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Name: Royalty

Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 5 yrs old

Height: 15.2 hh

Color: Black with star and snip

Owned by

A note from Caroline:

Royalty is my *best* stallion standing at stud at Pine Meadow Stables. Unfortunetaly, he has not sired any foals as of yet, but we hope that he will soon! The reason for this is that I have no good Quarter horse mares to breed to him (for that matter, I don't even have ANY Quarter Horse mares at all!) Royalty now has his own page because he has won at least one Championship. Actually, he has won three! He also has one HPC point and his newest championship was at a Quarter Horse Show!

Royalty has lines to both Doc Bar and Poco Tivio, although what he really excells in is Halter and English stuff . He showed Western for the first five years of his life and actually did pretty well, but after five years you could almost SEE the boredom in his eyes. We decided to retrain for english and soon he began excelling. He still shows in Western classes and races every once in a while, but English is his forte.

Joker (Royalty's nick name, earned when he was a foal because he would play tricks on the mares, especially his mother) absolutely loves to show off (if you come by and see him in his pasture and he knows you're there, that's what he'll be doing). He is as kind as he is handsome and is a fantastic show horse.

Here are his Placings:

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