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TUPAC'S CHEST= Top Left= 2pac. Top Right= Queen Nefertete (Egyptian Queen) with "2.DIE.4" below it. Middle= A AK-47 with tha wordz "50 Niggaz". Stomach= Tha wordz "Thug Life", with a bullet as tha "i". TUPAC'S ARMS= Left Shoulder= Panther Head. Left Upperarm= Jesus' head on a burning cross. Off to tha left of tha Cross it says "Only God can judge me". On his left inner arm is writtten "Trust Nobody". Left Forearm= Tha word "OUTLAW", underneath which is a "Crown" that u can see in tha movie "Gang Realted". Right Shoulder= Tha word "WESTSIDE". Right Upperarm= Skull and crossbones. Under tha word "Heartless". Under tha skull and crossbones written in small print it says"My only fear of daeth is coming back Riencarnated". Right Forearm= Written in old english lettering, tha word"NOTORIOUS". Back Arm= Ontha back it says "MOB". Tupac's Neck= Right Side= Tha word "Makaveli". Back Side= There is a Crown and then under ir is tha word "Playaz". Under the word "Playaz" are tha words "Fuck the World". TUPAC'S BACK= A BIG cross is on his back with tha word"Exodus 18:11, meaning,"Now i know that the lord is greater than all gods: for in tha things we are in they dealt proudly he was above them", in the middle of tha cross. On each side o fhta cross is a clown mask. The mask on tha left side is smiling and says "Smile Now. The other mask on tha right is crying and says "Cry Later". Under the cross is a word in big letter, it reads "Ballin".