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A-1 Machinery Sales LLC
*** The Digital Readout Specialists ***

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Digital Readout terms:


.000003" .000020" .0001 .0001 resolution .0002 .0002" .0002" resolution .0005 .0005" .0005" (10um) .0005"/0.01mm .001 .001" .004" .005 .005 mm .01 mm .01 mm .01mm .07 micron .5 microns .com +/- ±36 micro inch/ft 0.00002" 0.00005 0.00005" 0.0001 0.0001" 0.0002 0.0002" 0.00025" 0.0005 0.0005 inch 0.0005" 0.001 0.001 inch 0.001" 0.001mm 0.002 0.002" 0.002mm 0.005mm 0.01 mm 0.01mm 0.02mm 0.02mm 0.05mm 0.1 µm 0.5 µm 053906 Digimatic 0~5" DRO Quill Kit 09CAA402 09CAA412 09CAA424 09CAA430 09CAA452 09CAA462 1 µm 1 axis 1 micron 1 Micron 1/100 mm 1µm 10 µm 10 micron 10 um (.0005") 10"x14" 10"x18" 10"x20" 10"x24" 10"x36" 10"X40" 10"x40" 10"x48" 10"x54" 10"X60" 10"x60" 10"x64" 10"X80" 10"x80" 100 100 mm 100 Series 1000 point memory 100IM 101-100 101-36 102-100 102-36 102-60 102-BP 103 103-100 103-36 103-60 103-BP 105IM 10911-5pk 10mm 10uM 10x36" 10x40" 10x60" 11218 11uA 11uA signals 12" x 30" 12" x 36" 12" x 42" 12" x 60" 12" x 80" 12"x16" 12"x18" 12"x20" 12"x24" 12"x24"x6" 12"x30" 12"x30"x5" 12"x30"x6" 12"x36" 12"x36" 12"x36"x6" 12"X40" 12"X60" 12"x80" 12180 12305663 12305723 12305933 1230662 1230722 1230932 12411 12741-PLIO 12x120" 12x24 12x24 12x2O 12x60" 12x84" 12xl6 13' cables 13 ft 13"x30" 13"x36" 13438-3pk 13454-5pk 13455 13818 13825 13927-5pk 14"x30" 14"x30"x5" 14"x36" 14"x36"x5" 14"X40" 14"x48" 14"x54" 14"X60" 14"x62" 14"X80" 14"x80" 14170/14205 14198/14197 14204-5pk 14305663 14305723 14305933 1430662 1430722 1430932 14365663 14365723 14365933 1436662 1436722 1436932 14514-5pk 14862-1-2 14x60" 14x84" 14x93" 15 µm 15' armored cable 15 m/min marker 16" x 30" 16" x 36" 16" x 40" 16" x 42" 16"x30" 16"x30"x5" 16"x30"x6" 16"x36" 16"x36"x5" 16"x36"x6" 16"x40" 16"x40"x5" 16"x40"x6" 16"X60" 16"x62" 16"X80" 16"x80" 16305663 16305723 16305933 1630662 1630722 1630932 16365663 16365723 16365933 1636662 1636722 1636932 16405663 16405723 16405933 1640662 1640722 1640732 16x120" 16x3O 16x84" 18" 18"X36" 18"x40" 199 Points Programmable Memory 1mm 1Vp-p 2 2 µm 2 and 3 axes version 2 Axes 2 axes readout 2 axis 2 axis 2 Axis 2 Datum Points 2 or 3 Axes 200 Step Memory 20A 20uM 22F 24 24B 25 programmable 25 Tool Offsets 25D 25-pin D 2-axis DRO console 2-axis unit 2mm 3 3 Axes 3 Axis 3 axis 30 Day Battery Backup 30-day battery backup 32 meters 3300 Corporate Way 3852-10102 38-52-10-104 38-56-210-1332 38-56-210-1335 38-56-210-1435 38-56-210-1632 38-56-210-1636 38-56-210-1640 38-56-220-0830 38-56-220-1036 38-56-220-1040 38-56-220-1060 38-56-220-1260 38-56-220-1284 38-56-220-1293 38-56-220-1460 38-56-220-1484 38-56-220-1493 38-56-220-1684 38-56-220-1693 387597-420-0 3-Axis 3-AXIS 3-axis DRO console 3-axis dro for boring mill 3-axis Mill Digital Readout 3-axis unit 3mm cable 3-Year No Fault Warranty 4 4 m 40 microns 40µm 42" 450 450L Lathe Packaged Systems 48" 49 ft/min marker 4G 5 µm 5 m 5 micron 5 Year 5 Years 50 50 m/min at 10 µm resolution 50 millionth accuracy 50 millionth of an inch 50,u inch 50/100 500 Memory Locations 510-2004 514 518-272-6300 518-274-0336 572-151 572-152 572-153 572-154 58" 5mm 5uM 5V TTL 6 6 Series Trav-A-Dial 6 Series Trav-Dial 6"/150MM DIGIMATIC DRO QUILL KIT 6"x12" 6"x18" 6"x40" 6"X60" 6"X80" 650 650 Series 660 662 2 663 3 6A 6A10 6A7 6A8 6ARBR 6-Pin round 6xl2 6xl8 7 segment LED 7 Series Trav-A-Dial 700 700 L 700 Series 700 Series 700 Series displays 720 Series 722 2 723 3 78 78A 79 7A 7B 7C 7-pin round 7S 7S 7S/A11 7-segment 8"x12" 8"x14" 8"x16" 8"x16" 8"x18" 8"x20" 8"x40" 8"x60" 8"X80" 800-229-4376 800-236-5541 800-759-1844 800-972-7466 800-9-SARGON 8100 816 818-718-8206 818-882-6904 87 87A 8E311102 8L211000 8L311100 8M 8M211000 8M211000/1 8M211000/2 8M211000/3 8M211000/4 8M211000/5 8M211000/6 8M311100 8M311100/1 8M311100/2 8M311100/3 8M311100/4 8M311100/5 8M311100/6 8x2O 8x30" 8xl6 9 Tool Offsets 9" CRT Screen 900 900 L 900 M 900 Series 900M Series 909737 909738 909762 932A 2 933A 3 934727 934728 936551 936552 936553 938418 949-770-8400 954-430-6600 96 96A 970182 970184 970186 970190 970191 970193 970194 99 Tool Offsets 99 tools 9-pin 9-Pin D


