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007 Mode

After you beat every level (including the hidden Aztec and Egyptian stages) on the "00 Agent" difficulty setting, a special "007 Mode" opens up. The 007 mode is a level editor where you can configure options such as enemy health, reaction time, accuracy, and more.

Submitted by Nintendo Power Source

Armor in the Streets

In the 00 Agent version of "Streets" you can find Armor and a Grenade launcher. Make your way to the building where you meet Valentine. Now take a couple of steps outside, turn left, and head for a broken window. Go inside and you'll find some much needed supplies.

Submitted by

Blow Facility Gas Tanks without Explosives

Have you ever played facility and had to start over because your mine explosion didn't destroy all the gas tanks? Now you dont have to start over. Just blow up the tanks with your mines and if they all aren't destroyed, pull a gun and blast away at them!

Submitted by TREVILIN55 (

Bonus Characters in Multiplayer Mode

To get even more people in multiplayer mode like the game designers, bike rider, and the terrorist follow the directions below. This code is complicated, but the effect is worth it. You can do this code anywhere, but it's best to do it on the Multi-Player Character Select screen while looking at the last available character (Mishkin or Moonraker Elite.)

Hold L + R and press C-Left.

Hold L and press C-Up.

Hold L + R and press LEFT on the Control Pad (not the analog stick.)

Hold L and press RIGHT on the Control Pad.

Hold R and press DOWN on the Control Pad.

Hold L + R and press C-Left.

Hold L and press C-Up.

Hold L + R and press RIGHT on the Control Pad.

Hold L + R and press C-Down.

Hold L and press DOWN on the Control Pad.

Note: you'll have to reenter this code if you turn off the game.

Submitted by Joshua Jarvis, Nutty43, and Montrey

Bonus Levels

To access the Egyptian level, beat all levels in 00 Agent mode. To access the Aztec level, beat all levels in Secret Agent mode.

Submitted by Erik Murray and others

Bonus Weapons

For bonus weapons, complete any of the levels below.

Weapon /Level

Magnum Antenna /Cradle

Laser Aztec/ Complex

Golden Gun /Egyptian Temple

Submitted by Patrick Serrian and Nintendo Power Source

Cheat Options

GoldenEye 007 has a built-in Cheat Options menu with nearly two dozen codes that are automatically activated when you meet certain objectives. These codes can only be accessed by completing certain levels in the times shown below.

For example, to enable Paintball Mode you must beat Level 1 in 2 minutes and 40 seconds or less at the Secret Agent difficulty.

Level Cheat Difficulty Time

Level 1: Dam Paintball Mode Secret Agent 2:40

Level 2: Facility Invincibility 00 Agent 2:05

Level 3: Runway DK (Big Head) Agent 5:00

Level 4: Surface Grenade Launcher Secret Agent 3:30

Level 5: Bunker Rocket Launcher 00 Agent 4:00

Level 6: Silo Turbo Mode Agent 3:00

Level 7: Frigate No Radar (Multi) Secret Agent 4:30

Level 8: Surface 2 Tiny Bond 00 Agent 4:15

Level 9: Bunker 2 2x Throwing Knives Agent 1:30

Level 10: Statue Fast Animation Secret Agent 3:15

Level 11: Archives Invisibility 00 Agent 1:20

Level 12: Streets Enemy Rockets Agent 1:45

Level 13: Depot Slow Animation Secret Agent 1:30

Level 14: Train Silver PP7 00 Agent 5:25

Level 15: Jungle 2x Hunting Knives Agent 3:45

Level 16: Control Infinite Ammo Secret Agent 10:00

Level 17: Caverns 2x RC-P90s 00 Agent 9:30

Level 18: Cradle Gold PP7 Agent 2:15

Level 19: Aztec 2x Lasers Secret Agent 9:00

Level 20: Egyptian All Guns 00 Agent 6:00

Submitted by Patrick Serrian and Nintendo Power Source

Cradle Glitch

Start the game and select a file and choose to play Cradle. Go up to the bit where there are the two sheds instead of going inside the shed where Trevalyan is wait on the other side so your opposite the other door(on the other shed)kill all the men who come down the stairs and wait and then you should hear a grenade go off and voila Trevelyan should be dead leaving you to destroy the console and finish the level! and how easy was that?

Submitted by James O'Reilly

Double Assault Rifles

In the caverns stage, there is a box in the right corner of the room where you contact Jack Wade. If you shoot this box then a smaller one inside of it appears. Keep shooting the smaller boxes until you see two monitors. If you shoot the monitors they each give you an Assault Rifle. Now you have two AR33's, making your shooting ablity twice as powerful!

