BH-901:The Morning After(9/16/98)

Brandon and Kelly redefine their relationship and face an uncertain future after their canceled wedding. Valerie gets the results of her HIV test and makes an astounding confession about the circumstances surrounding her father's death. Donna and Noah are torn apart as Noah's family fortune is ripped away from him. Steve falls for a beautiful young woman, Sophie Burns (guest-star Laura Leighton), who has her eyes on fame, fortune and David.

BH-902:Budget Cuts(9/23/98)

Tensions fire between Brandon and Kelly when she is forced to rely on him to help save the clinic from drastic budget cuts. Donna helps Noah make amends with his father, but a tragic event takes place that will forever prevent reconciliation. Sophie leads on Steve as she makes the moves on David. Valerie gets a terrible surprise when she attempts to reach out to her mother (guest star Michelle Phillips)

BH-903:Dealer's Choice(9/30/98)

Val's mother, Abby (guest star Michelle Phillips), announces her plan to marry in Vegas, but Val uses her feminine wiles to derail her mother's plans. While in Vegas, Kelly realizes she's not over Brandon yet. Noah and Donna's relationship deteriorates as Noah mourns his father's death. Meanwhile, after discovering some information about Mr. Hunter's past, Brandon re-evaluates his own career and interviews for a job that might take him away from Beverly Hills. Sophie continues to lead Steve on while she seduces David.

BH-SPECIAL:Our Favorite Moments(10/14/98)

The Cast including Aaron Spelling and Luke Perry tell about their favorite moments while being on the series Beverly Hills, 90210.

BH-904:Don't Ask, Don't Tell(10/28/98)

Valerie makes a startling confession to her mother, who threatens to turn Val into the police. Meanwhile, Noah spirals out of control after his father's death and is arrested for drunk driving. Kelly, finding a new direction for her life, decides to set up shop and go into the fashion business with Donna. Together they meet newcomer Matt Durning, an attorney who tries to help Noah as well as another client who has been accused of domestic abuse. Meanwhile, Sophie and David are busted by Steve when they make love in front of a video camera and images of their tryst are displayed on the Internet.

BH-905:Brandon Leaves(11/4/98)

After nine years in Beverly Hills, Brandon is torn between staying with his friends and taking his dream job in Washington D.C. Once again, the gang bonds together to do what is right and to see their friend Brandon make the best choice for his future. Meanwhile, Kelly prepares for her own future and celebrates the grand opening of her and Donna's new store, which makes Brandon reflect on his friendships and question his decision to leave Beverly Hills. Meanwhile, Valerie's confession to her mother holds serious consequences and forces Val to seek legal advice from Matt. Donna and Noah grapple with the problems in their relationship. David sees a future with Sophie, while she continues to struggle to achieve her goal of fame and fortune and even considers a job offer from a director of adult films.


Donna leans on Matt's shoulder for support as Noah continues on his road to self-destruction. Having decided to turn in herself to the police, but determined to go out with a bang, Valerie throws a raging party and later plays a dangerous game of chicken with Noah. While scooping a story, Janet and Steve get trapped together in an old meat locker -- which brings out their animal instincts. Kelly endangers herself when she tries to help a young woman escape her abusive husband. David doesn't realize he's about to lose Sophie when she is swept off her feet by a rich young hunk, Tom (guest star Carlos Ponce).

BH-907:You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello(11/18/98)

The gang welcomes back an old friend and says hello to a newcomer: Dylan McKay returns to Beverly Hills after a three-year absence and surprises his old companions on Thanksgiving Day and Donna introduces her sexy, ice-skating cousin Gina Kincaid to everyone. Meanwhile, tragedy strikes when Noah blacks out from drinking and later realizes he may have been the drunk driver in a hit-and-run accident. David gets into hot water when he becomes involved with a mysterious fan of his radio show. Steve and Janet further define their new romantic relationship while Donna plays matchmaker with Kelly and Matt. Meanwhile, Valerie bids the gang a heartfelt goodbye as she leaves Beverly Hills after four years.

BH-908:I'm Back Because(12/2/98)

As the gang tries to find out where Dylan's been and why he has suddenly returned, Dylan proves to be back in the nick of time to help David, who is accused of a crime and arrested. Meanwhile, Kelly finds out her Grandfather is terminally ill and is forced to battle her mother to make a life-or-death decision. Matt faces off with Dylan when they both try to comfort Kelly. Gina pretends to be looking out for her cousin Donna, but has ulterior motives which threaten Donna's relationship with Noah. Steve finds out a sexy secret his mother has been hiding.

BH-909:The Following Options(12/9/98)

As Kelly's Grandfather dies of emphysema, Matt upsets her when he takes on legal work for a tobacco company. Meanwhile, Kelly is torn between her feelings for Matt and Dylan. Donna befriends a young girl trying to leave a gang while Gina moves in on Donna's territory and finds a new man to set her sights on. Noah and Dylan clash and the cat's out of the bag when Steve's mother comes out on David's radio show

BH-910:Marathon Man(12/16/98)

The gang catches the holiday spirit and swings the night away to the sounds of The Brian Setzer Orchestra at a dance marathon benefitting an AIDS charity. When Steve accidentally pledges more money than he can afford, he goes to hilarious lengths to derail anyone from winning the contest. Meanwhile, Gina's jealous streak shows through when Noah enlists her help to throw Donna a surprise birthday party. Kelly is torn between her feelings for Dylan and Matt, while Dylan battles his own demons. When Donna's store is robbed and Sonia, a young gang member, is wrongly blamed, Donna leads the way to clear her name.