AB phase Abs./Inc. ABS/INC Abs/Inc Abs/Inc. Absolute Absolute Reference Point Absolute scale reference mode Absolute/Incremental Absolute/Incremental Display Absolute/Incremental Readings Accessory accuracies Accuracy Accuracy ±.0025" accuracy ±3 µm/m ACCURACY PER FOOT Accuracy: 0.0005" Accurate Acurite Acu-Rite acu-rite Acu-rite Acu-Rite 2 axis DRO 200T Lathe Kit Acurite Absolute Zero acurite digital read out Acurite Digital Readout System Acu-rite Digital Readouts ACU-RITE DRO LATHE PACKAGE Acu-Rite DRO-100 Acu-Rite DRO-200 Acu-Rite DRO-200E Acu-Rite EDMvision Acurite glass scales Acu-Rite II Acu-Rite III Acu-Rite III digital readout counter ACU-RITE INCORPORATED Acu-Rite Master-G Acu-Rite Master-MP Acu-Rite Master-TP acurite measurement systems Acu-Rite Millmate SCC-100 Acu-Rite Millvision Acu-Rite Part# 38-75-79-4006 ACU-RITE precision glass scales Acu-rite Pro Acu-Rite Qwikcount II Acu-Rite Turnmate SCC-100 Acu-Rite Turnvision TTL Acu-rite vision Acu-Rite VRO-300 TTL adapter cable Adapter cable add and subtract calculator function Add/Sub Calculator Adjustable Advanced Affordable air gap Alarm Display ALC Series Alert aluminum housing AMP 206043-1 amplification analam analog 9-pin D analog to digital conversion Anilam Anilam Inc Anilam Microwizard Anilam Miniwizard anilam repair anilam repair manual Anilam Spirit II Anilam Superwizard Anilam Wizard Anilam Wizard 100 Anilam Wizard 111 Anilam Wizard 211 Anilam Wizard 350 Anilam Wizard 450 Anilam Wizard 450L Anilam Wizard 800 Anilam Wizard 900 Anilam Wizard 900E Anilam Wizard Lathe anti-backlash pinion APL Series applications Approach Zero Warning AR-1 AR-10 Plus AR-10 Plus Scale AR-5 AR-5 Scale Arc Contouring Arm arm display armor Armor Cable Array Assembly AT100 series linear scales Audible Key Stroke Entry Aurki aurki Aurora Auto. linear error compensation Available Axial axial displacements axis axis lock


