Taylor walked in to her room looking at the walls. The first thing he saw was a poster of him. wasn't anything big but it was a poster.

"Why's that there Janica" he asked remembering she WAS NOT a Hanson fan, or so she told him.

"Well umm...It looked good there" Janica nervously said and smiled edging her way over to the closet.

"What's in there?" he asked curiously.

"Oh ha ha um nothing" she said even more nervously.

"Come on Janica let me see" he said smiling coming closer to her.

"Ummmm, Taylor, babe, you really shouldn't trust me on this" she said trying to distract him.

As Taylor came closer to her and there bodies touched and reached behind her trying to unlatch the closet door. He wanted to know so bad what was in there. Janica grabbed his hands away from the handle gently and laughed.

"No!" she said trying to be stern this time.

"Why nooooooot, Baaabbbbe, Plllleeeeaaasssee" he said smiling down at her laying a soft kiss on her lips.

She enjoyed his touch very much as her heart beat speeded up. She felt dizzy and again tried to tell him no once more. "Taylor, if you love me you will listen to me when I say no" she sid again looking into his eyes.

His eyes. Everyhting about them. The fact all he had to do is look he rin the eye and ask for soemthing and she'd give it to him killed her inside.

"If you let me in...Ill give you anohter sweet kiss you won't ever forget, sweeter than the sweetest strawberry" he said to her breathing his fresh breath on her nose.

His hands ran along her sides and tickled her slightly. Taylor had his ways with her and she definityl knew it. He knew she loved strawberries and his kisses tasted just like them too. Which was even harder for her.

"Noo Taywooor" she said to him and put her hands around his body.

She knew at that moment she would do almost anyhting for him. She could NOT open that closet. If he found out that she was totally obsessed with him then he would for sure kill her on the spot. She put it in the closet for a reason. So he wouldnt see it and this wouldnt happen.

Taylor looked into her eyes and said "Do you still want that sweet kiss"

"Uh huh" she mumbled as his lips took over her speach.

He kissed her lightly and then let his tongue enter her mouth. He sucked on her tongue and played with it, teasing it rubbing againsts it. He slid his tongue across her lips. He removed his tongue from her mouth. He put his nose up to her nose and looked down in her face and smiled. She couldnt help but grin herself. He took both her hands in his. He kissed her lips once more, this time it was only a peck she let his taste remain in her mouth for as long as she could. She knew she was addicted to the taste of him. She needed it so bad she thought she might die if she didnt get it when she wanted it. Taylor pulled her away from the closet and wrapped her hands around him. He just pulled her close and rubbed her back. He didn't want to get in her pants that night at all. He only wished for her to be with him and be close to him. She had no idea how this made him feel. Not that he didn't enjoy her sex at all.

He knew whatever was in the closet wasn't important and whatever it was was he knew it wouldn't piss him off or make him mad at all. As he held her close he knew he love her enough to let her make her own desicions. He stood there, her in his arms, he couldn't help but dance with her. He held her close and slow danced to nothing but there own movement. Taylor lifted her shirt halfway up her body with his hands and started massaging her back gently while they were dancing together. Her bare belly was pressing against his chest. He liked this alot, so he continued to rub her back with her shirt halfway up. Her stomach was displayed to his vision only and this only made him hornier. He stopped dancing and kneeled down below her his face to her stomach. He leaned over and kissed it lightly. Janica closed her eyes feeling his mouth on her stomach made her want him pretty bad. he continued to kiss her stomach and tickle her with his tongue. His tongue found her belly button and he stuck it in moving it around tasting her. He then put his lips back to work kissing her up up up and up.. He grabbed her shirts hemn with his teeth tugging on it slightly. Letting her know he wasn't taking it off but he wanted it off. He licked her stomach once more and stood up to her face which showed plenty of sign of pleasure. He looked her into the eye and kissed her lips softly.

"I love you Jancia" he whispered into her ears.

"I love you too, Taylor" she said back to him feeling his breath on her. ~!~!~!~ "No! Zac No!" Willow screamed as Zac chased her around the counters and mess in the living room.

"What what what Stop? Oh no!!" he said as he ran after her almost running her over.

Zac grabbed her by the waist from behind and put his head over her shoulder.

"Hey woman" he said smiling at her. "Hi zaccy" she said back to him.

That is all I have for chapter 11, Since I wasnt getting very far at all on it i decided to post what I had so far so keep checking for it to finish!

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