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Church Newsletter For May, 1999

Hi everybody! Greetings from one who loves you!

Well, beloved, we live in interesting times. I'd like to do something different and ask everyone to take a moment for prayer before reading the rest of the newsletter, and pray for the victims, and their families, of the many violent acts of war, terrorism, and destructive weather which have taken place over the past few weeks. Truly, the signs are everywhere for those with eyes to see. Please join me in prayer:

Heavenly Father, we give praise, and honor, and glory to You, Lord. Father, we come before you as humble sinners, saved by Your Grace alone. We cannot hide our hearts from You, Lord, and we confess our many sins to You, and ask Your Perfect Forgivness, and we thank You for that assured forgiveness. Father, we come together, united in prayer around the world, and lift up to You those many souls who are suffering from the many hardships caused by evil in this world. Lord, we know those who have faith in You have sure and certain knowledge of salvation, and we thank You and praise You for Your salvation. Father, we ask that those who are hungry be fed, those who are lost be found, and those who are suffering be comforted. Father, we give You praise and thanksgiving, for we know from Your Word that You hear and answer our prayers. We thank You, Father, and Your Son, Jesus Christ, for all our many blessings, and we ask these blessings in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Thank you for joining me in prayer.

I have some very exciting news! Our church now has its own Banner Exchange Network, the Jesus Is Lord Banner Exchange Network.

Jesus is Lord Banner Exchange
Jesus Is Lord Banner Exchange

That's Right! We have our own banner exchange, designed to help promote our members' web sites. You can find full details at the banner exchange network, but let me give you a few details now. If you're not familiar with banner exchanges, basically you agree to insert a small amount of HTML code into your web pages that shows the banners of members of the exchange and links to them. For every two banners you show, you receive 1 exposure of your banner. It's one of the easiest ways to promote your web site for free. Now, with our exchange, we'll feature quality, pre-dominately Christian web sites, hopefully many of them from our church members. What we won't allow are sites that promote things like pornography, illegal activities, or sites that would be offensive to the majority of our members. This means, no gambling sites, no Psychic Hotline sites, no Marilyn Manson sites. Why? Cause I don't want those banners on your site any more than you do! So you can be sure, and you have my word on it, that you won't see those banners on your site. Think about it, your banner will appear on sites that have exactly the kind of visitors you want, and who will want to visit your site, also. Finally, for the first 25 members to join, I'm offering 500 bonus exposures to help get you jump started. All this is free, and we need your help to get this going well, so do please Click Here to participate.

As you know, I sometimes find useful things on the internet and like to pass them on to our members. Last newsletter I shared a link where members in the U.S. could receive free internet access. Well, this month, I've found a site that will provide you with a free FAX number. It's called E-Fax.The way it works is, they give you a free FAX number, which you can put on business cards, your website, stationary, etc. When you receive a fax, they turn it into an e-mail and send it to your designated e-mail address. I've tried it, it works. Now, I'm not affiliated with this service in any way, I just thought it would be useful to our members, especially in their ministries, and that's why I'm providing this link. I would recommend that you establish a free e-mail account at our Church E-Mail Service, and use that address for your fax e-mail. You can set the mail service to notify you when the fax comes in, without tying up your regular e-mail account.

The change of name for the church's school to Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies has proven very popular, and I thank everyone for their thoughts and comments. Judging by the traffic, interest in the school has tripled recently. I pray the resources and materials there are a blessing to every one who uses them.

Well, that's going to do it for this edition of the newsletter. Thank you for joining me and the other members in prayer. Be sure and visit the Bulletin Board and share some fellowship, especially you newbies! Until next time, I remain

Yours in Christ,
Brother Dave

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