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Daniel Kudra is the owner of his own Angel Gift Store called:

Angels of Light & Candle Shop,  

formally known as Saint Jude's Religious Store (on 18th & Minnesota in KC,KS)

& St. Jude's Angel Shop (on 10th & Ray in KC,KS)

~"This is a Spiritual Store for Spiritually Minded People of ALL Religious Beliefs"~

*Gift Certificates Are Available*

Our Address is:

4302 Bell Street, 

Kansas City, Missouri 64111

We are located in Westport just off Westport Road & Bell Street. 

(1 block East of State Line Road)

(816) 531-6719

Store Hours:


Tuesday~ CLOSED 

Wednesday~ 12:00 PM till 6:00 PM

 Thursday~ 12:00 PM till 6:00 PM 

Friday~ 12:00 PM till 6:00 PM 

Saturday~ 12:00 AM till 6:00 PM 

Sunday~ 12:00 AM till 6:00 PM

Services Available Include:

*Meet Your Guardian Angel Workshops*

"Experience The Angels Expo's"

*"Manifesting Money & Creating Abundance" Workshops*

*Teacher of Intuitive/Spiritual Growth & Development*

*Guardian Angel Messages/Communications*

Get Your Guardian Angels Name(s)

Angelic/Spiritual Counseling

Pastoral Counseling

House Blessings/Cleansings

Criminal Investigations

Missing Persons

Spiritual Healing

Past Life Readings & Regression

Paranormal House Investigations

Offers the  following Pastoral Services:

Marriage & Commitment Ceremonies

Christening/Child Blessing


We sell all types of ANGELS, 7-Day Candles, Incense, Oils, Burner Oils, Herbs, Tapes, 

Angel and Religious Statues, Books, Misc. Religious Goods, Prayer Cards, 

Patron Saints, Buddha & Quan-Yin, Egyptian Items, Tibetan Items, Amethyst,

            Arkansas Crystals, Lemurian Seed Crystals and Tibetan Crystals, Stones & Gemstones, 

Various Stone Healing Wands, Angels Cards, Powerful Stone Amulets

Spiritual Tools for learning & healing

Fine (one-of-a-kind) Jewelry, 

Angel Ornaments, Chakra Balancers, Bamboo Plants, Fountains, 

Beautiful Imported Jade From  China (Wholesale Available to Retailers)

PRIDE! Items & Gifts.

Great Gift Items For Everyone! 

We offer many in-store Classes & Workshops

We have also created an "Angel Art Gallery" in the store as well,

We now offer: 

Prints & Original Art By World Famous: 

  New Lakey Art Is Under Construction

Andy Lakey's Art For Sale-Gallery Page

Also Original Art & Prints By:

 "Victory", Reverend Marcia Fleischman, Socorro Limòn Peté, Susan Prout,

Soul Paintings by: Rosie Lazzeri and many more talented artists.

If you wish to sell any of your Andy Lakey Art, Please e-mail me or call me. 

I would be honored to sell  it for you in my Angel Art Gallery.

Click Here To: Get A Message From Your Angel

In-Store private Spiritual & Angelic Counseling is available with Daniel. Please call him to make an appointment. Please call for classes and workshops listed below that are forming now!

We are always looking for more artists to feature their angel art work in our store. 

If you are an artist or know of one, let us know by e-mail:


Send us some photos of your Angel Art work  or e-mail them to us in jpeg format files.

In-Store Spiritual & Angelic Counseling available with Daniel. 

Please call him to make an appointment.


-- _ Your Personal Birth Angel  --

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        Birth Guardian Angel

I am honored to be a Presenter & Reader on the 7-Day Sea Angels Cruise on November 6-13th, 2005. Click on the link below for more information.

Sea Angels Cruise


"Come & Learn How To Heal Yourself"

My favorite "Angel Food Cake" Recipe

"Angel Basics Information"

"Invitation To Your Angels"

"Prayers To The Arch Angels"

Angel Meditations & Meditations For Self-Healing

CLICK HERE FOR: Angelic Encounters

Find Your Personal Zodiac & Astrological Angels

CLICK HERE FOR: Healing With Arch Angel Raphael

Information about:  Numerology


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"We are ALL Spiritual Beings having the human being experience, not human beings having the Spiritual Experience. For each of us are here together on Earth, attending Earth school- to learn, to love & teach love and evolve to move forward." -----Reverend Daniel D.Kudra



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As with all spiritual growth, this web-site will continue to develop and evolve,

 and I hope you will visit it often to share in its unfolding.


 Store Location On Map:

For a clearer map and exact directions to Angels of Light & Candle Shop

Click here: --> Map Quest

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