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Grading will always be cover first, record second. i.e. (VG+/VG+). Unless SEALED, most records on the list have been played at least once. The grading is generally taken from several different sources, but is basically cloned after "Goldmine" magazine. Understand that not everyone rates a record the same way. A couple of minor "ticking" noises could mean nothing to one person and be a catastrophy for another. 99% of the time, there is no problem. But, if my grading doesn't meet your standards or you wish to contest the condition of a record you purchased, then, by all means, contact me.....I will make good on any record I sell. I will not refund for musical content. If you bought a record and it doesn't meet your musical taste....well then that's the way it goes. The following info should help to determine the grading of a record.
SEALED: Still in original unopened cellophane.
M (mint): Only new or unplayed discs.
M- (mint minus): Rarely used, but if it is, the disc was probably played once or twice.
EX (excellent): Disc will show some slight visual imperfections, but you shouldn't hear any audible noise.
VG++: A real good disc with some slight visual and audible imperfections.
VG+: A good copy that shows obvious use, some clicking here and there, but perfectly listenable and should play through just fine. The cover will have some wear, but it won't be "hammered".
VG: Obvious scratches and audible noise and a cover that is worn.
G: Rarely used symbol, but sometimes a really rare ($500 plus) record comes along that's beat up. You can pick up the original for maybe $10 or $20.
All the other symbols used to describe cover notes (like slt rw, cov stkr, BB hole, CC, wtr dmg, etc, etc, blah blah blah) won't be noted unless they are obvious and detract from the looks. Most of the records found these days have some flaws. Most come or came to collectors via the cutout bins where holes, saw cuts, clipped corners, etc. are prominent. If you want to know exact details about a record or the cover...ASK ME ABOUT IT!! I will describe exact details whenever requested.

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