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CR Mares

CR Mares

=Won a Championship

=Won Reserve Champion

=Recieved an HPC Point at a breed show

The Huntress

Appaloosa. Chesnut w/ blanket. 16.2 hh. 5 yrs. AP00069.

Sire: Harlequin Dam: Honey Red Wrangler

Hunter. Pleasure. Driving.

Jazz Legacy

Appaloosa. Dark grey w/blanket. 16 hh. 3 yrs. AP00128.

Sire: Wrangler's Legacy Dam: Rodeo Jazz

Pleasure. Driving. Trail. Hunters. Gaming events.

Spinning Arrow

Appaloosa. Chesnut w/blanket. 16.3 hh. 5 yrs. Ap00130.

Sire: Native Arrow Dam: Honestly Dizzy


Time For Trouble

Appaloosa. Chesnut lepord. 16 hh. 3 yrs. Ap00131.

Sire: Three Times Trouble Dam: Time Confession

Pleasure. Trail. Reining. Hunters. Driving.

Smooth Jazz

Appaloosa. Red Roan. 15.3 hh. 3 yrs.

Sire: A Zip of Jazz Dam: Tigress

Pleasure. Driving. Trail.

Invest in Dreams

Appaloosa. Chesnut w/ blanket. 16.3 hh. 5 yrs. AP00133.

Sire: Private Investment Dam: Blessed Dreams


I'm No Angel

Appaloosa. Bya w/ blanket. 15.2 hh. 3 yrs.

Sire: Bad Dam: Zippo's Heavenly Angel

Pleasure. Trail. Hunters. Driving. Saddleseat.

Midnight's Investment

Appaloosa. Dark Bay w/blanket. 5 yrs. 16 hh.

Sire: Midnight's Mystic Morning Dam: Invest in Dreams

Eventing. Hunters/jumpers. Dressage.

Ima Glowing Raider

Quarter Horse. Black. 16 hh. 3 yrs. QH00132.

Sire: Raider Beat Dam: Ida Glow

Gaming. Racing.

Ida Dun A Rodeo Man

Quarter Horse. Dun. 16 hh. 3 yrs. QH00138.

Sire: What A Rodeo Man Dam: Ida Glow

Pleasure. Reining. Trail. Driving. Hunters.

Co-founder of the PHC.

What a Secret

Quarter Horse. Chesnut. 16 hh. 4 yrs. QH00141.

Sire: What a Rodeo Man Dam: Diverse Secret

Pleasure. Trail. Halter.

Coyote Star

Paint. Buckskin tobino. 15.3 hh. 4 yrs. PH00047.

Sire: Coyote Moon Dam: Star Way

Western Pleasure. Trail. Halter.


Paint. Bay tobino. 15.3 hh. 8 yrs. PH00020.

Currentaly a broodmare.


Icelandic. Buttermilk. 12.2 hh. 6 yrs. IH00004.



Icelandic. Bay. 7 yrs. 13.2 hh. IH00006.


Valley of Gold

Arabian. 15.3 hh. Dark Bay. 4 yrs. AR00098.

Sire: Pretty Gold Dam: Shadow Land

Halter. Pleasure. Driving.

Ultimate Dreams

Swedish Warmblood. Black. 17.3 hh. 5 yrs.


Icey Wonder

American Warmblood. Grey. 16.1 hh. 3 yrs. Sire: Easy Illusian Dam: Going Places

Pleasure. Hunters.

Royal Flush

Hanovarian. Black. 16 hh. 6 yrs. HV00007.

Sire: Mignight's Magic Joker Dam: Blind Faith

Hunter Jumpers. Dressage. Driving. Cross Country.

Value the Faith

Hanovarian. Chesnut. 16.3 hh. 4 yrs. HV00074.

Sire: Value them Gems Dam: Blind Faith


Blessed Dreams

Thoroughbred. Palomino. 16 hh. 6 yrs. TB00150.

Sire: William Z Dam: Blessed Dreams


Skip The Dance

Thoroughbred. Chesnut. 17.1 hh. 4 yrs.

Sire: Skip's Foolish April Dam: Beautiful Music

Racer. Jumper.

September Times

Thoroughbred. Chesnut. 17 hh. 4 yrs. TB00176.

Sire: Moment in Time Dam: September

ex-racer. Hunter/Jumper. Dressage. Driving.

Jazz Wrangler

Appaloosa. Chestnut w/blanket. 15.2 hh. 3 yrs.

Sire: Sir Wrangler Dam: Jazz Legacy

Pleasure. Trail. Showmanship. Hunters.

Summer Squall

QH. Dapple grey. 16.3 hh. 4 yrs.

Sire: Summer Sands Dam: Fantasy Girl

Gaming. Hunters.

Chestnut Cheerio

QH. Chestnut. 16 hh. 5 yrs. QH00135.

Sire: Giradeli Dam: Looney Tune

Pleasure. Trail. Hunters. Showmanship. Games.

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