Thursday, November 25th 1999(9:15PM)

Updates:Edited and redesigned the Cast Picture Gallery. Added a picture.
Click Here to View the Picture that was added- Major Spoiler for 12/22

Tuesday, November 23th 1999(6:20PM)

Updates: Edited the Luke Perry Picture Section and also added the correct site address.

Sunday, November 21st 1999(9:25AM)

Updates: Added 5 Picture to the Luke Perry Picture Gallery. Also Changed the Design of the Luke Perry Gallery.

Wednesday, November 10th 1999     at 10:18 PM

News:Now, Janet and Steve is married, they are now Mr. Mrs. Sanders. Next Week, as you all know that Janet will get a premature labor and Donna will learn sercets about her father.

UpdateChanged the main image on the main page.

Monday, November 5th 1999     at 11:25 PM

News: For those who are wondering Lindsay Price is not pregnant, just her character, Janet Sosna is.

Update: This Month"s poll is on best couples and sorry for being a little late on updating the poll. And also added information about next week"s episode that airs on November 10th.

Monday, November 1st 1999     at 4:00 PM

Site News: Angelfire is requiring us to put their banners on our pages.

Sunday, October 31st     at 4:40 PM

Update: Added Some of other pages that I created under links, and the section Charmed will be put under links.