backlash Ball Bearing ball-bearing guides ball-bearing rollers Base Basic Basic Micro Basic Multiplier Battery Backup Battery Back-up Bausch & Lomb bausch acurite BCD Beckhoff Bed Bedscale BEST DEAL BEZ 7S/A Bezel BEZEL Bidirectional Bidirectional reading Bolt bolt Bolt & Line Hole Calculator Bolt Circles Bolt Hole Bolt Hole Arc Bolt Hole Circle Bolt Hole Circle Routine Bolt hole circles Bolt Hole Patterns bolt-hole calculation Boring Mills boring mills Bosch bousch & lomb BR1 Run Bar BR17-2 BR17D BR17J BR17U Bracket BRACKET # bracket dimensions bracket kit Bracket Mounting Pad Brackets brand Brands BRIDGEPORT Bridgeport Bridgeport Mill Bridgeport-type machines broken Built-In


cable Cable Length Calculation Calculator California Cantilever Carbonising Warning carriage Cartesian coordinate system Cast housing CBX CBX 3d CBX Digital Position Readout CBX-3d CEMENT Center calculation function Center Find Center finder function Center Line Calculation Centering Centerline Centerline Calculation Centre Find Chatsworth Cheap Digital Readout CHIP SCRAPER Chipped chrome chrome-coated glass Circle Pattern circles Circuitry clear key CMOS CMOS COMPATABILITY coarse coefficient of expansion Columbus COMP comparators COMPARISON Compatible Compatible Scales Compensation Competitive competitive Completely Compound Computers configured connector Connector 9 pin 'D' type CONTACT contaminants contamination Contamination Conversational Converted coolant coordinates Corp cost Counters counting Cross cross section cross slide mounting bracket cross slides crossfeed CRYSTAL Crystals curved plastic crystals Custom bracket kits custom brackets CUSTOM BRACKETS CUSTOM DRO PACKAGES


D221200-P1 D221200-P10 D221200-P13 D221200-P16 D221200-P17 D221200-P18 D221200-P2 D221200-P20 D221200-P26 D221200-P27 D221200-P28 D221200-P3 D221200-P30 D221200-P33 D221200-P36 D221200-P37 D221200-P38 D221200-P4 D221200-P40 D221200-P43 D221200-P46 D221200-P47 D221200-P48 D221200-P5 D221200-P50 D221200-P53 D221200-P56 D221200-P57 D221200-P58 D221200-P6 D221200-P60 D221200-P63 D221200-P66 D221200-P67 D221200-P68 D245200-P1 D245200-P2 D245200-P3 D245200-P4 D245200-P5 D245200-P6 D245210-P10 D245210-P13 D245210-P16 D245210-P17 D245210-P18 D245210-P20 D245210-P23 D245210-P26 D245210-P27 D245210-P28 D245210-P30 D245210-P33 D245210-P36 D245210-P37 D245210-P38 D245210-P40 D245210-P43 D245210-P46 D245210-P47 D245210-P48 D245210-P50 D245210-P53 D245210-P56 D245210-P57 D245210-P58 D245210-P60 D245210-P63 D245210-P66 D245210-P67 D245210-P68 D290200-P1 D290200-P2 D290200-P3 D290200-P4 D290200-P5 D290200-P6 data backup Data backup Data Hold Data Preset Datum Point Memory Datum Points Datum Preset/Zero Reset dealers Decimetric II Digital Readout System Delta Depth Dia/Rad DIADUR glass scale Diagrams Dial dial DIAL FACE DIAL FACES dial hands diameter Diameter display diameter key Die Cast die cast aluminum die cast metal enclosure die-cast differential diffraction gratings DIGIMATIC Digimatic Digimatic Difference/Sum Unit Digimatic Display Digimatic Display Unit Digimatic DRO battery Digimatic Extension Unit Digimatic Multi Unit Digimatic Quill Kit Digimatic Scale Units DIGIPAC 6000 Digiruler series Digital digital DIGITAL digital display unit digital Mitutoyo interface Digital Read Out digital readout Digital Readout Digital Readout milling lathe digital readout repair digital readout sales Digital Readout System digital read-out systems digital read-outs Digital Rotary Table Digits dimension Dimension recall DIMENSIONS Dimetric Digital Readout Direction Discounts displacement error display Display DISPLAY display modes Display resolutions Display Unit Displays for milling Distance distributor Double Axis DP DP1224 DP12246 DP1230 DP12306 DP1236 DP12366 DP1630 DP16306 DP1636 DP16366 DP1640 DP16406 DP1-AM 433 Digimatic Mini Processor DP7 DIGIPAC DP7 DROs DP7 LATHEPAC DP7 MILLPAC DP8 DP8 Display Mount DP8 DRO Series DP8 EDM DP8 Lathe DP8 Mill DP8 Mill Display Cabinet DP8 Mill Package DP8 Series DP8 Standard Package DPG 2000 DPG2101000 DPG2211000 DPG2311100 drc DRC Drill press DRO dro DRO 100 DRO 200E DRO 200G DRO 200M DRO 200T DRO Accessories DRO console DRO Counters dro digital readout dro fagor dro glass scales DRO Packages DRO read out dro rotary systems DRO system DRO Systems DRO200M DROs DROs DRO's dual


