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Philosophy of Education
"Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hardship."-Albert Einstein

My philosophy of education has been shaped by an understanding of human nature and the given ability to adapt and survive.  When placed in environments which stimulate and challenge learning, students will flourish.  Within the study of science, one learns that diversity often ensures the prosperity of a habitat.  This theory, when applied to the classroom, will promote learner success.  Classroom activities and learning strategies must incorporate the multiple intelligences and provide real world application of knowledge from a variety of multicultural perspectives.  Teachers must value human potential as sacred, and provide variation to foster all aspects of the individual in educational pursuits.  Finally, educators must passionately pursue knowledge and the improvement of education by setting personal and professional goals.  This will provide an example that will empower students to strive toward self-actualization.

Description of Growth

I continually acquire insight observing the challenges and triumphs of students grasping scientific content.  Classroom methods are often altered to conform to the needs of Alcott’s population.  I enjoy the challenges of refining educational initiatives and have grown professionally by creating and adapting the stages of implementation.  Throughout my professional pursuits I have learned to analyze, assess need, and propose solutions.  Confident in my accountability toward executing project goals, I have developed several successful grant proposals.  These proposals have provided resources to integrate multiple instructional strategies and learning environments that motivate a variety of learners. 

Long-Term Goals

My goal is to become a valuable resource to both students and colleagues.  I will strive to become adept at increasing student enthusiasm toward the pursuit of knowledge.  Pedagogic journeys will focus on maintaining a proactive influence on the professionalism of educators.  My desire is that my methods will never become stagnant, life will be a continual adventure, and personal challenges will lead to success for the populations I serve. 

I continue to be an advocate for stewardship initiatives and environmental education.  I am currently awaiting funding for an interdisciplinary effort which will focus on the construction of an outdoor classroom.  This proposal will promote an understanding of the surrounding environment and collaboration between students and teachers.  Technology will be incorporated as alternative construction methods are produced into an instructional video to be shared both locally and globally. 

 Interest in the effective integration of technology into the classroom, and it’s role in increasing student motivation, will continue to be researched and incorporated.  Resources will be compiled to share at district inservices, and a lesson incorporating science and technology will be sent for publication consideration.  In the future I hope to present these resources at a National Science Teachers Association Conference.   I am awaiting news from the Fulbright Foundation for the Fellowship program in Japan.  If selected I will subsequently combine previous research of the Third International Mathematics and Science Study and knowledge of the Japanese system.   Classroom activities and district workshops incorporating global perspectives will be developed to enhance math and science education.

 Long ago a seed was planted that led me to pursue a degree in education.  A strong root system was instilled by my family unit as I learned that to whom much is given, much is required.  Chaotic classroom winds have strengthened my effectiveness as an educator and encouraged growth toward the many branches of education.  I will continue to feed my quests with reflection and research so that I may provide enrichment to colleagues and nourishment to students. 

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