Ex Members of the Foo Fighters

(As you can see, I have squat on these guys. If you have any info and you're willing to share, please E-mail me.)

William Goldsmith

July 4

Former Bands (other than the Foo Fighters):
Screaming Hormones, Reason for Hate, Positive Greed,
Sunny Day Real Estate (with Nate)

Trivial Info:
Left after making TCATS. Rumors are that he left because Dave recorded his own drum tracks over William's.

Pat Smear

Georg Ruthenberg on August 5, 1959 in LA

Former Bands:
The Germs,

Trivial Info:
Left the Foos on September 4, 1997 on the MTV Music Awards

Franz Stahl


Former Bands:
Scream, Wool

Useless Trivia:
Was Pat's replacement
Left in July, 1999, causing the band to drop out of Woodstock