EAE EAE Electronics economically Edge Edge Finder Edgefinder EDM EDM machines EDM Mode Positioning EDM versions EDMing EDMVision Electable Resolutions Electrical electronics Elk Grove Village email Emco ENC 250 ENC 250 Scale ENC150 ENC-150 ENC150 Precision glass scale ENC-150 Scale Enclosure Enco encoded Encoder encoder cable routing encoder kits quadrature output ENCODER OUTPUT SIGNAL encoder slides encoder wear Encoders encoders Encoders end caps English error check Error Comp error Comp Error Compensation Error Detection Error detection circuitry extension cable Extension Cables Extra Slim Encoder extruded aluminum housing. extruded spar


factory Fadal Fagor fagor FAGOR Fagor Automation fagor digital readout Fagor NV 10 Fagor NV 100 Fagor NV 101 Fagor NV 20 Fagor NV 200 Fagor NV 201 Fagor NV 300 Fagor NV 300E Fagor NV 300T Fagor NV 301 Fagor NV 301E Fagor NV 301T Fagor NVP 200 Fagor NVP 201 Fagor NVP 300 Fagor NVP 301 Fagor V 10 Fagor V 11 Fagor V 20 Fagor V 21 Fagor VN 100 Fagor VN 100E Fagor VN 101 Fagor VN 101RS Fagor VN 200 Fagor VN 201 Fagor VN 201RS Fagor VN 300 Fagor VN 300E Fagor VN 300T Fagor VN 300TS Fagor VN 301 Fagor VN 301E Fagor VN 301ERS Fagor VN 301G Fagor VN 301RS Fagor VN 301T Fagor VN 301TRS Fagor VN 301TS Fagor VNP 200 Fagor VNP 201 Fagor VNP 201RS Fagor VNP 300 Fagor VNP 301 Fagor VNP 301E Fagor VNP 301RS Fagor VNP 310E Fagor VNP 320E Fagor VNP 400RS fagor-automation Fanuc FAQ farrand Farrand FARRAND fault alarm Fault Indicator Feature Features Feed Rate Display feedback feedrate display Feed-rate Display Field serviceable FINE Fine fine resolution Fine/Coarse Fine/Coarse Resolution XT300 Series Fine/Coarse Selectable FL Floating Decimal Point florida flying lead four axes Frame Freeze function front panel controls Full Keypad Fulton Function Futaba Futaba CA futaba pulscale futaba pulscale edge sensor


Gage wheel Gap gasket GB Magnescale GB Magnescales GB-A GB-A scales GB-A series GE Gear Train gear Train General Purpose geometric readouts GLASS Glass glass scales Glue Gold Index GOLD NUGGET GOLD STANDARD Gold Standard GOLD TRACER Gold Tracer Gold Tracer Counter Gold Tracer EDM Gold Tracer II Gold Tracer II Counter Gold Tracer II DRO Gold Tracer II Lathe Gold Tracer II Mill Gold Tracer Lathe Gold Tracer Plus Grating Grating Pitch Great Britain Green Grinder grinders GRINDERS Grinders grinding Grinding grinding applications ground rack GUARD Gurley Gurley Precision Gurley Precision Instruments


HAND HANDS HARDWARE Hardware Hardware Kit Hardware Kits headstock mounting bracket heavy-duty High High Tech Capacitive Sys. higher resolution hobbyist hold Hold Function hole home made home made dro Home Reference hostile environments housing http Hurco hysteresis error


