Brandon and Ross

Brandon and Ross came in and sat on the Hanson's couch. "So dudes what have you been up to for the last couple days?" Taylor asked the two. "Ah just hanging with our girlfriends"They said in unison. "Girlfriends, when was the last time you two had girlfriends" Tayor said punching them in the shoulder. "A very long good time ago" Ross said. "You shouldn't be talking Taylor, you haven't gotten any girl since...hmmm 7th grade!" Brandon laughed. "Sut up!" Taylor snapped back laughing. "Well I don't think he has a girlfriend now! Ross joked with Brandon. "Dudes! shut up! I do have a girlfriend!" Taylor said wide eyed and grinning. "Ohhhh really" Ross said suddenly interested as he looked at the dreaming Tay. "What's her name" Brandon asked. "Janica" Tay leaned back into his chair and closed his eyes. "Yooo hoo Tayyyyylor stop dreaming asshole" Ross said smacking his face twice. "You jerk" Taylor laughed. Ring Ring. Taylor got up to get the phone. "Hello" Taylor answered. "Hey, Taylor?" asked the voice on the other line. "Yeah, who's this" he asked. "This is Zac" he said. "Why are you calling here Taylor asked. "Because just to let you know I fucked Willow! and Ill be home later" he said showing off the Taylor. "You fucked her?" Tay asked. "Yes" Zac said and hung up. Tay resumed his seat on the couch with his friends. "My little brother just fucked the hottest chick in the city" Taylor said. "Little Zaccy?" Brandon asked wide eyed. "Yeah LITTLE zaccy" Taylor said immatating his friend. "Geez, way to go Zac" Ross announced. "I don't want to think about my brother fucking some chick" Taylor said laughing. "Who would?" Ross said laughing. "Hey guys I have an idea" Brandon said. "What?" Taylor and Ross said in unison. "We should have a Dope party, invite all our girlfriends, then see if we can't get a good fuck ourselves" Brandon said with a grin on his face. Taylor and Ross started laughing, "You kidding" . "No, I swear we can have it at my house, Theres plenty of rooms in there" Brandon said. "I say why not" Tay said smiling. "Great, why not" Ross said. "Do you think Lacey would let you fuck her?" Ross asked Brandon laughing. "You don't know how playful she is behind your back!" Brandon said back. "Hmmm, I guess not" Ross snapped back. "And how about Raina?" Brandon asked. "Well you know her heh" Ross said smiling. "Everyone knows Raina" Taylor said. "How about her name again Janese?" "Janica, and Im not sure..probably though" Taylor said with a confused look. "Oh shit, I gotta call her I totally foregot!" Taylor said jumping up. Taylor totally forgot about his friends for a second and ran to the phone, which was by the living room. He picked up the phone a dialed her number. "Is Janica there?" he said. "Yeah, this is her" she said back intop the phone. "Janica it's me, Taylor." he said. "TAYLOR! Gawd wait till next year to call me!" she shouted into the phone. "Sorry, babe" he said into the phone. "That's okay" she said back to him. "I want you to kiss me, Taylor" she whispered into the phone. "I wanna kiss you." Taylor said back to her whispering. Silence. "Babe, can you come to a party tomorrow night?" he asked. "Umm...Yeah...I'm not doing anything" she said. "Okay, gimme your address and ill pick you up ok?" "Okay. it's space 89..." she said nito the phone. "Okay babe ill pick you up at 6 ok?" "Okay, ill be ready" she said and hung up. Taylor sat next to his buds. "Well Janica can come to the party" Taylor said as he sat down. "Dope" they said in unison. "Well, Taylor, we hate to be in such a rush but we gotta jet" Ross said as we got up off the couch. "Just come over to my house tomorrow around 7 and ill have the party set up" Brandon said as he too got up. Ross and Brandon found there way out of the room and out the door. They knew the Hanson house pretty well. Zac leaned over and kissed Willow on the forehead. She was curled up naked in his arms. She opened her eyes and looked up at Zac. "Zaccy, I love you" she said looking into his brown eyes. "I love you too, Willow" he said back to her and nudged her nose with his. Zac felt her breasts against his chest, and he was trying not to get a boner. "Zac I hate to screw the moment but my mom will be home soon and we gotta get dressed" she whispered into his ear. "I know, baby" he said as he kissed her lips gently. Zac got up and pulled her up by her waist. He gathered there clothes and handed her hers. She started to put her bra on until Zac came behind her and turned her around. "Hold on I gotta say goodbye, to the twins" he said grinning. She laughed a little as he leaned down and put her nipples in his mouth and he flicked it a few times then went to the other. He gently sucked and nibbled a little on the other nipple. Willow closed her eyes and arched her back and tried to control herself. Zac stopped and grabed both in his hands kissed her lips and let go. He then helped her buckle her bra. Zac went back to his business and grabbed his shirt. He put it on. While it didn't take Willow long to get dressed it took Zac a little longer because he couldn't find his pants. He soon found them and put them on zipping and buttoning them up. He came and sat down on her bed beside her. "Did you have fun, babe?" he said and kissed her cheek. "Uh huh" she said and laned on his shoulder. "Zac you gotta leave before my mom comes home" she whispered. "I know he said to her and grabbed the side of her face and lightly kissed her lips. She prted his mouth with her tounge and explored the regions in his mouth. As the kiss ended Zac kissed her once more on the lips. Then tried to wlak away. He didn't want to but he pushed himself out of her room down the stairs and out the door. He looked up at her bedroom window and saw her standing there. The window was open. "I love you, Willow!" he shouted up to her. "I love you too, Zaccy!" She shouted back down on him. With that Zac walked all the way home lonely as hell.

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