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      Hello and welcome to my Microsoft Agent home page. I have constructed my very own agent to entertain you just because I got tired of all the old ones. One can only take so much of Genie and Merlin.

    If you've never seen a Micrsoft Agent page then you'll probably have to download and install the Microsoft Agent Control (395K) and the text to speech engine (1M). After that you'll have to download my personal character Bobby for use. His name is Bobby and he has about forty animations. Don't worry he's not that big, about 500K zipped right now. Check back often though because I will update Bobby with more animations periodically. You will need to unzip the file and put the Bobby.acs file in the c:\windows\msagent\chars\ folder.

If you don't have these things installed you will be asked to download and install them on the next page.

Download Bobby!






Have fun I hope you enjoy the show!

Oh yeah, unfortunately Microsoft Agents only works on IE 3.0 and higher.

On to the show!

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