Phone Calls

Zac ran upstairs eager to use the phone, as the time edged towards 10:00. He hated the way the time went so slow when he needed it to go fast, and so fast when he wanted it to go slow. He didn't want to call exactly at 10, but he didn't want to call early either. He didn't want her to think he was obssessed with her or something, or all he had to do was sit around and wait to call her. So he sat on the couch staring at the clock. It read 9:55. 'Ohhh the wait!' he thought to himself. His brother was on the phone at the time so even if it was 10:00, he wouldn't get to use the phone right away. This killed him inside. Just the thought of waiting. He sat there while he dug his fingers into the couch. When he got on the phone what was he gonna talk about? What was he gonna say? What if her parents answered and said it was too late to talk, or what if there was no conversation and it was silent. What would he say to her then. Should she ask him out. Will she ask him out? Would she say yes. He knew he would. He glanced at the clock again. It read 10:01. His brother was still on the phone.

"Taylor could I use the phone please!?" He asked politely hoping he would say sure.

"Hang on Zac a couple more minutes, I promise" Tay said.

Zac went and sat down again on the couch , again he found himself digging into the couch. The thoughts took over his head. Questions, but no answers. Zac again looked at the clock 10:09 "Tay, are you off yet?"

"Hang on I am almost done"

With that Zac tried to relax.

Willow sat by the phone. She has been waiting for a long time now, or so it seemed to her. She looked at the clock next to her. It read 10:15. When was he gonna call her. She soon thought that maybe he didn't like her at all and he wasn't gonna call her. Maybe he just forgot or something was keeping him occupied. Her thoughts were interupted by a ring. She jumped clear out of her chair and answered it.

"Hello" She answered

Hi, is your mom there dear?"

she let out a huge sigh of dissapointment. "Yeah but she is in bed for the night, can I take a message?"

"No thats okay I'll call tomorrow"




Her heart fell to her knees. How could he not call her. SHe felt a single tear fall down her cheek. Why was she crying over this? She didn't know but she was. The phone rang again.

"H-ell-o" she said as she cried into the phone , trying to hide it.

"Um, Willow?"

"Yeah, this is her, who is this?" she asked.

"This is Zac, sorry I am late at calling, my brother wouldn't get off the phone", he said,"are you ok?"

"Yeah, I guess" She said wiping her tears off.

"Are you crying?" he asked concerned.

"Um, nooo" she said trying to hide it.

"Yes, you are, whats wrong"

"Nothing" she said trying to sound more cheerful.

"If it's because I didn't call on time I am sorry"

"Okay" was all she could say.

"Hey Willow?"

"uh huh"

"Um, I like you alot"

This made her smile. "I ---like you ----too Zac" she managed to squeeze out.

"I know we've only known eachother for like two days but......" he paused.

"But what...." she asked.

"Will you go out with me?"

Her head got dizzy. No one ever asked her out before, better yet anyone as cute as Zac was. Sweet too, and gentle, not pushy.

"Yes" she said.

"Really?" he asked not believing his ears.

"Yes,Zac" she said with a little laugh.

There was quite on the phone so Zac had to get silly.

"Hey Willow?"

"Yeah" she whispered.

"Will you marry me?"

Willow giggled a little, "Yeah Zac Ill marry you too" she said.

"Okay, good" he said laughing a little with her.

'Willow" he said once again.


"Can I come over?" he said quitely.

"Yeah, but you have to be super quite, everyone is sleeping and I am not alowd company" she whispered into the phone.

"Okay, I am gonna come over now ok?" he asked

"Okay, Ill be waiting for you, space 45" She said.

"Okay, bye"


Zac left his house, on the way out he grabbed the fresh rose on the kitchen table his mom had gotten for decoration. 'She wont miss it that much' he said to himself as he walked out the door.

Thank god it wasnt that long of a walk. Since he was space 40 he only had to walk a little ways. As he approached her doorstep, he didn't ring the bell, he lightly knocked. Immediatly the door was answered by Willow. 'Her eyes were so pretty in the moonlight' he thought to himself.

He handed her the rose. He liked the smile she gave to him when he gave her the rose. She stepped outside.

"We shouldn't go inside right now" she said nervously.

"Okay" he said understanding.

Zac took a step closer to her and took her arms and put them around his waist. He lifted her chin to his and gently kissed her lips. She enjoyed this very much. She leaned up more and kisses him again, this time parting his lips with her tounge. He let her tounge in, and she explored his mouth with her tounge, as he did to her. When this kiss ended he laid another genlte small kiss on her lips, then hugged her.

“Hey babe, I gotta go” Zac said into her ear.

“Okay, it’s probably best” she said back to him.

He kissed her lips with his.

“Bye, call me tomorrow” he said as he let go of her. She pulled him back and kissed him, then she let him go.

“Okay, I will, Bye”

“I------love-------you” He said.

“I love you too Zac” she said back to him. Both the two knew they were too young to even know what love was but they knew whatever they felt wasn’t just ‘Like’.

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