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Nason Illinois

I would like to invite you to our civil war reenactment at Nason Illinois that we will be holding this year. It will be held the second weekend in September and it will be sponsored by my unit, the 44th Illinois. Our event is held on 500 acres of ground that will take your breath away. One pound of powder will be supplied for every reenactor who participates in our battles with a rifle. We will also provide 15 pounds of powder for every artillery piece that participates in our battles. There are both grassland and woodland on and around our site. There will be three battles, two scripted, and one tactical. Our scripted battles will be held on ground with log walls and split rail fencing that we erected ourselves. There will be at least one meal served, and we will play a period townball game for the reenactors. On Friday, schools will come out to visit us and we will be doing first person impressions for them as well as answering any questions they may have about the civil war. We will also be putting on a ball that Saturday night. I hope you can show up an play with us to support our event.

Much thanks,

Pvt. Abram Brummett

44th Illinois company I

(618) 692-8297