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180° Backflip without the Panda Boarder

Choose Dragon Cave, then take the normal route with no shortcuts and go right off the cliff in the middle of the fence and the finger sign. Pull back on your joystick. As soon as you are upside down, push it to the right-forward position. It takes time to get this right.

NOTE: You can go higher off the cliff and make an easier landing by pressing A immediately before you jump.

Submitted by Andy Kaiser (

Bonus Courses

In Match race, beat the six courses on expert mode. This will unlock the Deadly Fall course.

In Match race, beat the five courses on hard mode. This will unlock the Dragon Cave course.

Submitted by Keith Suarino (

Bonus Snowboarders

To access the three hidden snowboarders follow this procedure:

1) To get the Golden Snowboarder you have to finish the match race in expert level using the Crystal Snowboarder. After you've done this, go to the player selection screen and select Kensuke Kimachi and confirm your choice by holding C-Up and pressing A.

2) To get the Panda Boarder (which can do all the additional moves like one-foot and flips) you have to satisfy the following conditions :

a) Finish match race in expert level.

b) Place first on all the courses in the trick attack mode.

c) Get the 3 first places in the contest mode.

After you've done this, go to the player selection screen, select Rob Haywood and confirm your choice by holding C-Rght and pressing A.

Submitted by Harald (

Change Title Camera

At the title screen press C-Up. You can now move the camera around.

Submitted by SnowboarderJF (

Choose your Opponent

When the race begins, press START immediately and choose RESTART. Keep doing this until your desired opponent appears.

Submitted by Stephen Nycek (

Crystal Boarder

Use these steps to get the Crystal Boarder:

Beat the game in "expert mode".

Get first in all the "trick attack" levels.

Get first in at least 3 of the "contest" levels.

Confirm your choice by going to Akari Hamai, pressing C-up, and pressing A. If you did it correctly, a crystal person will appear in the place of Akari Hamai.

Submitted by Kurt Andersen

Different Grind on Rail

In the level Dragon Cave, there is a rail at the end. If you are riding regular, you can 50-50, Frontside Boardslide, and Backside tailslide. When you're riding Goofy, you can 50-50, Backside Boardslide, and Frontside tailslide. Not only does this look great on replay, it's so realistic, it is almost like watching someone on a snowboard video.

Submitted by Burton Boy (

Easy Landings

Here's a trick that will help you nail every landing. In the air, line your board up with the groung, maybe leaning back a little bit and right before you hit the ground, press Z. If you did it right your legs will come up right before you hit the ground and you'll have a MUCH smoother landing.

Submitted by Rob Schwerdt (

Extra Points on the Halfpipe

At the start of the halfpipe, immediately turn to the left or right. Proceed until you are near the wall, then make a turn towards the pipe. If your in the correct position, you will move up a small invisible ramp and it will boost you high into the air. You can land tons of tricks during this trick.

When you get to the shorter hill before the finish, use your jump button and try a big combo. Don't worry about landing because when you cross the line you'll land automaticly. This will allow you to get extra points at the end.

Submitted by Chris Overcash ( and Logan Niehaus (

Fast Recovery From Wreck

After you crash, tap UP for a slight speed boost.

Submitted by Nic Arranty (

Flip Tricks without Panda Boarder

Endo-Roll: Go off a big jump, then press forward (without pressing B) then once you get upside down, press right or left.

HardFlip: When going off a big jump, press diagonal right-up, or diagonal left-up, and you'll do a HardFlip.

Submitted by sk8 King (

Gold Boarder

Win the expert mode with the Crystal boarder. Now on the character selection screen highlight Kensuke. Press C-Up,and then A (you should be on the sceen that shows character technique, speed, balance, power and jump.) If you've done it correctly you will see Kensuke's picture replaced with the Gold boarder at the track selection screen.

Submitted by Andy Kaiser

Penguin Board the Easy Way

Go into the Training Mode with any character and do a couple of the simple tricks (so that they turn red in the trick list). Then, when you get to a trick you can't do, go to your trick list and pick a real easy trick (like a board grab). Do the easy trick and immediately press C-Right to go back into the trick list while you are still in the air. Now select the trick you can't do (like a 1080, for example) and go back into the game. Land your board and the game will think you actually did that trick.

Submitted by Chris Overcash (

Quick Boost

If you fail on the quick start then quickly press up on the control stick a couple of times. This also works if you hit a wall or fall off a jump.