IL Import inc/abs Inch inch inch and metric conversion Inch Metric Conversion Inch/Metric Inch/Metric Conversions inch/mm Inch/mm Display Incremental Incremental Optical Linear Encoder Indicators infrared light INFRARED LIGHT-EMITRING DIODES Input installation Installation Interface interfacing cable interlocking lipseal Internal Summing Intervals Istanbul


Jamestown JENIX Job-Clock


KC Series keyboard modules Keypad Kits Knee knee mill Knee Mill knee mount KNOB Knobs KS Series 09CAA762 K-series counters


l0x24 Travels Lagun large laser interferometer Lathe lathe applications Lathe carriage lathe installations Lathe Package lathe systems lathe with read out systems LATHEMAN Latheman Package lathes LATHES lathes LDCEL Leadscrew learn LED digits LED light source LED's length lexan box LG10 LG10 display LG10 Grinder Package LGG Lathe LH51 LH51 Display LH51-2 display LH51GB-1014 LH51GB-1018 LH51GB-1024 LH51GB-1218 LH51GB-1224 LH51GB-812 LH51GB-814 LH51GB-816 LH51GB-818 LH51SJ-1230 LH51SJ-1236 LH51SJ-1240 LH51SJ-1836 LH51SJ-1840 LH52 LH52 LH52GB-820 LH52GBSJ-1040 LH52GBSJ-1060 LH52GBSJ-1080 LH52GBSJ-1240 LH52GBSJ-1280 LH52GBSJ-1440 LH52GBSJ-1460 LH52GBSJ-1480 LH52GBSJ-1660 LH52GBSJ-840 LH52GBSJ-860 LH52GBSL-1680 LH52SJ-1036 LH52SJ-1040 LH52SJ-1048 LH52SJ-1054 LH52SJ-1062 LH52SJ-1440 LH52SJ-1448 LH52SJ-1454 LH52SJ-1462 LH52SJ-1662 LH5GB2SJ-1260 LH61 LIGHT SOURCE Lin Line Line Hole Line Hole Calculator line hole programming Line Pattern Linear Linear & Bolt Hole linear encoder Linear Encoders Linear Error Comp linear error compensation Linear Error Compensation Linear Hole Calculator linear motion linear scale with readout Linear Scales Literature literature LL LL1036 LL1040 LL1048 LL1054 LL1064 LL1440 LL1448 LL1454 LL1462 LL1662 LM Series Lathe LM1040 LM1060 LM1080 LM1240 LM1260 LM1280 LM1440 LM1460 LM1480 LM1660 LM1680 LM200 measurement scales LM820 LM840 LM860 LOAD CELL lomb low Low Cost low-cost digital readout system LP1 LP10 LP11 LP12 LP13 LP14 LP15 LP16 LP17 LP18 LP2 LP3 LP4 LP5 LP6 LP7 LP8 LP9 LS303 Longitudinal LS303C LS603 Cross Scale LS603C LSTTL LT10 LT100 LT11 LT20 LY51 LY52


