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This Page was updated 6/1/2001. All prices should be current.

      Welcome to Cemetery Maintenance and Repair! We greatly appreciate your visit and hope that you may find what you are looking for. Our company specializes in the sale of products for the upkeep of cemeteries: headstones, grounds, fencing, etc. We love to keep our customers happy, so if you have any suggestions for our site or our business in general, please e-mail our Webmaster at with "suggestions" in the subject-line of the e-mail message. Thanks!

Our current business hours are:

       Phone: Monday-Friday, 7:00AM-5:00PM Eastern
       Fax: Monday-Friday, 7:00AM-10:00PM Eastern
       E-mail: 24 hours a day

Check our products page or click on our price sheets for the most up to date product/pricing information. Thanks!
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