BH-911:How To Be The Jerk Women Love(1/13/99)

Dylan reaches the breaking point and looks to drugs and to Gina for comfort when he finds that his ex-wife's grave has been moved to a secret location. Meanwhile, Gina pushes Donna to the limit when she weasels her way into an event that Donna wants to attend. Kelly and Matt reach a new stage in their relationship and Kelly must decide whether she will sleep with him or not. Steve offers a seminar on the art of thepick-up, but has to return money to his students when his advice fails to work on "How to be the Jerk Women Love.

BH-912:Trials and Tribulations (1/20/99)

While tracking down his nemesis, mobster Tony Marchette, Dylan's drug habit gets out of control and leads him to jail. Donna and Noah throw a party for Matt which ends in a near tragedy. Kelly's relationship with Matt intensifies as her relationship with Gina deteriorates. Meanwhile, Steve is sued by the disgruntled students from the "pick up" seminar he taught.


Dylan's life hangs in the balance as he battles to overcome his drug addiction and slips into a coma. Kelly's feud with Gina intensifies when Kelly discovers the extent of Gina's involvement with Dylan. Meanwhile, Steve lands in the doghouse after he loses track of Janet's pure-bred dog which is in heat.

BH-914:I'm Married(2/3/99)

A secret from Matt's past is revealed and could end his relationship with Kelly forever. Meanwhile, Dylan fights to remain drug-free as he begins community service work -- doing hard labor under the watch of a tyrannical, racist foreman. After Noah cheats during a game of strip poker, Donna and Steve up the ante -- and get carried away with a practical joke that turns on them in the end.

BH-915:Beheading Saint Valentine (2/10/99)

Steve has a mole biopsied and it could be malignant. He's forced to re-examine his life, and turns to making the Bee a better information source on cancer. Two-timing Matt tells Kelly he loves her, but he also loves his wife. Kelly must make a decision about whether to wait for Matt to make up his mind. Donna finds the pictures Gina took with Noah several weeks ago. Though Noah was passed out cold when they were taken. Donna's jealous, and agrees to go to a party with David as his date. When David drops her off, they kiss—and both are flustered. Steve gets great news at the Valentine's Day party. No, he doesn't have cancer. Gina wants more from Luke and tells him so. And Kelly breaks it off with Matt, this time for good.

BH-916:Survival Skills(2/17/99)

Matt’s wife learns that her new medicine is killing her. She must stop taking it or die—but if she stops, she’ll become psychotic. After deliberating, Matt buys tickets to Venice, and plans to obtain the drugs on the black market. Meanwhile, Janet and Steve take a camping vacation and learn that they can’t stand not being together. They return to LA as a full-fledged couple. Also, Gina convinces Noah that they had sex the night he passed out. A guilty Noah tells Donna, and she dumps him. In other news, Kelly buys Dylan a car to take his mind off his troubles. Dylan tells Kelly she’s the only person, aside from his wife, that he’s ever connected with. Also, Donna calls Gina trash, and is totally through with any sort of cousin relationship. And David sees Donna with new eyes. Late one night, David shows up at the beach house and the two kiss.

BH-917:Slipping Away(3/3/99)

Matt’s wife learns that her new medicine is killing her. She must stop taking it or die—but if she stops, she’ll become psychotic. After deliberating, Matt buys tickets to Venice, and plans to obtain the drugs on the black market. Meanwhile, Janet and Steve take a camping vacation and learn that they can’t stand not being together. They return to LA as a full-fledged couple. Also, Gina convinces Noah that they had sex the night he passed out. A guilty Noah tells Donna, and she dumps him. In other news, Kelly buys Dylan a car to take his mind off his troubles. Dylan tells Kelly she’s the only person, aside from his wife, that he’s ever connected with. Also, Donna calls Gina trash, and is totally through with any sort of cousin relationship. And David sees Donna with new eyes. Late one night, David shows up at the beach house and the two kiss

BH-918:Bobbi Dearest(3/10/99)

Steve buys a Hollywood Madam's little black book. He intends to publish the names inside, but is stricken by a fit of conscience. Gina and her mother scam Donna's parents out of 60 thousand dollars. That's after Donna shamed her mother into paying Gina the money that was supposedly "lost" in her trust fund. In other news, Kelly feels guilty about cheating on Matt. Even worse, Dylan assures her that they'll sleep together again. Meanwhile, Matt's wife files for divorce. David and Donna agree to save their friendship and not date. Then David meets a wonderful Venezualan girl named Claudia. Also, Dylan discovers the guy who pulled him out of the ocean. The man has been suicidally mourning his dead brother, and Dylan helps him sort things out constructively.

