“So Zac, where’s your Girlfriend?” Tay teased Zac.

“She’s at home and she’s not my girlfriend……yet” He mumbled.

“Oh, you think she likes you don’t you?” he asked still teasing him.

“I don’t know, I hope she likes me, because I like her”

“I bet she likes me better” Tay taunted.

“Wanna bet!?” Zac said jumping up.

With that Tay jump on Zac and tackled him to the ground, he threw a couple good punches in zacs stomach and one good one in his shoulder.

“Guys Guys Guys!!!” Ike yelled as he walked in, “What are you fighting over?”

"Taylor said that Willow probably likes him better than me and I met her first!!” He said with a pouting face.

“Nah uh he’s lying!” Taylor said glaring at Zac.

“Whatever guys, Taylor leave Willow alone Zac likes her and he met her first” Ike said as he sat down on the couch ready to watch TV.

“Yeah, she’s mine!” Zac ended the fight.

Taylor just glared at Zac and got up to go to his room.

“You ok, Zac?” Ike asked as he helped him off the floor.

“Yeah” he said as a tear fell down his cheek.

“Its ok” Ike comforted him.

“Taylor better not take Willow, I like her a lot”

“He won't, ill make sure of it” Ike said patting Zac on the back.

“Thanks Ike” he said as he walked up to his room.

Zac stopped crying and lay on his bed. He soon forgot about Taylor and the fight that happened earlier. He knew Willow wouldn’t go for Taylor anywayz.

Willow knocked on the Hanson’s door and waited there hoping she wouldn’t wake any of them up since it was fairly early in the morning. No one answered so she pushed the doorbell. She stood here thinking.

“If they don’t answer the door in 10 seconds I’m leaving” she thought to herself and started counting. “1…..2……3…..4……5…..” then the door opened.

“Hi!,” she greeted Zac at the door, “I didn’t wake anyone did I?”

“No, everyone is awake, were all early birds” he said with a smile.

“Cool, can I come in” she said asking, not wanting to wait for Zac to invite her in any longer.

“Oh yeah, sorry, come in” he said nervously.

Willow followed Zac upstairs into his bedroom. Zac always took her there because it was quite, no one to interrupt, and Taylor wouldn’t have access to flirt with her. Plus, she seemed to like the idea of being alone in a bedroom with a hot guy. Zac enjoyed the same thing, being alone in a room with a hot girl, even if they weren’t doing anything. Soon the silence rolled around and Willow scooted closer to Zac. Zac got incredibly nervous and itchy.

“So, what do you wanna do?” he asked, tension in his voice.

“Sit here, with you” she said nervously hoping he wouldn’t freak out or something.

Willow could here the gulp go down his throat as he edged a smile upon his face. She looked up in his eyes and whispered “You have pretty eyes”

He Started to feel a little less nervous he said “But you have prettier eyes”

He brushed her long hair out of her face and leaned down to touch her lips with his. Both closed their eyes and their lips met. They pulled apart and stared at the floor.

“Ummm….” Willow started.

Zac interrupted her talking with another kiss like the first, gentle and sweet.

Zac’s face turned red “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done THAT!” he said surprised at his own actions.

“No, it’s ok,” she started,” I liked it”

Now both their faces were red, and there was nothing they could do about it either except be nervous.

Zac having nothing to say had to say something “Umm do you like Taylor, my brother?”

“Um, maybe as a friend but I don’t find him as attractive as I find you” she said with a smile.

“Okay” was all he could choke out.

“She finds me attractive !!” he thought to himself.

“Hey, Willow” he mumbled.


“Can I have your phone number so I don’t have to worry about if your ever gonna come over here again, especially about what just happen” he said grinning.

“Of course,” She took a pen out of her pocket and grabbed his hand gently. She wrote:



call me tonight at 10:00PM.

It was too dark to read what she wrote but he was happy he got her number.

Willow knew why she wanted him to call at 10:00 and not any other time. That way her parents would be to bed and she could have privacy.

“Hey Zac”


“Can I have your number now?” she asked with a smirk on her face.

“Oh sure he said taking the pen from her hand and grabbing her hand.

He wrote:




He added the heart hoping she would get a hint that he liked her. They had spent an hour together in a low-lit room talking about nothing in particular.

“You know Zac, you look awfully familiar but maybe it’s my imagination”

“Well um, You might have seen me on TV, music videos and interviews” he said unsure of what she would do.

Willow started to cough, “Um…The Zac Hanson on TV???” She said in shock.

“Yeah” he said

“Oh” was all she could say.

“Are you a fan?” he asked hoping she would say no.

“No, but your pretty cool in person”

“Thank god for that!” he said to himself, “All I need is a fan in my room”

“Well Zac, I hate to be rude but my mom is strict and I wasn’t suppose to leave the house, so I gotta go home now” she said with a frown.

“She snuck over here!” he said to himself, “WOW”

“Okay, ill talk to you later Willow” he said and led her downstairs.

He wanted to kiss her goodbye so bad but he restrained. He didn’t want to frighten her too bad in one day.

“Bye” he said as she left

“Bye, call me!” she called back

Zac remembered that she wrote her number on his hand and looked down. He read his hand and smiled. She must like me if she WANTS me to call her, and so late too he thought to himself. Well, he knew he would definitely call her at 10:00 that night.

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