M.E.C. M3HDWR M5 M5 base M5HDWR MA machine Machine Error Machine Error Comp Machine Error Compensation Machine error compensation machine surface Machine Table Travel machine tool Machine tool error compensation machine tools Machine Tools machinery Made in U.S.A. Magnasyn Magnescale Magnetic scales magnetically MAINTENANCE Kit MAINTENANCE KIT Make Digital Readout Make/Learn manual Manual manual SL220 Manuals manuals marker markers masked Mate Max Measure Measurement measurement measurement scales measuring measuring equipment Measuring range measuring room measuring-length MEC Mechanical Mechanical membrane Memory Memory Backup Mesa Electronics Message Prompts Message Screen messages metal chips metal cutting metal protectors Metallic metallic meters Metric Metric conversion Metric to Inch Conversion Metric versions Metrilon reticle pads Metrology software Metronics digital readouts METRONICS INC Metronics Inc Metronics Quadra-Chek 3000 Digital Readout Micro Scale Micro-Line MICRO-LINE MicroScale microscale 2 axis digital readout Microsyn Microsyn 10 scales Microsyn 10M Microsyn 5 Reader Heads Microsyn® Digital Microsyn5 Scales Mid Point Calculation Midpoint calculation Mid-Point Calculation Mikronel Mikronel BASIC Mill Mill Digital Readout Mill-and-lathe DROs milling Milling milling applications milling machine Milling machine MILLING MACHINE milling machines Millman MILLMAN MillMate MILLPWR MILLPWR® mills MILLS MillVision Mini scale Mini Scale Miniscale Miniscales miniscales miniwizard Miramar Mirror function Mirror Imaging Mitsubishi Mitutoyo mitutoyo MITUTOYO Digimatic 0~5" DRO Quill Kit MITUTOYO Digimatic DRO System Mitutoyo Digital Readouts mitutoyo display broken mitutoyo dro Mitutoyo DROs Mitutoyo KC Counter Mitutoyo KS Counter MITUTOYO MPV Series Digimatic DRO System Mitutoyo PM-L Mitutoyo UDR-220 Counter MKT Scales MO200 MO230 MO250 Mode Model Model 7 Series Trav-A-Dial Model 8781/8782 Model 8787/8788 Model 8795/8796 model engineering Model LB Model LX Model Numbers Models Modicon modular mold making mount mounted Mounting mounting arm MOUNTING BASE mounting bracket Mounting Bracket Kit mounting brackets mounting hardware mounting spar MPV Series MPV-1 MPV-2 MPV-3 MR sensor MS200055 MS200105 MS200155 MS200205 MS200255 MS200305 MS200355 MS200410 MS200460 MS200510 MS250055 MS250105 MS250155 MS250205 MS250255 MS250305 MS250355 MS250410 MS250460 MS250510 MTI Corp Multi-Lingual Multiple Datum Points Multi-Resolution


N.V. Memory NBS traceable accuracy ND700 Series ND710 ND710 2-Axis Display ND710 Hardware ND710 Knee Mill ND710 Mill Kit Package ND730 ND730 Hardware ND730 Lathe ND730 Lathe Kit Near Zero Warning Near-zero warning new New all New York Newal Newall NEWALL DP7 Digital Readout System NEWALL DP7 Lathepac Digital Readout System NEWALL DP7 Millpac Digital Readout System NEWALL DPG Digital Readout System Newall Electronics Newall Measurement Systems Ltd NEWALL Sapphire Digital Readout System Newall scales NEWALL TOPAZ NEWALL TPS No NO FAULT Warranty No Fault Warranty Non-contact non-linear error compensation non-volatile Non-Volatile Memory Nugget Numeric numeric keypad NV 300E NV 300TS lathe NV DROs NVK 20 Display


OEM OEMs Off Mode Offsets OH oil Omron H7AN-4DM On/Off Operation Operator Optical optical optical encoder optical encoders optical linear encoder optical linear encoders optical measuring Optics Option Ortec Ltd Ortel Digital Readouts output Output Output Relays Output signal


P/L PACKAGE Package Special Pad pad wear Panel Part Part # part centering Part No. part number Part Number Part Number 15090 PART NUMBERS Partial Circles Parts parts Pathfinder PathFinder 50/100 Pattern Paxi PCD Pedestal mount PGS-P PGS-P 5uM/.0002" PGS-P Linear Encoder Package Photodetectors photoelectronic reading head PHOTOS PHOTOTRANSISTORS Pinout PL Series plastic crystal plastic crystals PLCs Pointfinder POINTFINDER 1500 PointFinder 1500 Pointfinder 1500 POINTFINDER 2000 PointFinder 2000 Pointfinder 2000 POINTFINDER 3000 PointFinder 3000 Pointfinder 3000 Pointfinder 50 Polar Polar Coordinates Polar Co-ordinates Polar/Cartesian poly-carbonate Port position position feedback position system Position Trac™ Positioning Positions Position-Trac™ Power power fluctuations Power Interruption power loss Power Loss Data Memory power supply Power Surge Precision precision chrome line glass scales Precision Digital Readout precision glass scales Precision Glass Scales precision pinion precision rack precision ruling Preloaded Preset preset PRESET preset capability Preset capability Preset function Preset Function To Set Reference Point Preset Keyboard Preset/Reset Preset/Zero Reset price prices Print Printout Profile Programmability Programmable Programmable Memory Programmable Preset Keyboard Programmed Programming Prokit PROKIT 01 PROKIT 02 PROKIT 03 PROKIT 04 PROKIT 05 prompt proper bracket Prospector Prospector Counter proto trak Prototrak PROTOTRAK prototrak Proto-trak puller pulscale Pulscale pulses Push button pusher screws