Submitted by Scott Petrie and Michael Graham

Double Gun Zoom

To zoom with guns without sniper sights, mix a gun with a weapon that has a sniper sight.

Submitted by

Double Trouble

This trick lets players 2, 3, and 4 play as the same character. Here's what to do:

Select MULTIPLAYER and choose a 4-player game.

Choose the character you wish to multiply as player 4. Don't start the game!

Select a 3-player game and set player #3 to the same person you used for #4.

Now select a 2-player game and set player #2 to the same person you used for #4.

To finish, choose a 3 or 4-player game and start playing.

If you did it right, players 2, 3 and 4 will be the same person.

Submitted by Robert Williams (

Easy Way to Earn the Invisibility Code

This is done in 00 agent on the Archives.

First kill the guy infront of you and get the key and leave. Turn left and go up the stairs. Ignore the guy with the klobbs and go through the door. Turn left and go through the double-doors and get Natalia. Just left her see you. Then go through the doors by the stairs. Go down the stairs and go through the door in the middle of the room. Turn left then go straight. Go through this door then turn a sharp turn left through another door. Mishkin's in there. While he's talking get in between the boxes by the safe. Once you get the key kill Mishkin and get the black-box. Then go through the oppisite door you came in. Go down the hallway and in the door. There are windows in this room, so blow them away and get out.

Submitted by Alex Johnson (Natedog773@aol)

Exploding Plane

On the "RUNWAY" level, get some grenades then get the key. Just before hopping into the plane, toss in a grenade then get in. (MAKE SURE THE DOOR IS OPEN!) If done correctly the plane will explode and keep on flying without anything wrong with it.

Submitted by Trevalyn5 (

Extra Tank Shells

When you're in a tank, throw a mine, then quickly switch weapons to the tank shells. If you were fast enough you'll gain a shell.

Submitted by Eric Fredrick and Ryan Romba

Extra Time in the Train

In the train, when you reach the last car, stand on the right side so that Ourumov is directly in front of Xenia. Shoot Ourumov and then keep shooting after he falls and try to hit Xenia. If you do hit her, she will say, "Wait for me Alec, I'm hit." Alec won't tell you that you've got a minute to escape until you're about half way through with the floor panel, giving you lots of time to finish it. This will also give Natalya more time to find Boris if you're in Secret Agent or 00 Agent Mode.

Submitted by Andy Stoltz (

Fight With OO6

Go to the facilty! To Fight With OO6 when you enter the Lab go to the chemicals canisters! Look for someone in a black suit! If you see him, aim with the KF7 Soviet fire one shot at his Foot! Go down by him and he should say "so golden boy is a traitor" he will start shooting at you! If the does not kill you he should say "Why don't you be a good boy and Die". Shoot at him with the Silenced PP7 in the Head. He should Say "Why James? Why?" just before the alarm goes off.

Submitted by Chris Schuett (

Fire Two Different Guns

Get a double weapon and hold the aim button and fire the LEFT gun only. Reload. While it is reloading change your weapon forward and press fire quickly. The two different weapons should fire together and you have a set of different guns.

Submitted by Kamin Miller (

Flaming Bond

This code requires that you have the invincibility cheat. Go to the Silo level with invincible Bond on. Select the plastique explosives from your watch and throw it on the wall. Now, shoot the explosives with your gun. Wherever you run, the explosions will follow you and kill everything in your path.

Submitted by Matt Higgins (

Floating Lock

If you fire any explosive at the lock on the gate in the first level (the dam) and then open the gate, the lock should still be floating in midair!

Submitted by Hector (

Floating Players

In Multiplayer Mode, choose Facility and start the game. See if anyone has started in the ventilation shaft. If they haven't, kill someone until they do. Have another player go to the stall with the ventilation shaft above it, walk in, and look up. Now the player in the ventilation shaft should go to the hole over the stall and move slowly towards it until his view zooms down. The player in the stall should be able to see the other player directly above him, floating in midair!

Submitted by Andy Stoltz (

Floating Weapons

Start a multiplayer game in the library using any sort of mine. Place your mines on one of the windows or glass walls and shoot the glass. The window will shatter, but the mine will remain in the air, making it harder to see.

Want something fancier? Go to multiplayer and choose remote mines and the bunker stage. When you start, go to the main control room (the room with the huge computer screen) and collect some mines (there are some up the stairs to your right.)

Once that's done, stand under the monitors that are hanging from the ceiling and try to place one mine on each. You don't have to have one on each; just enough to destroy them all. Back off and detonate the mines, go back up to where you found the remote mines before and recollect them. Next, go to the pole-like stucture next to the stairs and try to attach a mine to it. Nothing will happen, but when you back up the mine will be hanging in midair, as will all subsequent mines until you end the game. Have a blast!

