Couch Love

Zac woke up and looked down at Willow. Willow had her head on Zac’s chest and was sound asleep. Zac brushed her hair out of her face and lightly kissed her forehead. Willow was easily awakened and opened her eyes slightly to see Zac smiling down at her.

“Zac your still here?” she asked looking up to him.

“Of course did you think I would leave you when you were sound asleep in my arms?” Zac said.

“Oh Zaccy” she said to him and pulled him closer to her body.

“I love you, Willow” he said back to her and kissed her once more.

“I love you too, Zac” She said back to him.

“Don’t you think you should go home, Zac?” she said to him.

“Probably but I want to be here with you for a while longer” he said and held her head to his chest.

“Ok, Zaccy”

~!~!~!~!~!~!~ “I can beat you to my house” Taylor said grinning at Janica.

“No you can’t” she smartly said back to him and flashed a sarcastic smile.

“Oh really, lets see” Taylor said as he raised his eyebrows.

“Fine by me” she said and stopped.

“On the count of three” Taylor said and got ready to dash.

“All right” she mumbled and she also got ready.

“1……2….…3.…..GO!” He yelled and took off.

At first Taylor was in lead b about a foot but as soon as he started laughing it slowed him down a little and they were about the same.
As Taylor’s house became closer and they could see it, Janica was speeding up to remain close to Tay. Finally Taylor spud up and was now three feet ahead. He stopped at his driveway and grabbed Janica by her waist to slow her down. “I won” he said and kissed her gently on her lips.

“Duh smartass” she said and kissed him once more.

“What do I get? I deserve something” Taylor said giving her a sly smile.

“This….” She mumbled and leaned close to him. She gently kissed his mouth and parted his lips with her tongue. Their tongues gently played with eachother and their kiss was broken by Taylor’s tiny laugh.

“That’s it huh?” he said and laid one last kiss on her mouth.

“For now” she said and flashed a sly smile once more.

“Ohhhh ok” he said catching on.

“Later…you gotta go inside” she said and touched his lips.

“Unfortunately..,” he said and kissed her lips softly, “Call me”.

“I will babe” he said and waved goodbye as he walked inside the house.

~!~!~!~!~!~!~ Zac and Willow sat up on the couch.

“I wanna do something ,Zac” Willow boringly said.

“me…” he said back. “Zaccy…..quit being a smart ass” she said to him and poked him. “Ow THAT HURT” he said sarcastically.

“I know it did” she said back being more sarcastic than him.

“So what do you want to do” he said more seriously this time.

“You” she laughed and looked over to him.

“But you just said…….ohhhhh” he said grinning back. “I was teasing you Zaccy, do you want a piece of me or what?” she asked smiling

“What piece do I get?” he asked.

“Whichever piece you want first” she smartly said back.

Zac leaned over to her and lightly kissed her lips and held her chin to his. He looked her straight into the eye and kissed her once more. Willow’s breathing increased before anything started. Just the way Zac kissed her made her shiver. Zac ran his tongue across her lips and laid tiny kisses on her mouth. He put his hand on her back and held her close. His hands ran up and down her spine gently massaging her shoulders and lower back. He put his forehead to hers and smiled. She felt his breath on her nose. He always had a good smell to him. Everything on him. His hand still on her lower back, he lowered her down to the couch. He was now on top of her Zac leaned down once again and gently kissed her lips going down to her chin, neck, then……

“Mmm Zac, I want you” she whispered into his ear.

Zac ignored her cries for him and kept kissing her neck and tickling her with his tongue. “Zaaaac….please” she moaned as she felt dizzy from his kisses.

“Not now baby” he mumbled between his kisses.


“In a little while…” he breathed back.

Zac lifted her shirt up to her neck and laid soft kisses on her stomach. He continued to kiss her stomach and up by her bra. He then pulled her shirt off then rest of the way. He unsnapped her bra from the front and opened it to the side. He marveled at her breasts and how nice they looked. Nicer than ever. He took one in his hand and licked her nipple until it became erect. Then the other. Then licked and sucked even nibbled a bit on her nipples. He looked at the expression on her face, which was pure pleasure. He gently rubbed his hand across her breasts once or twice then leaned up and kissed her lips once more. He eyes were shut and sweat glistened on the tips of her eyelids. Her eyes were opened slightly to see what Zac was doing to her and why it felt so good.

Zac sat up and started to undo her pants all of the buttons and the zipper. When he had succeeded at that he pulled them off of her and laid them beside her. He took his finger and slid it into the band on the top and rubbed the skin under it. He put his hand further down into her panties till he felt her moist spot. He inserted one of his fingers into the entrance and messed around with her clit a little bit. He then pulled the panties off and licked off his fingers for her. He put his mouth down to her female area and blew on it. Just feeling his breath against her made her even wetter. He parted her with his fingers and dug his tongue in. He put her clit between his lips and pinched and played with it in his mouth. He tasted all of her at that moment and loved it.

“Ohhhh god Zac, just let me have you …please” she moaned and begged.

“Ok baby ok..” he said back to her hoping she could wait for a bit longer.

Zac took a couple more licks at her pussy and then took off his shirt and gently leaned down and wiped her sweat off of her. She smiled and watched him undress himself quickly, not wanted her to get turned off to quickly. He unzipped and unbuttoned his pants quicker than taking off his shirt and tossed them aside soon after came his boxers…

He laid on her gently and she could feel his erection rubbing against her. This made her want him even more. He kissed her mouth gently and then concentrated on the real thing. He gently put his throbbing member into the entrance of her. He rubbed it against her clit a few times to tease her.

“Don’t tease me Zac…please…I need you..badly” she moaned with her eyes half way closed, neck arched.

Zac obeyed her orders and pushed his dick into her slow at first. As the strokes became fuller he increased his speed. He waited for the screams she gave him last night but none came. He looked at her face for some sign of pleasure. Instead he saw she was holding her breath. ‘Scream for me baby’ he thought over and over.

“Breathe….” He said to her as he let out a tiny moan himself.

She listened to him and let out all of her breath.

“Oh god yes ZAC!” she yelled for him.

“Scream my name again baby do it for me come on!” he yelled back to her feeling quite good himself.

“ZAC! Oh god ZAC!” she moaned once more for him.

“I love you, Willow” Zac moaned to her.

“I love you too Zac” she moaned.

Zac came deep inside her and let out a huge sigh. Willow came as a reaction to him cumming. She moaned one last moan when he thrusted his last pump into her. Zac withdrew his dick from her and lay on her for a little while.

Zac helped her get dressed and put everything back on. Once they both had realized her mom had been upstairs the whole time they both felt lucky she didn’t find, nor hear them during there couch love making.

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