The CookieCutter
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Here's what folks are saying about The CookieCutter System:

"Hey Gary and Nancy,

My question, like
everyone else's is how you could possibly package so much quality
info at such an
low price?

Gayle and I just want to be sure that we are on your mailing list for whatever products may follow."

Fred H

"Hello Gary and Nancy,

No I do not have
a problem. Just the opposite, and I could not let this go by without personally writing you and telling you that this is the best thing I have EVER seen since I have desperately been looking for a way to make money online. I am so glad I took a chance with this!  I am just starting out and still learning,
but my god, your course is sooooo
easy to learn."

Susan & Ron

"Thank you for this opportunity!
 Your concept has to be one of the easiest and simplest programs I have ever heard of.

I'm looking forward to a long and mutually profitable business relationship."

Regards, Shane M. V Seminars Canada Inc.

"Hello, Gary and Nancy, What a great site! I have learned a lot already, and I am just in the process of setting up my "cookiecutter. "I love your ideas,
and I am looking
forward to your boot camp, learning a lot more and probably
upgrading to other
products you sell."


"Hello Again,
Just a personal "Thank You" for the information you're providing via The CookieCutter System.

I have just
finished the 1st Section of the Boot Camp and I must say, I am Impressed!"

"This is the best $20 I have EVER spent on anything,
especially on the Web."

"Thanks Again
and keep up the
Super Job!
To Your Success,"


"The feature I like most about Gary's course, is every step I take, I can measure the results in cold hard cash.

I have already earned ten times the $20 fee just in the first week.

This program is a must for all Internet marketers."

Bob Smith:
Smith Family Enterprises


Since we last spoke, I've received $3,820 in the post from this AMAZING MONEY MAKER."

P.J. (England)

 These are just a few of the many
   testimonies on file at the
   home office.

Copies can be supplied on request.



A marketing system so simple, even  
beginners can make money the first day!    

Glad you're still here! You will be too. 

Here's how to Get Started:  

First, sign up for "Boot-Camp".  
At the end of this letter you'll find a link to my 
Order Form. I accept cash, check,  
and money order.  

The moment I receive your payment, you will 
AUTOMATICALLY receive the URL to The Cookie 
Cutter/Boot Camp support site, where you'll find a 
COMPLETE easy-to-follow guide to setting up your 
own customized marketing system.  
Absolutely nothing is left to chance or speculation.  

Setting up your  
system is a simple 4-step process.  

STEP 1: Set up to accept payment.  
There are several easy ways to do this, utilizing 
both checks and credit cards, all of which are 
explained in detail in The CookieCutter.  

In the program, you'll learn how to set up to accept 
checks online without having to mess with software  
or any specialized equipment.  

You'll also learn how to set up to accept credit card  
payments without investing the hundreds of dollars
required to create a merchants account.

Setting up your payment acceptance procedures will take 
you just a few minutes.  

STEP 2: Personalize this letter.  
This will take you 10 minutes.  Simply copy and paste  
the support-site salesletter into a word processor document  
and carefully personalize it with YOUR contact information  
and YOUR payment instructions. If you have problems doing 
this on your own...we can help. 

STEP 3: Set up your "infosources".  
These are the "delivery systems" for your salesletter.  
In the sites you'll learn how to market with both 
autoresponders and webpages. Both are important 
components of a successful online marketing 

STEP 4:  Start placing your ads.  
The last critical part of the formula is to get your 
ads seen by tons of qualified prospects.  

Most free advertising on the net is much too time 
consuming to be worth the time it takes to set it up. 
In the support site is a complete step-by-step guide 
 to advertising in the ONLY free forum I've found 
that actually produces results.  

And it works really fast! I've actually placed ads at 
noon, and had people downloading my letter by 2 
or 3pm...and sending me money by 5!  

Free ads are where you should START your 
marketing... but the REAL PROFITS are to be 
made from paid ads. The CookieCutter will tell you 
exactly where to begin placing your ads...and what 
pitfalls to avoid.  

You'll learn where you can spend just a few bucks 
and almost immediately get your ad in front of 
literally hundreds of thousands of qualified 

You'll also learn exactly how to parlay your original 
investment of $20 into an income stream capable 
of producing $1,000's of dollars a week with very 
little effort...from anywhere in the world where you 
can access the internet.  
A word from the creator of Boot Camp...  

"Effective marketing is a science, not a lottery."  

"And if a program is put together correctly, it will produce  
the same results...time after time. Just like 2+2 ALWAYS = 4." 

"To me, the marketing business is a fascinating way to  
make money. The excitement of getting cash and checks  
in the mail and through your computer is totally addictive."  

Since getting into this business, my best single day so far,  
was a little over $3,200 in checks and money orders... 
I've not been the same since."  

Gary White 

The CookieCutter is a system
Once you learn how to use this system, you can use it to  
market other products...each one producing it's own 
income stream.  

By applying The CookieCutter marketing system to other  
quality products, before long you can have a whole portfolio  
of semi-automated cookie cutters producing checks for you.  

 This is the dream that has drawn many thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs to the World Wide Web. And IF YOU KNOW  
WHAT YOU'RE DOING, that dream can become a REALITY!  

Now it's decision time...  

You can pass on The CookieCutter...and blow 
your $20 on popcorn at the movies.  

But you should understand...  

Your other option is to "risk it all" and enroll.  

Just imagine...within just a few short hours from now, you  
could be receiving notification of enrollments, credit card purchases, and $20 checks via your computer!  

Once you reach that point, you're just a stone's throw away  
from mastering a marketing system that could revolutionize  
your entire life!  

If you think you're right!  
If you think you can''re also right!  
It's your call!  

Kao Saephan 

PS - Since the program was launched in mid December  
of 98...over 14,000 have become members. The CookieCutter is  
one of the hottest training programs on the net! 

Ready to get started? Then the link below  
will take you to the page with my Order Form...where you 
can join'll be glad you did!