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Being With U

I was with u once…before u asked me out.
And I was so so happy….that I said yes…without a doubt
But after just once seeing me….u told me u loved me so.
U told me u want to be with me…and never want to let go
I was so happy with u at that….and thought it was the best
But none of us just knew….how long that it will last
But then on the most…romantic night…..It was valentines day
I guess u didn’t feel this way
U cut my heart in half…with just one cut
And I never understood why….and just left it at that….But
I dunno why u caused me pain
It felt like I am dying….blood stopped flowing through my vein
U told your friends to lie to me.
But I thought it was a lie and just didn’t see
I didn’t think you’d hurt me so much
But….That’s the way u made it be and so we lost touch
U don’t like me no more?
What did I do wrong to make u do that to me for?
U told me I am different….u told me u loved me so
But then u stood me up…And cheated on me with one blow
I thought u were different and wasn’t telling a lie
But u made me feel so bad…U made me wish I would die

Standing Alone

U not there for me
And…So look at the pain u left me
How could u be so cruel?
Do u think I’m a fool?
Do u think I don’t know what u did
Or did u think u can just get away…hid
I think u are so mean….so cruel
U are just one weird looking fool
U dunno what u got yourself into right now
And u won’t know what hit u…U won’t know how
U gonna get hurt
For treating me like dirt
U gonna die
And I’m gonna be happy…U know why
I thought u were different from all the rest
But it looks like u a fool….and do no best
U suck just like the rest of the peeps
And I guess….Now we ain’t playing for keeps
Get away from me right now
Because u know I don’t need u…U know how
U know why…U were so bad
U just made me so angry…So mad

The Unrealistic Guy

Are u not for real?
Look how bad u made me feel
Do u even care
That u are being so not fair?
I thought u were different from all the rest
And...I actually considered u different and best
But now I see u just lie and lie
And now...I really hope u die
I thought u were nice...and I thought u were cool
But now I're just another fool
I aint gonna be nice to u no more
Instead...I'm showing u the door
From how u treated me...I hope u get hurt
Because...You're always treating me like some kind of dirt.

Imperfect Love

This is the life…That I hate most
It seems like all my hope is lost
I can’t be heard…No one will listen
All I ever get…Is screaming and screaming
Why do u hate me???
Did I do anything bad???
I thought u loved me
U make me sad.
I wish u treated me…Like a person in life
Not just some garbage u found on the drive
I hate the way u treat me
And…I guess it’s the way it’s gonna be
U never showed me love…Only hate
And I just can’t wait
No more…For u to love me
I guess I’ll just let it be
And hope I die
Instead of living a lie
Talking to u is like talking to a brick wall
Or just being alone…In an empty hall
I’m never heard…Only screamed at all day
And I just can’t stand it no more this way
Why can’t things finally go right???
Maybe then…I won’t be crying every day at night
I wish life would be simple…And perfect as it may be
But…I guess…. U just done…And never did care about me

The Hurt That Wont Go Away

How hurt I feel inside
When u treat me like this when being by my side
Do u even care
That u are treating me not fair???
I feel heart broken
That’s the way my heart has spoken
I can’t laugh…I can’t smile
I haven’t been happy in a long while
I haven’t been happy for years and years
And now…all I do is just shed and shed tears
Why can’t he tells me he loves me?
Why can’t he tell me he cares?
I just don’t understand it
Not a thing…not a bit
Do u love me…or do u not
Tell me now….cause I forgot
Are u there to torture me
Or are u just there…for the pain u left me?
I feel like I wanna die
And that ain’t no lie
If my own family member hates me so
I guess…..I should just leave the earth…just to let u know

Feeling From The Heart

Why do u hate me???
Do u understand why???
I guess u hate me and let it be
In hopes that I die.
I wanna be treated….Like a person in life
Not just some garbage u found on the drive.
I hate the way u treat me with meanness and saddness
So guess
I wont say I love u no more
Instead…I’m shutting the door.
If someone hates me this much
Whats the point of keeping touch???
Would they even care if I die???
I guess they wouldn’t…But why???
What did I do to make u hate me so much???
Why don’t u wanna be together or at least keep touch???
U hate me so much…
With no reason for touch.

