Zac woke up and realized he had spent the whole night with Willow. He looked down at her and laughed. Her shirt was still undone and her breasts were pressing against his hands and chest. This made him hard. He leaned down and kissed her on the forehead and waited for her to wake up. She did. “Mmmm Zaaacccy?” she asked. “Mmmmhuh…It’s me baby” he said into her ear. She smiled. “I love you, Zac” she said with her nose to his. “I love you too” he whispered. Not knowing why, she crossed her arms over her breasts trying to hide them. “Why are you doing that baby?” he asked. He took her handsgently off of her breasts and put them to her side. Zac laid his hands on her breasts and said, “If your gonna cover them let me do it for you” he smiled. Willow looked into his eyes and leaned forward kissing his lips. She put her hands on top of his and took his hands away from her breasts. She took her hands and slid it up his shirt and took his shirt off. She threw it beside them. She moved closer to him and put her ber5asts to his chest. Her nipples were hard against Zac’s chest. She moved her hand down to the bulge in his pants and massaged it a little. She didn’t want to grab him too hard. He took her hands and placed her hand on his zipper. She pulled at it and undid his button. Zac leaned over and licked her ear. “Oh Zaaaac!” she moaned lightly as he started to lick her ear more. He didn’t know this could be such fun. Zac took his attention away from her ear as she pulled his pants and boxers off of him. Zac’s reaction to this was to take his hands to her pants and unzip her pants. He slid her pants off and licked her stomach. He soon pulled her underwear off of her with his teeth. He stuck a finger inside her and moved it in and out. He then stuck two more fingers and massaged her clit with his thumb. “Oh Zac…God I want you” she said faintly. He leaned down and kissed her stomach. He worked his fingers in and out of her faster as she cum all over his fingers. He looked at her and licked her fingers off. He parted her pussy lips with his tounge and licked gently at her clit. He wanted to make her cum in his mouth. She tasted sweet. Zac stuck his tounge in and out of her and flicked her clit. “Ohhh Zacccy” she moaned. She reached down to his hard member and massaged it gently. “Oh Willllllloww” he sighed. Willow leaned up to him and licked his nose. Zac giggled. “Willow, that tickled” he said with a grin. She grabbed his dick and put it in the entrance of her pussy. “Zac, I’m ready for you” she whispered. “I’m ---Ready for you too Willow” he said as he gently put his dick in her pussy. She guided it through. “Ow..” she said lowly. “Are you ok, am I doing anything to hurt you” he asked. “Nooo, oww” she said once again. She felt a tear deep inside her. She knew he had ‘popped her cherry’. Zac reached his full length within her and pulled himself out. He then repeated this until the glide became easier for both of them. “Ohhhhhhh Zac!” Willow screamed. “Mmmmmmm I love you Willow” he said as he thrusted himself harder into her. This went on for about a half hour . Zac was about to cum. “I’m gonna cum!” he shouted. “Oh baby cum inside me all over me!” Willow moaned. Zac shot his teenage cuj into her and pulled out he let the rest of the cum shoot on her stomach. Willow reached down and rubbed the cum on her tits. She licked off her fingers and then Zac reached down and kissed her lips. There was a layer of persperation on both of them, and they were exhausted. Zac laid beside her and rubbed her sides. “Did you like it?” Zac asked. “Uh huh speacially beause it was with you and not no one else” she said smiling and Zac kiss her lips once again. Ding Dong Taylor got up to get the door. “Hey dude!” said the stoner kid at the door. “Brandon! Dude! Ross! Heyyy!” Taylor said. Brandon and Ross were good friends since Taylor was a little kid. All had different ways and had different things to interest them but they were best friends, the three of them. “Come in have a seat” Taylor said inviting them in. Taylor was happy they were there. Now they could catch up on everyhting that they missed for the last week.

Chapter 7 - Brandon and Ross
Chapter 5 - Taylor
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