Note: This trick also works with throwing knives, grenades, tank shells and the other mines.

Submitted by, Nitroxis64 and

Flying Bond

Enable the TINY BOND code, then go to the bunker. When you are about to exit, crawl (or kneel), then walk back down the stairs. You won't go down the stairs -- instead you'll be floating in midair!

To do this in the Facility, go to the large room where the small gas tanks are. At the entrance there should two doors. Go throuh them and you should be in the room that was described above. Go to the side of the room to your left where to flights of stairs are facing each other. Go up one of them and turn around so that you are facing the other flight of stairs. Then kneel down and slowly walk foward.

Submitted by Chris DiIonno ( and Tanner Packer (

Flying Bond on Cradle

Turn on fast animation and turbo mode, then go to the CRADLE level. When you beat it you will go flying off the helicopter without the copter.

Submitted by JUSTIN (

Get Back in the Vent

To get back in the vent in the Facility, stand on the toilet that is under the vent. Then hold Left C until your player ducks, then press and hold R, and left on the control stick. When your player returns to the vent, release C and R and press forward on the control stick.

This can be used in Mission Mode and in multiplayer. If you are using proximity mines in multiplayer, plant some in the vent. If someone starts up there, they won't be able to escape without being killed!

NOTE: This trick must be performed with tall players.

Submitted by Chris Tart ( and Others

Get Two RCP90's and a Super Shotgun in the Caverns

Go to the Caverns in agent and beat it by taking out ALL people. Chase Trevlen into the elevator, but don't go in! At the place where you have a choice of going upstairs or downstairs, go upstairs and walk around. Soon enough three guys will come out. Kill them and one of them should have 2 RCP90's! If he does not, wait awhile and they will appear again. Wait a long time and one will have a SUPER SHOTGUN!!!! Just wait for more people to come out and pump them full of lead!

Submitted by Nick Kendzora (

Golden Gun Room

When you enter the Golden Gun room on the Egyptian level, do this. Step on the first lit block, then go Left 2, Up 2, Right 3, Up 2, Left 1, Up 1, Left 1, Up 2, and Right 1. After you get to the case in the middle of the room the bullet proof glass lowers and you can pick up the Golden Gun and some ammo. If you look down it makes the whole process easier.

Submitted by Craig Schiffbauer (

Grenades in the Facility

Ever ran out of mines in facility and had to start over? Well here's a way to get grenades so that won't happen. Do the "mad scientist" trick (see below) and the scientist will pull a destovel on you. Dodge it for a while until the scientist pulls out a grenade. Before he can pull the pin, shoot him. Happy Hunting!

Submitted by

Hidden Weapons on the Train

Kill everybody in the first car. Walk towards the brake levers and you'll find two crates. Shoot them to reveal an RC-P90 or DD4 which will make your job MUCH easier.

Submitted by and

Invisible Mines

In multiplayer mode select remote mines. Throw some on an ammo box then pick up the box. The mines appear to be gone but press your watch and ... BOOM!

For a sneakier kill, choose Proximity mines. Find any ammo box and look down at it when you pick it up. Then lay a mine right where the box used to be. In a short time the box will come back covering the mine until someone picks up the box then BOOM!

Submitted by Laszlo Jokuty and

Levitate Back Into The Vent

To get back into the vent with only one person, in mission or multiplayer, get into the stall. Hold down the R button,C-Right,and left on the analog stick. Then you will start to spin, after spinning you will begin to "Hover" in the air. When you are in the vent, let go of all the buttons and hold back on the analog stick and there you have it.

Submitted by

Mad Scientists

To get a scientist angry in Secret Agent or 007 Mode, shoot him twice but try not to kill him. If you can do this he will pull out a DD4 and some of them even have hand grenades!

Note: This trick is a lot easier if you do this on 007 mode and set the enemy health to 1000.

Submitted by Code Master and Craig Schiffbauer

More Ammo in Multiplayer Mode

Start any level in Multiplayer mode. When you get a weapon go find an ammo box and shoot it until it splits in two. This will not work on all the boxes and with explosives.

Submitted by Pierce Henne ( and Others

More Ammo on Dam

To get more ammo on the dam, destroy all the boxes after you kill all the guys. You will get KF7 Soviet ammo.

Submitted by Greg (

Movie Cover

To see the movie cover of goldeneye, go to the bunker 2. When you get the CCVV tape, hit START and go down your list of stuff until you come to the tape. Push START twice. This time on your watch should be a picture of GoldenEye the movie!

Submitted by Chris DiIonno (

Multi-Player Tips

You can win in multi-player every time if you learn the player pop-up points. These are the locations that a player will appear after he/she has been killed. Once you learn them you can race to the next pop-up point to see your opponent rise out of the ground.

