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In front of the entrance to Goron City there is a raised platform with a circle of stones. Play the song of storms and a Secret Grotto will opes up. Jump down and get your rupee.


Go to lake Hylia at night. As soon as the man at the counter gives you your fishing rod run as fast as you can to the log in the middle of the pond. If you make it you will find a better fishing lure, the fish are almost garunteed to bite every time.


As a kid go to BombchuBowling in the market. Win the first time and get a prize, play again and if you win you will get a bomb bag that holds 30 bombs.---------BIGGEST BOMB BAG Go to goron city, there is a goron that is rolling around the middle, use a bomb to stop him and he will start talking and then start rolling again. Use another bomb before he starts to roll and he will congradulate you and give you the biggest bomb bag that holds 50 bombs.


Keep hitting a chicken with your sword about 7 times and soon it will call for backup but be careful because everytime a chicken pecks you, you lose half a heart.


Go up to any cow in the game and play Epona's song. The cow will feel energetic and fill your bottles with milk.


As adult Link go to the fishing pond. If you catch a fish that weighs 20 pounds or more the guy will give you a golden scale that lets you dive to 8 meters.


Epona can help you travel faster through Hyrule.

1. Learn Eponas song. As young Link talk to Malon in the horse corral in Lon Lon ranch. Show her your ocarina and she'll teach you Eponas Song.

2. Become adult link and get at least 70 rupees.

3. Talk to Mr Ingo outside the corral and pay him 10 rupees to ride the horse. Instead of riding the horse provided, play Epona's song and Epona will come up to you. Ride her around the corral until the time is up.

4. Talk to Mr. Ingo again and pay to ride again. Play Epona's song and get up on her. This time walk up to Mr. Ingo on Epona and use Z targeting to talk to him. He will challenge you to a race with a 50 rupee wager.

5. Win the race against Mr. Ingo and he'll challenge you to a second race. Win the second race and you'll get Epona.

6. Use the A button to get Epona to run really fast and jump over any fence to escape the ranch.-


play Zelda's Lullaby, Epona's song or song of storms next to any gossip stone ( the stones that giggle when you hit them) and red fairys will come out. Touch any one of the fairys and they will restore all your power.


Go to lake Hylia as young link and show your ocarina to the scarecrow. He will ask you to play a song. Play somthing you made up and remember that song. Go back as adult link and play the song you made up for the scarecrow and he will give you the scarecrow song.


First, walk up to that one tree at Hyrule Castle and play The Song of Storms in front of it. Next, fall in the grotto and there'll be three places that you can bomb. Bomb the first one on the left and you'll see a skullwalltulla and a gold skulltulla. Then, kill the skullwalltulla and also kill the gold skulltulla DON'T GET THE TOKEN! , then here is the hard part, Z target the token and use your boomerang to get the token and then while the token is coming back backflip on that rainbow thing to get back up. If you did it right you should see a blue thing while your going up that means you got the skulltulla. If you check the Quest Status Screen you will have the token and back in the grotto there will be another skulltulla.


Start a new file and when it asks you to enter your name enter LINK in capitol letters. It will make that file harder than a normal game.


........Zelda's Lullaby: C-left, C-up, C-right, C-left, C-up, C-right...........Epona's Song: C-up, C-left, C-right, C-up, C-left, C-right..........Saria's Song: C-down, C-right, C-left, C-down, C-right, C-left..........Sun's Song C-right, C-down, C-up, C-right, C-down, C-up..........

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