"Taylor where are you going so late" Isaac said as Taylor was half way out of the door. "I'm going to meet someone that I met online last night," he said whispering, not wanting to wake anyone. "Online!?, Lemme guess, a girl?" Ike asked "Yes a girl, and Yes online and before you ask no she isn't a fan and yes she does know I am Taylor Hanson." Taylor said not wanting to be asked anymore questions. "Okay Tay, don't get in any trouble" I won't Ike" he said back and quietly shut the door. The girl he had been talking to online was gonna meet him down the road from his house. Since he didn't know who she was and she didn't really believe he was Taylor Hanson they both decided neither would go to the other's house until after they met. Taylor walked down the road. He didn't want to admit he was a little scared. It was pitch dark and people he didn't know were driving by staring at him. He tried to break the silence by whistling and singing a little to himself. Then his thoughts began. 'I wonder if shes a hot babe like Willow' he thought. The thought made him horny. He tried to hide the bulge in his pants by pulling his shirt down. He knew no one was there, but still the thought of it showing scared him. Soon it went away. He walked up to the bench where a girl was sitting. He sat down beside her and said, "By any chance would you be Janica?" "Yes, Tay right?" she said and held out a hand to him. "Yeah, it's nice meeting you, its not every day I feel safe to meet someone I met online" he said nervously "Yeah, I understand the whole thing about the freeeeeeeeks out there she emphasized" Taylor thought she was funny when she said that. Janica had medium long blonde hair, baby blue eyes. She stood 5 foot 2 and was very slim. Taylor found her very sexy, what blonde did he not. Taylor had sat right next to her and saw that as the more they got to know each other the more closer her hand moved to his crotch. He knew she was doing it on purpose to tease him. He knew it too. Boy, was it working. The bulge in his pants had only gotten larger since the minute they met. Janica giggled. "Tay, are you excited?" she asked as she put her hand right on the bulge in between his legs. Taylor blushed a dark shade of red and laughed a low laugh. "Uh -huh, how can I help myself, your so beautiful" he said not wanting her to be scared. She just blushed and looked into his eyes. The two had been sitting on the bench for over 4 hours and it was now morning time. They visited and liked each other very much. By the end of 4 hours Janica was curled up in a ball in Taylor's lap. Which Taylor enjoyed a little too much. He stroked her hair and kissed her forehead once in a while. "Taylor, we move fast, but I like it and I like you" she said whispering as he continued to brush her hair with his fingers. "I know, and I like you too" he said back to her. "You know it's like 5 AM Tay?" "Yeah I know, I'm saying here until you leave" he said as he leaned down and kissed her lips lightly. "Oh" she said as she drifted on into sleep. Taylor sighed and leaned his head back on the bench. Watching her sleep made him very tired also. Janica and Taylor fell asleep on the bench, Taylor holding Janica close. "Willow?" Zac said into the phone. Yeah, This is Zac right?" "Yeah, what's up babe?" "Nothing much, just thinking about last night" "What about it?" he asked "About how sweet it was for you to think of me and not do it, even though I wanted you so badly Zaccy" "Were not ready" he said. "I know, but we can when we go out longer right Zac?" she asked. "Of course, I know we will, We just have not been going out for more than a couple days and that's too soon to be having se-I mean making love" he said, not wanting to use the word sex. He knew he didn't want to have sex with her, he wanted to make love to her. Willow smiled. "I know Zaccy poooooos" she said trying to annoy him. Zac giggled but he didn't mind the name much when it came from Willow. He found it quite seductive. Willow let out a huge sigh, "Zac, My mom has to use the phone, come over ok?" she asked. "Okay ill be over soon, babe" he said and hung up. "Zac searched for the right outfit. He found his yellow and black pants, Black docs, and black T-shirt that was Tay's. It was quite tight but he didn't mind that much. Zac walked out the doorway to head to Willow's. Tay started to snore. An old man walked up to the two and tapped Tay on the shoulder, frightening him clear out of his pants. "Hey, kids do you mind if ya scooot over so I can take a seat?" he said kindly. Taylor didn't say a word but he leaned down and gently shook Janica. "Babe…..babe….wake up…" "Mmmmmmmm I don't wanna wake up now" she groaned and opened an eye. "Shhh…you have to come on" he said as he kissed her and gently picked her up to sit on his lap. She leaned over and put her hand around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder. "What time is it ?" he asked the gentleman. "It's ehhhh…about Noon" he said looking at his watch carefully. "Okay he said and started rubbing her head softly" "Puppy love eh?" asked the old man staring at the two in each other's arms. "I guess so" Tay laughed and kissed her on her forehead. "Yeah I was once in love" he started, "We'd do anything to be with each other, and it seems as though you guys have been here all night sleeping" he said with a nice smile. "Yeah" he said laughing a little bit. Taylor put his hand on her head to hold it where it was. He knew she had fallen back asleep. 'It was too early in the day for her to wake up' he thought to himself. He again leaned back and fell asleep again himself. "So what's this?" Zac said lying on top of Willow pointing to her nose. "That's my nose" she giggled. He kissed her nose. "What's that he said pointing to her cheek" Willow giggled again, "My cheek" Zac kissed her cheek "What are these?" he asked pointing to her lips. "Those are my lips…"she whispered. Willow closed her eyes as Zac leaned down and lightly kissed her lips. "What are they again, I forgot?" "They're my lips" she whispered once again. "Oh ok" he said as he leaned down and lightly kissed her lips again. He pulled away. He put his finger on her lips and dragged it down to her neck than right between her breasts. "And these are….?" My booooobs!" she said wide eyes and grinning. Zac unbuttoned her shirt and unsnapped her bra from the front. He gently kissed each of her breasts. "What's this" he said pointing to her stomach. "That's my----stomach" she said breathing a little harder. He kissed her stomach lightly then licked her nipples. Willow moaned a little and Zac rolled down beside her. Willow leaned over and put her head on his shoulder and they fell asleep. Taylor woke up do to the loud chirping of the birds. He looked down and saw that Janica was also awake, still hanging on to him. The old man had left. He turned over and saw a note on it that said: To the young man. He picked it and opened it. It read: When I was young, like I said earlier I fell in love with a beautiful girl named Sarah. I love her now and I loved her then. Take care of your girl. And you will love her forever like I love Sarah. But my Sarah passed away. George This note meant something to Taylor but he didn't know what. He put the note in his pocket. Janica sat up next to him. "Mmmm, what time is it Taylor" she asked. "It's sometime around 1 or 2 babe." "Shoot" was all she said. "I gotta go home Tay." She said sitting all the way up. "Ok" he said kissing her. Janica handed Tay a note and left. He wanted to walk her home but she insisted she could get home by herself. Taylor got up and walked home himself. When he got home he sat on his bed and read the note. It read: My dearest Tay, I wrote this letter while you were sleeping. A nice older gentleman gave me a pen and paper. I wanted to let you know that I like you a lot and I hope you consider us dating. I do if you do. Call me….promise? 555-6792 Love Janica Taylor smiled. He very much indeed considered them dating. He liked the idea of it. He was too exhausted to do anything so he laid down to take a nap.

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