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All Characters in Multiplayer Mode

To enable all characters in multiplayer mode, enter the password OMGTKKYB. That, as any South Park fan will know, stands for "Oh My God, They Killed Kenny! You Bastards."

Submitted by D.J. Leahy and Matt Audette

All Weapons

For all weapons, enter the password FATKNACKER.

Big Head Mode

For big head mode enter the password MEGANOGGIN at the Cheat menu.

Bonus Characters

To access these characters in multiplayer mode, enter one of the passwords below.

veggieheaven = Skinny

cheatingisbad = Mr. Mackey

elvislives = Bar Brady

outrage = Big Gay Al

hawking = Ned

slapupmeal = Starvin Marvin

phaert = Phillip

raft = Terrance

dorothysfriend = Mr. Garrison

lovemachine = Chef

checkataco = Wendy

fishnchips = Pip

kickme = Ike

allwoman = Mrs. Cartman

goodscience = Mephisto

staringfrog = Jimbo

majestic = Alien

Extra Speed

By holding C-up and either C-left or C-right, and running at an angle you can move at an increased speed.


For god mode enter the password ASSMAN.

Level Select

To choose your starting level enter the password THEEARTHMOVED. After activating this code, start a new game and pause it. You may now enter the Level Select menu.

Load Your Earned Characters

This allows you to load all of the characters you earned without entering all of the passwords. First, go to Story Mode, and choose load a game. Load the game, then once it starts quit it. Now all of your characters are available in multiplayer.

Master Cheat

To unlock all codes at once, enter the code BOBBYBIRD at the Cheats menu.

Pen and Ink Mode

For Turok's famous "pen and ink" mode, enter the password PLANEARIUM.

Unlimited Ammo

For unlimited ammo, enter the password FATTERKNACKER.