To learn the pop-up points, enter a multi-player game against yourself. Kill the second player repeatedly and note where he or she reappears. Most stages have six or more pop-up points, so it will take awhile to find them all. See Pop-Up Points - The Facility for an example.

Once you learn the pop-up points you will have to learn what order your opponent will appear in each location. It usually depends on where you are positioned. So learn the pop-up points and have fun killing everyone that you play. Just don't give this secret away!

Submitted by

Rapid Fire

Did you know that if you have a slow-firing weapon, like a PP7 or a Magnum, you can get the shots to go faster. All you need to do is fully load your gun, you don't have to, but it gives you more rapid shots, hold Z then after the first fire, hold A (while still holding Z) and your fireing faster!

Submitted by The Unknown Player

Run Faster

Want to run faster in GoldenEye? No problem: when you run diagonally (e.g hold 2-C-buttons at once and look 40 degrees to the right/left) you run faster. It's just the thing to shave off those extra seconds for those time-activated cheats.

Submitted by JUSTIN (

Shoot During End Scene

Change your control setting to 2.3 Domino (You have to have two controllers) and play a level. Then during the ending, hit the Z button on the second controller. You'll fire whatever gun you're holding. Works best on Surface 2, Archives, Statue Park, and Egypt.You can shoot Mishkin and all the guards on Statue Park, Natalya on Archives, and your captors on Surface 2.

Submitted by The Jackal (

Shoot Tank Shells From Your Head

This glitch will only work in the tank levels (Streets or Runway). You also need to switch the infinite ammo code on. Go to the tank and climb on top. Switch your weapon to the one immediately before the tank shells. Then, while switching to the tank shells, jump off the tank. If you did it right, Bond's weapon will still be switched to tank shells.

Submitted by

Simultaneous Shooting

Usually when you have two of the same guns out, they fire alternately. But to shoot them at the same time, just fire a shot out of each gun and then hit reload. While the guns are out of the screen reloading, hold in fire, and when they come up, they will fire simultaneously for the rest of the clip if you hold in fire. then release fire so it can reload and then hold down fire again while they are out of the screen and it will continue to do it!

Submitted by M. Oshel (

Tank Cruise Control

On the tank levels (Runway and Streets), you can put your tank on cruise control. Simply push the stick forward a bit to move the tank forward ever so slowly. Any tank speed will work, but if it's moving slow you can aim easier. With the stick forward,hold down the aiming button and Voila! You can now let go of the gas. the tank will continue to movve forward and you can now swing the turret around and blast away!!!

Submitted by JUSTIN (

The Cradle Made Easy

The key to beating the cradle the easy way is to snipe Trevelan. To do this, stand at a vantage point where he cannot see/shoot at you. These are the steps needed to be taken when doing this:

Blow the control console

Next, get to the left of the ramp so you can just see Trevelan's head. Aim and shoot him in the head.

Then let him run into the engine room and take position about half-way up the ramp. Aim and shoot him again in the head. He may say "Finish the job..." but if he doesn't go to step 4. If he does got to 5.

He should run up the stairs and up the ramp. Run up the stairs but take a right and stop about half-way to where Trevelan is standing shoot him in the head again and if you did it right he should say "Finish it..."

When you are running to the platform thingy to finish him off kill anyone on the lower level. Slowly walk down the stairs and VERY slowlyturn the corner so he doesn't drop down. Shoot him in the head. Drop down and when you are dropping quickly turn around and release havoc on any lifeform down there. You should kill him and if you're lucky you can watch him fall off the spire.

Congratulations! You've beat it!

Submitted by MacDaddy (

Throwing Knives in Bunker 2

The throwing knives mentioned in the manual are hidden in Bunker 2. When you start the level, use the magnetic watch to get the cell key. After you've escaped your cell and killed the guard, look for a framed hole to the right of your jail cell. Use the magnetic watch on the hole to retrieve the knives.

Submitted by

Use a Weapon in Flag Tag

Start a game of Flag Tag with Sniper Rifles as the weapon. Just before you pick up the flag, switch to the butt of the sniper rifle, then hold the ATTACK button as you run over the flag. As long as you don't release it you'll be able to attack people while carrying the flag.

Submitted by Aaron Allison (

Using Cheats from Another Folder

1. Choose a cheat from folder with the A button. DON'T RELEASE THE A BUTTON.

2. Press the B button twice while still holding the A button. When the folder select screen appears, press Z to choose another folder.

3. Still holding the A button, go to the cheat menu, highlight any code, then press Z.

4. Press the B button and release A.

5. Select a level and have fun!

Submitted by Doug Hansen (