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WWF Attitude

WWF Attitude, the latest wrestler from Acclaim, and one being developed by the same team that created WWF WarZone, is coming to the PlayStation this May and the N64 this June. Surprisingly, Acclaim is saying there will be little to no discernible differences between the two - speech included.

As you might expect, Attitude will have a number of big-name wrestlers, from Stone Cold to the Undertaker to the Rock to D-Generation X; there will be 41 in total. The remainder of the wrestlers - another 15 - will be jobbers, or, as one Acclaim representative put it, "the guys who come in to get their faces smashed." These wrestlers will be completely fictional, some even with voices and sounds recorded by internal staff. But, like the big-name wrestlers, all of the jobbers will have their own sound, textures, and entrances.

Here's a list of the 20 real wrestlers Acclaim is talking about: Steve Austin, Jeff Jerret, Bradshaw, Undertaker, Triple H, Shamrock, X-Pac, Road Dog, BA Billy Gunn, Goldust, Val Venus, Kane, Mankind, Mosh, Thrasher, Droz, Steve Blackman, Owen Hart, D-Lo Brown, and The Rock. There are a few more, but for the moment, Acclaim is keeping them a secret.

All the wrestlers will have signature moves. According to project manager Vince Bracken and designer Jeff Robinson, each superstar wrestler "will have one finisher and between one and three trademark moves. Here are some examples: corporate elbow, Road Dog's crazy legs drop, bronco buster, the pimp drop, and sky high."

The create-a-player function has been expanded - you will now have separate eyes, noses, and mouths to choose from, in addition to height, weight, and similar, more-common features. Not to mention that you can choose gender, taunts, body type, strength, endurance, costume, and entrance.

Unlike War Zone, in Attitude weapons will be available at all times - you will have the option to turn them on or off in any of the matches, so at any stage you can grab a chair or table and swing with all your might. All the weapons from War Zone will be available, and, according to Bracken and Robinson, you'll have the option of grabbing "Vince's bedpan, stop sign, garbage can, baseball bat, briefcase, broom, shovel, plus a few more."

You can fight in the aisles on the way to the dressing rooms, as well as in the ring. Altogether, you'll have 400 moves at your disposal, including the signature moves attached to each wrestler. And you'll be able to choose moves for a created player, save them, and truck them on over to your friends' houses for play.

New arenas - you'll remember there was only the one in War Zone - are being created as well, and the game will have 19 modes of play. All new arenas are fictional, but they're based on house shows, Raws, and Pay-per-View arenas. Additionally, there will be more special matches, including three-way dance, triple threat, tag team gauntlet, lumberjack, king of the ring, survivor series, and royal rumble.

Jerry "The King" Lawler and Shane McMahon will do the play-by-play commentary, and, most impressive, Acclaim says that the Nintendo version of the game will have as much speech as the PlayStation version. Super compression and the plan to use a bigger cart (a 32-meg cart) are what allow for the Nintendo speech.

Bracken and Ronbinson say they won' t compromise game speed, vowing that Attitude will run "at a perfect 30fps." Most important, however, are the new changes being implemented. "One of the programmers in the office affectionately refers to Attitude as 'Box o' Modes' because it has so many game modes," they say. "We are very pleased with the number of changes being implemented. Some examples include: 19 game modes, full seasonal multiplayer career, improved entrances, triple the wrestlers, major additions to custom mode like choosing your own move sets, voice packages for your wrestler, text on texture, and voice modulation. There are also several other new features that we can't talk about yet."

As for the potential threat EA poses by throwing its cape into the wrestling ring, Bracken and Robinson don't seem too worried. "We are always interested in the competition because it helps the genre grow and become better. We are sure they will have their own take on the category, but Acclaim has been doing wrestling games for ten years, and we are definitely ready to compete and win."