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Here's what folks are saying about The CookieCutter System:
   "I was amazed at how simple the system was...and how HARD I'd been making creating money all along!

What an eye opener!

Now that I've
     graduated from Boot Camp, not only am I getting a steady flow of checks from
      promoting The CookieCutter...but I see dozens of other moneymaking ideas I can try, using the same principle."

Jacquie C.
    "I just want to say thank you for The CookieCutter system. Not only has it given me a new income stream, but I've learned so much from the site!
As an "Old Timer" marketing on the web three years, it's becoming harder to find new information that I can both learn and earn from.

The CookieCutter
      Site is full of fresh, up-to-date material that will benefit anyone.

Thanks again.

Kim S.

PS - I made over $1,500 with The CookieCutter within the first week!
"I have been a well-paid data
    entry/desk-top publisher/typesetter for over 18 years of my life. And I have NEVER made this much money-this quick-EVER-before

The CookieCutter!

They say you can
make up to $300 per day with The CookieCutter.
In my first month, Jan 2nd, through Jan 31st, I made over $2,000 in CookieCutter sales.

Erlanda C.

Mark and I have been promoting The
    CookieCutter for about 6 weeks.

We love it! We have learned so much and can't wait to keep on learning!

We both work full time away from the home, we started this business for a little "Mad Money" to hopefully go on a nice vacation with.

Well, we are
now going to Bermuda in May!
Thanks to The CookieCutter!
Before we leave, we have to raise even more money to buy a compact computer to take with us, so we don't  miss any sales.

We have found that The CookieCutter is total addiction!
Which can be good and bad...but for
 now, mostly good!!
 Christine M."
 These are just a few of the many
   testimonies on file at the home office




A marketing system so simple, even  
beginners can make money the first day!   

I'm Kao Saephan ...   
I would like to share with you a unique new marketing  
system. One that's so simple that it can easily be described  
on one single page...yet so powerful it can generate a  
steady flow of $20 checks or credit card orders into your  

This marketing system is called the "The CookieCutter".   
It's a 3-part system, consisting of:   

  • a set of KILLER classified ads.  
  • a powerful salesletter.  
  • a top quality product. 

The Killer Ads...  
The  foundation of EVERY profitable marketing program is it's advertising. If your ads pull, then you're two-thirds of the way home. And believe me...these ads pull like crazy!   

The reason?   
Curiosity, and the desire to make money are two very powerful emotions. These ads play masterfully on both these emotions!   

The precisely-engineered wording of these powerful KILLER ADS create an almost irresistible desire to click on the link to get the rest of the story.   

The salesletter...  
The page you're reading is both the salesletter...AND the marketing plan.You don't have to create any marketing copy. 
That's already done for you! All you do is personalize this salesletter.    

The Product...   
If your integrity is important to you,  you'll be glad to  
know that the product you'll be marketing through the  
The CookieCutter system, is access to a top quality training  
program called "Boot Camp".   

The Internet represents the greatest marketing opportunity  
that has ever existed. But in spite of this fact, over 95% of  
all those involved in electronic marketing never make  
enough to even pay their expenses.   

The reason is simple. E-Marketing is a profession.  
But it's practiced mostly by AMATEURS!   

"Boot Camp" is just what it sounds like.   

It's "basic training! It's formatted to take you step-by-step  
from "wanna-be" to "web-smart marketing professional".   

The training is thorough, practical and cumulative. Each  
lesson taking up where the last one left off. And the best part is...while you're getting your own education, you can use the  
The CookieCutter to literally make thousands of dollars...helping  
others get the same quality education..   
Here's how the marketing system works...  
When prospects see your ad...curiosity will prompt a  
good percentage of them to click on the link to see what  
it's about. Which will bring them to a page identical to this.  
Only this time, it will be YOUR letter...customized with YOUR contact information.   

It's Lightning Fast! You Can Start Earning $$$ Right Away!   

The speed at which the The CookieCutter works is amazing!  
If your ad comes out in a publication at 12 can  
literally have checks on their way to your mailbox or your  
bank by 5:00 pm the same day!   

And while all that is taking place, you could be relaxing at  
the beach or traveling around the world on your ATM card!   

Think about it. If the prospect of "INSTANT profits" makes  
your pulse race just a little, then please understand...that's  
a universal reaction!   

Despite its ability to very quickly generate cash,  
the The CookieCutter is not a chain-letter or a money   

To keep from being illegal, many programs tack   
any old excuse for a product onto their money-game.  
While this may be technically legal, it's not moral.  
Nor is it a sound business decision.   

By contrast, the The CookieCutter is an authentic means  
of marketing, taking orders for, and delivering a top  
quality internet training program, using the latest in   
e-commerce tools and techniques.   

Access to "Boot Camp" is by enrollment only.   

The only way someone can enroll in Boot Camp is through another member. The cost to enroll is a one-time $20 outlay.  
All of which is paid by the new member directly to the member who enrolls him.   

Immediately upon receipt of the $20 payment, the new member will automatically receive access to The CookieCutter/Boot Camp training sites. Which also contain complete setup & marketing a wide selection of quality marketing tools.   

The training is cutting-edge... 
Because it is web-based, this training site is constantly being updated to bring you the very latest in marketing news and information.   

To learn exactly what to do to get the checks flowing...   
just fill in the info below, and hit the submit button.   


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