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Search Tips!!

  1. This site deals with female musical artists in the genres of funk, soul, disco, and rare groove only. The years covered in this site are roughly 1970-1985. Artists not included in that criteria will not be found on this page. (As self-explanatory as that may be, folks, you'd be surprised at the number of people who search for Brittney Spears or TLC on this site!!)

  2. The only male artists you'll find limited info about on this site are those who pertain to the female artists. For example, Love Unlimited was a project started by Barry White. So searching for Barry White is very understandable. However, you will not find separate bios for male artists on this site. This site is in place to celebrate women who have not been celebrated on the web before.

  3. When searching for the name of an artist, please enter the person's name just as you would normally by separating the first and last names.
    RIGHT: Donna Summer WRONG: donnasummer

  4. Please take correct spelling into consideration when you search. If you're searching for Gloria Gaynor, for instance, but type in "Gloria Ganor" instead, you may not get the correct search results.

  5. If you haven't found what you're looking for on this site, please check out the links section for several outside links to different topics related to the artists and musics of this site.

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