross unzipped her skirt and pulled it down off of her body. He tossed it to the floor and continued. He kissed her stomach and made a trail of moist kisses down to her inner thighs. "Ohh mmmm" she moaned. He parted her pussy lips wih his tounge and started gently sucking on her clit. He took his toungue in and out of her. "Oh Ross...Make love to me!" She screamed. He ignored her begging and continued to lick and suck her clit. All of a sudden a loud scream came from the room next to him. "I'm sorry baby!" Taylor said in shock as he looked up at her face. "It's okay be more careful Tayyy" she moaned. he again lowered his mouth to her breasts. He nibbled more gently this time, as he rapidly pulled his fingers in and out of her pussy. "Tay..just do it.." she moaned as a little sweat dripped down her face. Taylor obeyed her wishes and put the head of his cock into the entrance of her pussy. "Are you a virgin babe?" he asked before entered her. "Uh huh, so be gentle" she whispered. "Me too" he said nervously. He entered her slow at first. He pushed it in slowly until he felt a tear. He knew that she just gave him her virginity. He thrusted himself into her a little faster until he reached his full length and increased speed everytime. Ross took off his shirt and threw it on the florr beside the two. He then started unzipping his pants. he slid his boxers off and then laid on Raina. He entered his cock into her entrance and started full length pumps. Both had lost there virginity with eachother a week before that night and were familiar with the whole process. As his pumps became deeper and deeper, both made noise. "Ohhh Ross...Gawd" she moaned. "Mmmm" was all he could choke out. Persperation covered theere bodies and both were reaching climax. Raina came first then soon after Ross squirted into her. Ross rolled over on his side and kissed her stomach then her lips. Raina put her head on his shoulder and Ross put his hand no her tits. Fondling them while she slept. Taylor and Janica quickly finished and got they walked downstairs the muaic was off and Brandon and Lacey had hit the sack themselves, so they headed back up to there room to go to bed. They fell asleep in eachothers arm. What a long long day it was.

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