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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND - The Big Cheat - Enable All Cheats

UBERNOODLE - Big Head Mode


STOMPEM - Big Hand And Feet Mode

PIPSQUEAK - Tiny Enemy Mode

IGOTABFA - Pen And Ink Mode

LIGHTSOUT - Blackout mode

WHATSATEXTUREMAP - Garoud Mode (weird colors, no textures)

ONLYTHEBEST - View Credits

FROOTSTRIPE - Fruity Colors Mode

AAHGOO - Baby Faces

HEEERESJUAN - Juan's Cheat

Harmless Zombies:

Are the dead guys in level 2 giving you a hard time? If you turn the blood color to "off," then they won't throw their bloody limbs at you, making it MUCH easier to kill the dead sisters.

All Levels Multi-player:

Enter "The Big Cheat" and start a multi-player game. Go to the Cheat Code Screen and use the Warp Code to go to any level in the game and play multi-player. There are even enemies to fight, though you can't pick up any of the weapons