Taking a Chance

I tried being nice
But for u it was like rolling a dice
U don’t care what turns out
U just stand there happy and proud.
No matter how much u hurt someone
U are never done
Guess what…U hurt me
And I just let it be
The pain I live with now cause of u.
Is enough to last a life time that u put me through
U treated me good at first
But then u became wanting for thirst.
U became…meanner…meanner…like when I’m dreaming
But when I wake up…All the noise I hear…Is just screaming
All I hear at night in my head
All cause of u…I have hard time going to bed.
U gonna pay the price
And this time…It aint gonna be like rolling a dice
U gonna get hurt
For treating me like dirt.


I feel lonely and I feel sad.
U treated me so stupid…So bad
What did I do to be treated like this by u?
Look at all that u put me through.
I can’t laugh…I can’t smile
I ain’t happy with u no more for a long while
U made me mad….u made me sad
Now…Think…Someway…Somehow…I’ll get u back
U treated me with no respect…no mind
I know what u did…I ain’t blind
U mean…lousy….old fool
What do u say about me and my new man now?
You’ll probably just drool
And now see how.
I don’t need to be with u no more
I’m showing u the door
U made too many mistakes with your mind
And I saw them…I ain’t blind

Chances Of A Rainbow

Your life is like a rainbow…Flying in the sky
My life is like hell…So hot…So dry
U mean to tell me that u are happier than me?
Well…U are right…U live happier…Not me
I can’t laugh…I can’t smile
I haven’t done that in a long while.
I haven’t been happy for years and years
But I try not showing my tears.
For all nights long I feel so bad.
I think about all the bad things in life I had
It gets worse…Day to day
I’m going to hell…I’m on the way
U dunno how it feels like…To live bad
I know the feeling…Judging from the life I have and had
I try to make it better
But then…I just get sadder.
I guess I might as well give up
And kill myself….Like when I drop.
Drop to death…I’m on the way
And people wont be telling me hello…or hey
I am hated enough…For life can see
That it would be better…Without me.

Mad Revenge

Y did u treat me bad?
Did u expect to do to me what i had?
U made me mad
U made me sad
And now..I'll get u back
No matter how hard you’ll try
U just say good bye
Do u care of what u did to me?
No...I guess u just didn’t see
How can u be so rude
U are some one messed dude
I am gonna get revenge on u
For all the things u put me through

A HELLish Dream

I'm going to to hell
As u can tell.
In hell....I'll see the devil
Although i know i'll never match up to his level
I try to scream
But i know it aint a dream
I can't wake up
And see that i'm up.
My heart beats faster...It has no choice
And in my head...I hear a voice
"U went towards hell
As u can tell"
I try to run
But i can't go anywhere...It's over...It's done
I start screaming once more from the top
And then i feel myself drop
Into the hot...flaming fire...I fall
And I start screaming to people...I call
"Get me outta this bad place"
"It aint my kind...It aint my race"
The people look at me...Like i'm weird and crazy.
I try to get out....I aint lazy
But out the fire...Aint easy to go out
I start screaming...I start to shout
"I should've gone towards the light.
The bright...White...Shining so bright
I thought the people in hell where like me.
And...It looks like i'm there and thats the way it's gonna be
I try to get out
But the other people start to shout
"U can't go no where from here"
And in their voices...I also hear fear.
I feel fear in my heart
Then I see something fast...It's a dart
Towards me it goes...
I try to duck...And there it blows.
I hang on to a red hot rope
Just thinking that i'll get out the fire in hope.
I climb out.
And the devil starts to shout
"HAHA" u here with me now
And u can't get outta here...U dont know how

No More Apologies

Don’t need your sorries
Don’t need your worries
I hate u so
Just thought you’d wanna know.
Go to hell
Maybe that will tell
How stupid u are
U should get run over by a car.
I hope u die
U know the reason why
I want u dead
And I know that is what I’m thinking about in my head
Who thought you’d be like this?
Well now….I don’t miss
U for life is long
But only when u are there…not gone
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