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Unique Table-Top Designs

We are very happy to offer a Waterfall Design for Collectors of Castles, Towers, Skulls, Dragons, Mermaids, Dolphins, Goddesses, Wizards and more. If you have a favorite image we can carve it in STONE.

Castles and Towers

All Castles and Towers are original works of art. No two castles are alike.
These designs promote the days of chivalry, heraldry and the golden age of the renaissance era.

These table top pieces come in 16" or 20" sizes.
16" $149.95
20" $199.95

The Three Sisters Castle

Each waterfall can come with 1, 3, or 5 towers. This waterfall design comes in a 16" or 20" size only.
16" $149.95
20" $199.95

Skull Mountain Falls

Skull Mountain Falls are available in 16" or 20" size.
16"- $149.95
20"- $199.95