BH-919:The Leprechaun(3/17/99)

Another Steve Sanders plan backfires when he hires a dwarf to play Beverly Hills leprechaun. Later the actor is "captured" by a local butcher who demands a pot of gold from the paper. The butcher has a sick son and needs the money. Meanwhile, Noah faces foreclosure. When he gets a generous offer for Nat's space, Noah is forced to take the deal. Later Dylan buys the building and begins to evict Noah, but stops when he learns Noah has to support his mother. Gina causes trouble between Donna and Kelly when Gina tattles on Kelly's plan to get the shop more publicity. Matt asks for more time to get over his wife, Lauren. An impatient Kelly reluctantly agrees. Finally, David and Claudia begin seeing each other. When Claudia reveals her green card has expired, David tries to get her a job. Later, Claudia asks him to marry her. And David agrees. Later, after an apologetic editorial by Steve, donations come flooding in for the butcher's sick son.

BH-920 Fortune Cookie (4/7/99)

David and Claudia decide to go ahead with their plans for a fake wedding in order to keep Claudia from having to leave the country. Donna is forced to confront the possibility that one of her favorite teachers in high school is molesting kids at the school. Dylan arranges for Kelly to win a contest in which she gets to meet her childhood rock and roll idol, Cole Younger. Kelly convinces Matt to do a commercial in an attempt to generate clients. In the process, Kelly attempts to change Matt's appearance. This leads Matt to think that Kelly is not satisfied with him the way he is.

BH-921 I want to reach out and grab you (4/14/99)

Kelly is hypnotized and confessing her feelings for Dylan and thus jeopardizing both of their relationships. Gina receives an entreaty from a Professinal Ice Skater (Oksana Baiul ). David meets his radio idol (guest star Shadoe Stevens)

BH-922 Local Hero(4/21/99)

Complications arise when Kelly and Dylan thwart a mugger. Matt's brokers cuts a deal for Gina. Donna assists Noah as he searches for a relative

BH-923 The End Of The World As We Know It(4/28/99)

Kelly and Matt, while babysitting a sleeping Erin, are inadvertently captured on tape via the "Nanny Cam" when a quiet night watching a rental movie turns into a heated sexual romp. The tape falls into the hands of Dylan and Gina. Dylan's jealous reaction to the tape confirms Gina's suspicions about Kelly and Dylan's affair in Mexico. Matt, with financial backing from Dylan, is suing several petroleum refinery companies which seem to have been responsible for a high percentage of cases of cancer in children in nearby communities. When Gina forces Dylan to tell Matt about the Mexico trip, it seems like Kelly and Matt are doomed to break up as Gina and Dylan are. When Kelly reminds Matt that he was with his wife at the time, Matt lets the past be forgotten, and the two decide to stay together. While Gina and Dylan break up, Dylan and Kelly agree to mend their longtime, albeit strange, friendship. David finds himself again with Addie, the recovering sex addict, and the two manage to ignore their own desires and opt to take the slower, more passionate route.

BH-924 Dog's Best Friend(5/5/99)

Dylan and David go on a road trip and on the trip, Dylan has a one-night stand with a woman to prove to David that he's over Kelly. Meanwhile, Gina has to deal with her own demons. Donna, like Dylan, is also caught between two people, as she struggles to deal with her feelings for her male model, Wayne, while at the same time answering Noah's persistent questions about moving in together Steve and Janet are working on their latest brainchild: The Love Fisher, a computer program which supposedly finds one's perfect match. Janet finds hers and meets him, just to see what he's like, even though he is also in a relationship. Steve, although upset, promises not to do the same, but eventually does meet up with his "perfect match" after seeing a picture of the gorgeous woman.

BH-925 Agony(5/12/99)

Kelly is in shambles, struggling to deal with having been raped. She withdraws from Matt, causing him to suspect something is going on with her and Dylan. Dylan and Donna are the only ones to whom Kelly does confess the truth, and they come to her side. Matt, meanwhile, defends a client who allegedly stole a stereo but was arrested by cops who violated his rights. Only we know that this client is the man who raped Kelly. Donna must choose between destroying her relationship with Noah, or pursuing something with Wayne. Steve becomes insecure when he finds out one of Janet's ex-boyfriends was an artist. In retaliation, Steve tries to bring out his own artistic side in his photography. Now that Gina and Dylan are no longer together, David decides to pursue Gina. The stress this new relationship causes only adds to Gina's unhappiness about her skating ability.

BH-926 That The Guy(5/19/99)

Kelly finally tells Matt about being raped. He and Dylan work together to try and find the rapist by offering reward money, but their leads end up being scams. Kelly finds some tranquility by spending time with her sister, but nonetheless begins carrying pepper spray, mace, and a gun in her new state of fear and anger.
David and Gina become closer after she comes clean about her bulimia, but David is outraged when he sees a reunited Dylan and Gina making love. Donna has a one-night stand with Wayne, who then surprises her by saying he's leaving town. Noah, hurt by this development, is willing to mend the ways but Wayne shows up again, putting Donna in between the two men again. Joe, The Rapist goes to Kelly Shot and get shot at Six Times.
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