Submitted by Jonathan L (

Quick Start

Normally when starting a race in 1080°, you will start out slow. During the countdown right before you start (3-2-1), wait until the 1 disappears and press Up on the Control Stick. This will cause you to lunge forward and give you a much faster start. It may take a bit of practice though to get your timing perfect.

Submitted by

Rappin Replay

During the View Replay option for the Half Pipe mode, you can add record scratching. To do this, move the control stick in any direction during the Half Pipe Replay.

NOTE: This cheat only works in the Half Pipe mode replay.

Submitted by Blake Lucas (

Ring of Fire

First get to the dragon cave level. Next follow the coarse normally until you pass the first bridge. There should be a fork in the trail, turn right. After that there should be another fork in the trail, turn left this time {make sure not to fall off the edge!!} Go straight ahead and there should be a ring of fire and an awsome jump for some great tricks.

Submitted by Aaron LaFountaine (

Secret Cave in the Dragon Cave

If you are a skilled boarder but cannot beat this race, I'd suggest this trick for you. You cannot use the jump off the cliff trick here to do this one. Just follow the course down the mountain and go across the bridge. If you are very careful and you stay on the edge of the cliff, go to the left when you get off of the bridge. Whenever you have a chance to turn left, do it.

Sooner or later, if you did it right, you will see a ledge that ends. Across from the ledge there is a hole. Jump into it and cruise. This will make a big gap between your opponent and you even if you are in expert mode.

Submitted by David Pierce (


CRYSTAL LAKE - Right after the big jump, you will see a house with a ramp beside it straight ahead. Go off the course and hit the ramp, and you will find a shorter route than the normal one.

CRYSTAL PEAK - Right after coming out of the tunnel, you will turn right. You will then see two different pathes. Hit the right one. Be sure that after coming out of the tunnel you make the right turn pretty sharp, or you may not be able to turn in time to hit the right path. The right path is much shorter and you will bypass some tough obstacles.

DEADLY FALLS - At the start go straight you'll notice little mounds to the left and a fork the computer goes right when the mountain pertrudes on go left you'll see a mound ramping up hit it, it will thin out to a peak ride to the point and you'll fly up on to the mountain then theres another little mound on that go left around it and cut back sharply then aim forward you should go on to an ice bridge(a bit tricky to find)then follow it until your back on the main hill when you get back down you should see a mound in front of you with a hole in it but don't take it just turn straight down and go your usual way through the outcrops of trees.

DRAGON COVE - If you're a little behind near the end and are willing to take a risk, drive straight through the little shack and ride the thin cable to a small lead, but be careful; if you land poorly it will most likely cost you the race.

DRAGON FOREST - On the dragon forest track, once you have gone over the first bridge, stick to the left. Soon you will encounter a fork in the trail, go left once more and in front of you there will be a gaping hole in wall across a small gap. Jump with the A button to span the chasm and you will land in this secret pathway. The path is basically a straight, fast detour that will spit you out around the second bridge with infinitesimally quicker results compared to any other route.

GOLDEN FOREST - When you reach the fork with trees and powder in the middle, go in the powder. After a while you will see a large log going in the air. Ride up it to get to a further part of the track.

MOUNTAIN VILLAGE - Inside the cave may seem like a maze, but stick to the right side and you will find your way through much easier.

Submitted by, Mitchell Duncan and Alex Krochik

Substitute Tricks

This code will allow you to do one trick and make it count as another trick (like doing an Indy and making it count for a 1080.) This trick only works in training mode. What you have to do is pick an easy trick while you're in the half pipe and do it, then you have to hit the right C button to go into the trick menu before you hit the ground. While you are in the trick menu pick a hard trick you can't do like the 1080 and push the A button.

If you did everything right you will hear a ding sound when you land and when you go back into the trick menu the hard trick will be red. You can use this trick to get the penguine board.

Submitted by 1080 Master

Very High Ramp in Halfpipe

When you start the halfpipe make an extremely sharp left (as fully turned as you can) and jump. The game should carry you into the air and you will have enough time to make huge combos.

Submitted by Rob and Mike (

Watch Your Ghost

To watch your ghost without racing it, make a ghost in trick attack and then return to the start screen. When Kensuke Kimachi is done going down Crystal Lake, your ghost will appear on the track.

Submitted by


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