QC-100 Series QC-200 Series QC-2200 QC-2203 QC-2205 QC-3200 QC-3205 QC-3210 QC-3215 QC-3300 QC-3310 QC-4000 Series QC-5000 Series Quadra-Chek Quadra-Chek 2000 Computational Digital Readout System Quadra-Chek 3000 Computational Digital Readout System Quadra-Chek digital readouts Quadra-Chek III Computational Digital Readout System Quadrature quadrature signals quadrature square waves QUADRATURE SQUARE WAVES TTL Quality Quick Chek Quill quill mounting bracket Quill scale Quillstar DRO Kit Qwickcount


rack & pinion Rack & Pinion 50/100 Rad./Dia. Display Radial Radius Diameter radius mode radius/dia. Conversion Radius/Diameter Radius/Diameter Readings Radius/Diameter Switchable range RBM-5T RBS linear encoders RBS-5T Read Outs Reader Head Reader Heads Reading reading head Reading Head Reading Heads Reading Mode reading rate READOUT readout readout bracketry readout direction readout head Readout Systems READOUTS read-outs Real-time rear Rebates recall Recall red Red Red Lion reference Reference mark evaluation reference pesets reference point reference tables Relays Repeatability REPEATABILITY Repeatability: 0.0002" replacement Replacement dial hand Res. reset to zero Reset/Preset resolution RESOLUTION Resolution Resolution .001" Resolution Sensing Resolution switching Resolution: 0.0002" Resolution: 0.0005 inch Resolutions RETROKIT Reverse Count reversible count direction Reversible counting direction ribbon rotary rotary encoder Rotary Encoder Digital readout Row RS 232C Output Board RS232 RS-232 RS232 Output RS232C output rubber rubber bezel rubber seals run bar Run Rail Runrail


Sapphire display Sargon Sargon 650 Sargon 652 Sargon 660 Sargon 700 Sargon 700 EDM Sargon 700L Sargon 722 Sargon 900 Sargon 900M SARGON Gold Tracer SARGON Gold Tracer II Sargon Industries Sargon Tracer II Save Scale SCALE LENGTHS scale mounting bracketry scale position Scale Support Brackets scale unit Scales Scaling Scaling Factor SCC-100 SCC-100 Compatible schematics SD608 series seal Sealed sealed sealed keypad sealing Security Lock Out segment circle segment LED Selectable Selectable Metric to Inch Conversion Self Diagnostics self-diagnosis Self-Diagnostics Sensor Series Series 174 KL type Counters Series 174 KLL type Counters Series 264 Digimatic Data Processor Series 539 Linear Scales type AT102 Series 539 Linear Scales type AT112 Series 539 Linear Scales type AT115 Series 572 ABSolute Digimatic Scale Units Series 572 Digimatic Difference/Sum Unit Series 572 Digimatic Extension Unit Series 572 Digimatic Multi Unit Series 572 Multi Function Digimatic Display Unit Series 572 Multi Function Horizontal Scale Units Series 572 Multi Function Vertical Scale Series 572 Quillstar DRO kit Series 572 Single Function Digimatic Display Unit Series 572 Single Function Horizontal Scale Units Series 572 Single Function Vertical Scale SERIES XT-300 Service serviceable Set Up Functions SG Series SG Series Magnescale SG0812 SG0814 SG0816 SG0818 SG0820 SG1014 SG1018 SG1020 SG12 SG1218 SG1220 SG1224 SG16 SG18 shop Shrinkage/Expansion Multiplier Signal signal sinewave Single Single and Multi-Step Machining Single Arm Display Mount Single Axis Single Axis Display Unit Single ended TTL single-axis sj700 SJ700 SJ700 linear scales Skew Compensation SL130 SL220 SL331 Sleep Mode slew rate slew-rate Slimline SM Series SM1230 SM1230-6 SM1236 SM1236-6 SM1240 SM1240-6 SM1836 SM1836-6 SM1840 SM1840-6 SMALLEST Software Sokki sokki dros solid sony Sony Sony digital readouts SONY Lathe Package Sony LH-30 Sony Magnascale SONY Magnescale LG10 Grinder Package SONY SM Series Mill Package South Western south western South Western Industries Southwestern southwestern Southwestern Southwestern Industries spars SPC output Special washer assembly Specials SPECIFICATIONS Spherosyn Spherosyn Reader Heads Spherosyn scale Spherosyn Scales Spherosyn/Microsyn Compatible Spherosyn® Digital spindle speed spring loaded Square Wave SR118 SR-44 battery SR721 scale Stainless Steel stainless steel Standard standard Standard Encoder static RAM MOS technology Status indicators stock Street Sub-miniature Support Surface Grinder Application SWI Switchable switchable resolution Switchable Resolutions System SYSTEM Systems


