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NFL Quarterback club '99 is a very fun game with many great codes that are very funny. I really recommend this game.

Always Fumble
At the Cheat Menu enter BTTRFNGRS. Now you will always fumble the ball. Hilarity is bound to ensue.
Submitted by Leah Reich

Big Coins
Enter BGMNY at the Cheat Menu for big coins at coin toss.
Submitted by Peer's brother

Big Football
Enter BCHBLL at Cheat Menu for super-sized football.
Submitted by Jay Price

Cheat Teams
Enter XTRTMS at the Cheat Menu. You now have all the cheat teams.
Submitted by Doug Perry

Double Downs
Type DBLDWNS at the Cheat Menu. You now have double the downs as before.
Submitted by Rocker Tommy Lee

Electric Football
Enter XTRVLTG at the Cheat Menu for Electric football.
Submitted by Practicing Amish Man

Fat Players
Enter MRSHMLLW in cheat menu. Players will fatten up.
Submitted by and

Fire Ball
Enter HSNFR at Cheat Menu for fire-players.
Submitted by JoJo the Idiot Circus Boy

Flubber Ball
The code is pretty obvious. Enter FLBBR at the Cheat Menu.
Submitted by J. Madden

Huge Pylons
Enter PWRPYLNS at the Cheat Menu to place huge pylons on the field.
Submitted by Michael Meyers

Injury Prone Players
Enter HSPTL at the Cheat Menu. Now you're players become injured very easily.
Submitted by and

Land Mines
Loads of land mines on the field. Just enter PPCRNRTRNS at the Cheat Menu.
Submitted by Jimmy, the one-legged leper

No Fumbles
Entering STCKYBLL at the Cheat Menu results in no fumbles.
Submitted by The Hideous Rat Boy

Pinball Players
Enter PNBLL at the Cheat Menu for players that bounce around like pinballs. It's downright wacky.
Submitted by That Darn Cat!

Raquetball Mode
RCQTBLL at the Cheat Menu results in Raquetball Football mode
Submitted by Earl Gus Michaels

Restart Play
If you select a play that you didn't want or picked by mistake while on offense.
Quickly push start while your quarterback is still kneeling down.
Then select resume game. You should now be able to choose your play over again.
Submitted by Air Rick

Rugby Mode
RGBY at the Cheat Menu. Now you've got Rugby Mode.
Submitted by Doug Perry

Skinny Players
Enter TTHPCK at the Cheat Menu for super-skinny players.
Submitted by Fats

Slippery Mode
Enter SLPNSLD at the Cheat Menu for super-slippery mode.
Submitted by A stack of paper

Slow-Motion Play
Entering FRRSTGMP at the Cheat Menu makes the game run in a slow-motion-like style.
Submitted by Mr. Waffles

Super Kickers
Enter PWRKCKR at the Cheat Menu for super kickers that never miss.
Submitted by Stains the Dog

Unlimited Turbo
Entering TRBMN at the Cheat Menu results in unlimited turbos.
Submitted by Tal and Trent