table position Table Size table travel Table Travel tables. tactile feel color keypad Tactile Feel Keypad tactile keys Tamper Free tape Taper calculations Taper Calculations Taper Measurement Target function Target Preset Tau TB211000 TB211000/1 TB211000/2 TB211000/3 TB211000/4 TB211000/5 TB211000/6 TB311100 TB311100/1 TB311100/2 TB311100/3 TB311100/4 TB311100/5 TB311100/6 TBl0l000 Teach Mode teledyne gurley TELEDYNE GURLEY Teledyne Gurley teledyne pathfinder digital readout Test three axis THREE AXIS Three-Axis TL211000 TM211000 TM211000/1 TM211000/2 TM211000/3 TM211000/4 TM211000/5 TM211000/6 TM311100/1 TM311100/2 TM311100/3 TM311100/5 TM311100/6 TM31110014 TOOL Tool Tool compensation Tool Diameter Compensation Tool Library Tool Offset tool offset library Tool Off-set routine Tool Offsets Toolroom tools TOPAZ Topaz TOPAZ DISPLAY TOPAZ Grinder Package Topaz Lathe Topaz Mill Topaz Mill Display Cabinet TOPAZ Mill Package Topaz Mill Packages Topaz Standard Topaz Standard Display Cabinet TOPAZ Standard Grinder Package TOPAZ Standard Package Topaz Standard Package Topaz Standard Packages for Grinders TPG Series TPG0612 TPG0618 TPG0816 TPG0820 TPG1024 TPG1216 TPG1220 TPG1224 TPM TPM1224 TPM12246 TPM1230 TPM12306 TPM1236 TPM12366 TPM1630 TPM16306 TPM1636 TPM16366 TPM1640 TPM16406 TPS1224 TPS12246 TPS1230 TPS12306 TPS1236 TPS12366 TPS1630 TPS16306 TPS1636 TPS16366 TPS1640 TPS16406 traceable to National Bureau of Standards Tracer trade-in Trade-in Trade-Ins Training TRAK Trak trak trak lathe Transducer Assemblies Transducers trav TRAV trav a dial TRAVADIAL travadial Trav-A-Dial trav-a-dial Trav-a-dial Trav-A-Dial Accessories Trav-A-Dial Brackets Trav-A-Dials Travel travel lengths Travels travels Traverse Rate Tray Tri-Onics Tri-onics Triple Axis triple axis models Troy TSG1024 TSG1224 TSGI216 TSGO612 TSGO618 TSGO816 TSGO820 TTL TTL Compatible TTL compatible line driver output TTL levels Turkey turning Turning TurnMate TurnVision TWO AXIS two axis model Two-Axis


uk units of measurement universal universal bracket Universal bracket BR17- universal brackets Universal fit bracket assembly Universal mounting brackets universal scales unreadable Updates upgrade upgrades usa used Used user user's needs


V100 V101 V20 V200 V201 V21 V300 V301 Vacuum Fluorescent Display Variable Resolution Variable resolutions VD300T VDP Vectoring Versions Vertical Knee Mills Vertical Mill VFD displays VRO VRO 300 VRO 300M VRO 300T vro instruments VTL VTL's


Warning Display Warranty wear Website Wilmington wiper pad replacement wiper pads Wipers WIPERS Wizard 211 WIZARD 211 WIZARD 450 Wizard 450 WIZARD 450L WIZARD 900 Wizard 900 Wizard DROs Wizard series wood working Work Workpiece


X and Y X Axis X,Y and Z X-axis encoder XT Series XT-300 XT300 Series XT-300 Series XT-300 SERIES XT300 Series miniscale XT-310 XT-320 XT-330 XT-340 XT-350 XTG300 XTG350 XY stages XYZ


Y Y-axis Y-axis scale mounting bracket YOKE ASSEMBLY


Z Z Axis Z-Axis Z-axis scales Zero zero approach Zero approach warning zero backlash Zero Reference Zero Reset zero setting Zero settings Zero-Set

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